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Man Fuming When Roommate See's His GF Naked In Their Kitchen

It's important to feel comfortable in your home. It should be the one place in the world you can show up unannounced and never be turned away. But sometimes if there's a roommate situation going on, things can get very uncomfortable when there's a lack of communication about who is going to be home at what time. Do you need to give your roommate your minute-by-minute daily schedule? Of course not, but... Sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.
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Spurs’ Dejounte Murray decries lack of competitive fire, communication

Speaking to reporters before Thursday’s game at Minnesota, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich raved about point guard Dejounte Murray’s “spectacular” play this season. “We haven’t exactly amazed the world, but if we didn’t have him we would be in big trouble,” Popovich said. “He’s looking for other teammates to join him in playing as well as he is.”
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Why Digital Transformation Fails: Lack of Communication

Digital transformation seems to be a silver bullet. While it is necessary for success, it doesn’t guarantee success for distributors. Companies don’t always manage change effectively when they modify their business with technology. If they don’t introduce digital tools to their organization with effective communication, their odds of success with digital transformation plummet.
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Making Analytics Easier: What is Machine Learning?

Interpretable explanations of complex analytics topics in (about) 5 minutes or less. How many times have you heard that data science projects fail due to a lack of communication between business teams and data teams? If this has happened in your company, how many times have you seen the company take the next step to actually upskill their workforce? For those that did take the step, was it a one-day workshop that was expected to resonate (forever)? A lengthy course focused on explaining analytics content?
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Honesty and Communication: The Key to Successful Relationships

Honesty and communication are the foundational building blocks of every relationship. Communication leads to clarity, understanding, and agreement. From honesty stems trust, respect, and intimacy. Combined, these are two necessary components to creating any serious long-lasting connection. But what do I mean by honesty and communication?. Honesty is being truthful...
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Lack of communication on proposed fish ladder

Ms. James reply makes an interesting point (“Fish ladder decision outside Buckley council’s power,” published Oct. 20) — if the Corps turned down the Fish Ladder why didn’t the then-city administrator so state that at the meeting, rather than stating he had not pursued getting anything done?. It does not...

Mercedes Martinez: Lack Of Communication Led To RETRIBUTION Exit

RETRIBUTION in WWE was a weird and curious faction. Widely panned from the moment they appeared on TV, the gimmick only got worse before disbanding. But before even appearing in an official match, RETRIBUTION went through several changes, most notably NXT star Mercedes Martinez joining and leaving the group in a matter of appearances.

Mercedes Martinez Explains The Lack Of Communication That Led To Her Exit From RETRIBUTION

Mercedes Martinez talks about RETRIBUTION and her decision to part ways with WWE. Mercedes Martinez was briefly in WWE. Having a small run in NXT which culminated in a steel cage match against Rhea Ripley, Mercedes eventually ended up on the WWE main roster as RETALIATION of RETRIBUTION. Very quickly, Mercedes would be removed from the group and ultimately would not last much longer on the WWE main roster after heading back to NXT for a brief stint.