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Jobs are everywhere in Nebraska. Workers? Not so much

There’s never been a better time to find a job in Nebraska. That was a quote from Gov. Pete Ricketts contained in a Friday announcement celebrating Nebraska's record-low August unemployment rate of 2.2%. But there may never have been a worse time for companies looking to find workers in the...

Pell Grant students are doing all they can. They deserve our support.

Rakia White is the first in her family to attend college. She started her academic journey at a California community college before transferring as a junior to the University of California, Berkeley. During her time at community college, Rakia juggled three jobs, working as a nanny, a receptionist and a desk manager. Yet her combined income was still not enough to cover rent in the high-cost Bay Area, and she found herself couch surfing with friends just to get by.

How to create and manage districts in Timberborn

Each time you begin your run in Timberborn, you’ll have a band of beaver villagers. Their number will usually depend on your selected settings before you start your campaign. Much later, though, your village’s population will grow. In some cases, you’ll encounter tough challenges, too. Here’s our guide to help you create and manage districts in Timberborn.

Labor and climate groups haven’t always been natural allies. These advocates are changing that

In the beginning of this summer, the US state of Connecticut passed legislation to guarantee prevailing wage and benefits are provided to workers on clean energy projects. The law was a product of labor unions and environmental groups working together to educate workers about the climate crisis and develop solutions, with a focus on creating good-paying, unionized jobs and opportunities to combat economic inequities.

President Biden's vaccination plan is Constitutional – and necessary

Emphasizing that “we’re in a tough stretch and it could last for a while,” President Biden announced his plan to address “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” on Sept. 9. He ordered vaccinations for all federal government workers and contract employees doing business with the government; health care workers at Medicaid or Medicare participating hospitals and other health care settings; staff at Head Start programs, Department of Defense and Bureau of Indian Affairs schools. The president also required businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure that all of them are vaccinated or tested at least once a week.

Labor leader dishes out ultimatum on former minister Christian Porter

Christian Porter has resigned from his portfolio as Industry, Science and Technology Minister amid concerns over the blind trust funding his legal fees. Labor leader Anthony Albanese argued the “secret donations” render standards for disclosure “completely farcical”. He told Chris Smith Mr Porter’s actions were “a clear breach” of parliamentary...

The Weekly Wrap: Metaverse, Telosa, Tapering

You’re showing friends around your new corner office in the 120 story building you just built. Suddenly, your dad bursts in telling you to hurry or you’ll be late for the Beatles reunion concert. That might not be possible in the real world. However, it could happen in the Metaverse.

House hunt begins for Kristina Keneally as she ‘welcomes’ Fowler uproar

Former premier and now Labor candidate for the south-west Sydney seat of Fowler Kristina Keneally has responded to fury over her preselection campaign. Critics have noted the northern beaches resident is being parachuted into the electorate due to conflict on Labor’s Senate ticket, ousting local candidate Tu Le in the process.

Governor launches Council on Economic Expansion

Governor Tim Walz last week signed Executive Order 21-31, establishing the new Governor’s Council on Economic Expansion. The Council brings together 15 labor, business, philanthropic, and non-profit leaders from across the state to provide recommendations on expanding Minnesota’s economy. “As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and look toward...