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Kyrie Irving Thinks the Nike Kyrie 8 is "Trash"

Mercurial Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving is not happy with the Kyrie 8, his latest. signature shoe. Irving is so displeased with it, in fact, that after images of the style leaked he took to the comment section of a post from Nike Kyrie-focused Instagram account k11kicks to deride it as “trash.”
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Kyrie Irving Slams Nike Over Kyrie 8: ‘These Are Trash’

Seven years since he signed with the brand, Kyrie Irving’s line remains one of Nike Basketball’s most popular signature franchises. A fan favorite thanks to their on-court performance capabilities and storytelling through collaborations and colorways, Nike Kyrie sneakers have been a top seller in recent years. But it sounds like there could be trouble in paradise if a recent Instagram comment from Irving is any indication.
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Kyrie Irving Thinks His New Nike Signature Shoe Is Trash

Kyrie Irving thinks that his new signature Nike basketball sneaker sucks. To be exact, the outspoken Brooklyn Nets star commented on a leaked image of the shoes on Instagram, writing that the shoes are trash and that he “has nothing to do with the design or marketing” of the shoe.
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Kyrie Irving Disses His New Nike Signature Shoe, 'These Are Trash!'

Kyrie Irving is absolutely eviscerating his newest Nike signature sneaker ... calling the kicks "trash" and claiming he has nothing to do with the upcoming release. The Brooklyn Nets superstar -- who signed with Nike in 2011 -- reportedly makes over $10 million a year as a Swoosh athlete ... and has dropped seven super-popular Kyrie shoes since 2014.

Kyrie Irving Calls The Nike Kyrie 8 “Trash”, Claims To Have No Involvement Over Design/Marketing

In the annual calendar of signature shoe debuts and releases, Kyrie Irving’s kicks typically arrive around the start of the new NBA season in the form of some energetic “Pre-heat” style colorways. Nike Kyrie “leaks” usually arrive a few months prior to the drop, which makes this first look at the Kyrie 8 an expected occurrence. But there’s an added bit of drama to this sneaker leak, because Kyrie Irving himself has come forward with a rather harsh statement panning his own upcoming sneaker. In a comment left on Instagram account @k11kicks, Kyrie Irving states:

Why NBA Star ‘Trash’ Talked His Upcoming Nike Sneaker

Kyrie Irving is not a fan of his latest Nike sneaker. The Brooklyn Nets point guard had strong words for the upcoming Kyrie 8 Wednesday, dissing the unreleased shoe as “trash” and disavowing any involvement. “I have nothing to do with the design or marketing of the upcoming [Kyrie 8],” the basketball star, who was…

The Nike Kyrie 7 “Copa” Releases On August 8th

The latest and greatest for Kyrie Irving, the Nike Kyrie 7 has already amassed a noteworthy assortment of colorways. Following collaborations with CNCPTS and an entry into this year’s N7 collection, the silhouette is soon to expand its series of GRs, adding “Copa” to an already vivid color wheel. Alongside...

Gadget Inventor and Pitchman Ron Popeil Dies at 86

Gadget inventor and TV pitchman Ron Popeil—who sold hordes of Americans on the Veg-O-Matic, the Pocket Fisherman, the Hav-a-Maid Mop, and other household items—has died at the age of 86 in Los Angeles. No cause of death was given, according to the Associated Press. The self-effacing Popeil was instantly recognizable from late-night ads in which he exhorted viewers to buy the Showtime Rotisserie and “set it and forget it.” Other products in the Ronco stable included a microphone that worked with an AM radio, a device that scrambled an egg without breaking the shell, and a spray better known as “hair in a can.”

A Complete Guide to This Weekend’s Sneaker Releases

Nike takes its talents back to South Beach with the anticipated return of 2010’s “South Beach” LeBron 8 acting as the highlight of this week’s sneaker releases calendar. Releases kick off on Tuesday with the limited “K.O.D./Solar Red” Clot x Air Max 1. On Wednesday, the “South Beach” LeBron 8...

Nike Heads To The Moon With This USA-Colored Little Posite One

With the Tokyo Olympics officially underway, Nike is feeling extra patriotic, offering colorways brimming with pride for Team USA. Even the Little Posite One is joining in on the fun, though it does so through what appears to be an astronautical lens. At a glance, the pair seems nothing more...

It’s Gotta Be The Shoes: Imagining a Ja Morant Signature Shoe

The 2020-2021 season has proven to be a youth movement. Throughout this year, we’ve seen a myriad of young players blossom and become household names. Coinciding with the talent boom, there’s also been a grand expansion in the world of basketball sneakers as brands like PUMA and New Balance seek to once again become staples on the court. Nike of course remains king thanks in part to their signature athletes and how they tailor their respective signature shoes to accentuate the unique attributes of the player’s style of play. But there will soon come a time when new signature athletes will need to be crowned, and due to the growing competition, the battle will be tougher than ever.

What's New (and Familiar) About the Kyrie 7

Kyrie Irving’s signature line is based on the idea that a shoe for a creative, quick-cutting player needs to focus on specific details. In designing the Kyrie 7, the creative process matches Irving’s spontaneity. Together, the athlete and the shoe highlight an important intersection: when improvisation meets mastery. “For us,...

This Nike Kyrie 7 Has Its Sights Set On The NBA Finals

While it’s no secret Kyrie Irving is “box office,” as told by Stephen A. Smith, the current Brooklyn Nets guard has yet to prove himself in the 2020-21 NBA Playoffs. If his latest Nike Kyrie 7 colorway is indication of anything, however, it’s that the 29-year-old is confident he will win his second ring alongside Kevin Durant, James Harden and the rest of the Steve Nash-coached squad.

The Concepts x Nike Kyrie 7 “Horus” Releases On May 7th

Concepts and Kyrie Irving aren’t strangers to each other, developing a relationship out of a mutual affinity for skateboard culture. In addition to bringing its famous “Lobster” theme to Irving’s signature sneaker like, the Boston-founded boutique has also assisted the current Brooklyn Net in bringing his interest in Egyptian archeology, ritual and symbol to footwear form. For the latest endeavor, Concepts, Irving and his sister Asia have created the Nike Kyrie 7 “Horus”.

Kyrie Irving Borrows From Teammate Kevin Durant With Upcoming Kyrie 7 “Weatherman”

The early 2010s were a much simpler time in sneakers, when sneaker campouts were an opportune time to forms bonds and friendships with fellow sneakerheads on line, and basketball shoes were fit for courts and the clubs. It’s hard to pinpoint one singular shoe that defined that era, but Kevin Durant’s Nike KD 4 “Weatherman” is certainly among them. In the heyday of Nike’s over-reliance on storytelling (which we’re not really complaining about), Nike learned that Kevin Durant’s dream career (had he not been a 7-footer with the offensive package of all five positions) was to be a weatherman. So, they crafted an insane colorway inspired by the topographic maps and visuals typically seen on nightly newscasts.

Flaming Swooshes Appear On Kids-Exclusive Nike Kyrie 7 “Daybreak”

The Nike Kyrie 7 has never shied away from getting playful. And with its latest kids exclusive, the silhouette is taking full advantage. Alongside some bright, pastel colors, this “Daybreak” colorway brings along some performance enhancing flames. Ostensibly inspired by hot rods, the Swoosh scorches in its fire reminiscent shape....