IMFACT's Taeho teases 2nd solo single 'Tell Me'

IMFACT's Taeho has dropped the first teaser for his upcoming single 'Tell Me'. The teaser image below features Taeho as he stands next to an open curtain along with the title of his second single 'Tell Me'. This marks his first comeback since his first solo single "Ggoma" released this past May.
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BTS reveal official streaming guide for 'Permission to Dance on Stage' online concert

BTS have revealed the official streaming guide for their 'Permission to Dance on Stage' online concert. On October 19, BTS revealed the below instructions on Instagram under the title 'How to Dance with BTS - Online Streaming Guide.' The group's main performance is starting on October 24 at 6:30PM KST, while their sound check streaming starts on October 24 at 3PM.
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BOL4 reveals stunning moody teaser images for 'Butterfly Effect'

BOL4 has released her latest teaser images for 'Butterfly Effect'. In the teaser images, Ahn Ji Young of BOL4 takes on a stunning moody concept on her music video set. Her upcoming single album 'Butterfly Effect' drops on October 26 KST. Stay tuned for updates on BOL4's 'Butterfly Effect', and...
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IU's 'Strawberry Moon' tops the Melon Music chart immediately after its release

IU is topping charts once again with her latest digital single, "Strawberry Moon". On October 19 at 12AM KST, IU released her new single "Strawberry Moon", marking her first comeback after seven months. Immediately after its release, "Strawberry Moon" ranked #1 on Melon Music's 'Top 100' chart as well as on the 'songs released within 1 week' chart.

Fans are loving 'AETZY' ITZY and aespa's adorable interactions on stage!

ITZY and aespa have both performed on this week's Music Core, and we can't deny their friendship that ended up interacting with each other!. On October 17, 2021, KST, Music Core has released aespa's encore stage as aespa have won this week with 'Savage.'. Fans have spotted both groups' interactions....

Eunhyuk Teases Solo Single “Be” Ahead Of Super Junior-D&E’s Comeback

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is gearing up to release a new solo single!. On October 18, image teasers were revealed for Eunhyuk’s upcoming single “be.”. Like Donghae’s single “California Love” that was released on October 13, Eunhyuk’s single “be” is also part of pre-promotions for Super Junior-D&E’s upcoming album release in November.

IU debuts a new hairstyle ahead of her comeback

IU has debuted a new hairstyle ahead of her comeback. The solo artist posted pictures on her personal Instagram showing off her new hairdo with bangs on October 18th, and fans are loving it. In a caption, she wrote, "Person who comes back today has appeared" and added a strawberry and moon emoji.

Mind U to release new music soon

Mind U will be returning soon. On October 17th, Starship Entertainment revealed a coming soon teaser for the ballad duo on its official social media accounts. According to the teaser, Mind U will be releasing new music on October 21 at 6 PM KST. Stay tuned until the full release...

BigHit Music launches '2021 BigHit Music Global Audition'

BigHit Music is looking for talented boys from across the globe for its '2021 BigHit Music Global Auditon.'. On October 18 at midnight KST, BigHit Music announced it will be launching a global audition for the label's upcoming boy group. From October 18th to December 20th KST, any male who was born on or after 2002 can apply regardless of his nationality and residency.

Super Junior D&E's Eunhyuk reveals romantic teasers for 'be'

As previously announced, Super Junior's Donghae and Eunhyuk will be dropping two solo pre-release singles, ahead of D&E's upcoming 1st full album 'Countdown'. Ahead of the release of 'Countdown' on November 2nd, Eunhyuk will be releasing his pre-release single 'be'. Eunhyuk's digital single will feature two tracks including the title song "be" and "Red Muhly". The singer wrote lyrics of both songs, raising fans' anticipations.

Super Junior's Eunhyuk reveals angelic MV teaser for 'Be'

Super Junior's Eunhyuk has dropped his music video teaser for "Be". In the MV teaser, Eunhyuk reveals his angelic concept in pink as well as his flowing choreography for the song. "Be" is Eunhyuk's solo pre-release track ahead of Super Junior D&E's full album 'Countdown', and it's set to drop on October 20 KST.

Super Junior's Eunhyuk continues countdown to solo single 'be' with new MV teaser

Eunhyuk has dropped a new teaser for his upcoming solo single!. On October 18 KST, the Super Junior member unveiled the first music video teaser for his new solo single "be," his pre-release track ahead of Super Junior D&E's full-length album 'Countdown.' In the clip, atmospheric music plays in the background as Eunhyuk is seen in a number of different settings that are both intimate and whimsical.


이제는 나만의 음악을 세상에 들려줄 차례. 내가 꿈꿔온 세상으로 로그인. 2021.10.18(월) ~ 2021.12.20(월) (KST) 오디션 홈페이지에서 '지원하기' 버튼 클릭. 지원하러 가기 ???? Now it's time to make the world hear my music. Right here, right now with BIGHIT MUSIC. Log in to the world I've dreamed of. Play Your...

BOL4 meets herself in 'Butterfly Effect' track list teaser

BOL4 has dropped the track list for her upcoming single album 'Butterfly Effect'. The teaser image features Ahn Ji Young shaking her own hand along with the caption, "You're like a diamond of moonlight." Her songs include "Butterfly Effect" and "You Were My World". 'Butterfly Effect' drops on October 26...

Dream Catcher to perform at the 'Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival 2021'

Dream Catcher will be performing at the 'Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival (JUMF) 2021', happening this weekend!. 'JUMF', which was first launched in 2016, is a music festival that includes performances from artists of various genres, including indie music, rock, hip hop, and K-pop. The applications of audience members who received all two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were prioritized, and the event will be held by following all safety guidelines.

AOA's Seolhyun reviewing role offer in new drama 'Murderer's Shopping List'

AOA's Seolhyun is currently reviewing an offer for a role in the new tvN drama, 'Murderer's Shopping List'. On October 15 KST, FNC Entertainment told media outlets, "Seolhyun is currently positively reviewing a role offer in the new drama 'Murderer's Shopping List'." Seolhyun is in talks to play the role of police officer Do Ah Hee, while actor Lee Kwang Soo is also in talks to take on the male lead character Ahn Dae Sung.

Dream Note reveal angelic concept photos for 'Dreams Alive'

Dream Note have revealed their first concept photos for 'Dreams Alive'. In the teaser images, the Dream Note members look angelic as they're hit with rays of sunlight. 'Dreams Alive' is Dream Note's fourth single album, and it's set to drop on October 26 KST. This is Dream Note's first...