Ukraine war: Russian mother not invited to meet Putin speaks out

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has been meeting with a group of Russian mothers whose sons are fighting in Ukraine. However, the founder of Russia's Council of Wives and Mothers - Olga Tsukanova - has accused the Kremlin of handpicking attendees and criticised Putin for not inviting her group. Critics say...
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Invasion by Luke Harding review – history in the making

The wheel of European history turned decisively in February when Russia invaded Ukraine. Most of us had thought for years that Russia had to be handled carefully because it was a damned nuisance to European security, but no worse than that; only a strategic threat if we let it be so. And we wondered what President Putin was really after while he went through the charade of threatening a full-scale invasion of a neighbouring country. He was a natural bully whose threats and bluster had nevertheless always been rather carefully calibrated. Surely, he would not commit the manifest folly of trying to invade the biggest territory in Europe – and 44 million people who didn’t want to be Russian – with fewer than 190,000 troops?
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Depleted Russia removing nuclear warheads from old missiles to hit Ukraine – MoD

Russia is firing ageing cruise missiles stripped of their nuclear warheads at Ukrainian targets because Vladimir Putin’s stocks are so depleted, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has suggested.An intelligence update from the MoD on Saturday said the desperate improvisation by the Russian President’s struggling forces are “unlikely to achieve reliable effects”.The evidence cited are pictures of apparently shot down AS-15 Kent air launched cruise missiles, which were said to have been designed in the 1980s as a nuclear delivery system.Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 26 November 2022 Find out more about the UK government's response:...

Putin’s weapon stock ‘depleted’ as Russia ‘firing old nuclear missiles with warheads removed’

Vladimir Putin’s weapons arsenal is so “depleted” that Russia appears to be removing the nuclear warheads from ageing cruise missiles and firing the unarmed munitions at Ukraine, the UK has said. Aside from the impact caused by the speed of the missiles and the combustion of any unspent fuel, such weapons are unlikely to achieve reliable effects against Moscow’s intended targets, the Ministry of Defence said in an intelligence update. The Kremlin is almost certainly hoping that such missiles “will function as decoys and divert Ukrainian air defences”, London believes.Whatever Moscow’s intent, “this improvisation highlights the level of depletion...

Putin decries media ‘Lies’ at meeting with soldiers’ mothers

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday criticized what he said were skewed media portrayals of Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine as he met with mothers of Russian soldiers fighting there. “Life is more difficult and diverse than what is shown on TV screens or even on the internet....

Again and again ghosts of Chernobyl return to haunt Ukraine war

This week as Russia again targeted Ukraine's energy infrastructure with more missiles, Ukrainian officials moved to power down reactors within some of the nation's nuclear plant network. Ukraine's nuclear power stations need round-the-clock electricity to prevent reactors from melting down. But the under-fire Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear station - which was...

Vladimir Putin looks 'pained' as he has tea with mothers of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine war

Vladimir Putin has met with the mothers of Russian servicemen for a cosy cup of tea and a lengthy, televised exchange of views. Contrary to his long-table treatment of Russian officials, the Russian president sat up close and personal among the women at his Novo-Ogaryovo residence just outside Moscow, telling them he shared the pain of those who have lost sons and would do everything he could to provide families with help and support.

Ukrainians determined to face bleak winter as Russia strikes power grid

At the bottom of a shrapnel-pocked stairwell, Oleg methodically chops discarded green Russian ammunition crates into firewood. Early snow has already fallen around his damaged apartment block and he and his grandmother are racing to prepare for the onset of the real winter. Their block has no water or heating....

When it comes to breaking news, Putin is nowhere to be found.

The main decisions regarding Ukraine are the responsibility of President Vladimir V. Putin, but the Kremlin and state media distance him from Kherson’s setback and downplay its gravity. Send a story to any friend. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift pieces to offer per month. Everyone can read...

Russian tech giant Yandex reportedly looking to break free from its home country

Over the past years, Russian search and tech giant Yandex made an effort not to fall behind its Western counterparts and had developed its own smart devices, self-driving cars, as well as its own food delivery and ride-sharing services, among other products . according to The New York Times, though, the West’s sanctions against its home country after the invasion of Ukraine has made it impossible to continue developing and improving its projects. That’s why Yandex’s parent firm, which is registered in Amsterdam, is reportedly looking to sell and sever ties with Russia.

A former US Marine general is part of Wagner

The leader of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said on Friday that a “former general” from the US Marine Corps was part of this private army whose recruits are fighting privately in Ukraine. Answering a question from the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the Russian businessman replied:...

Rumors of Putin's fall: Lifeguards expect "massive ideological attack"

Rumors of Putin's fall: Lifeguards expect "massive ideological attack" How secure is Vladimir Putin in his seat as Russian President?. His bodyguards are said to be prepared for very special attacks. Moscow – For years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has consolidated his position of power. The commander of the...