Tidying takes off during Covid-19: Teaching kids by example

SINGAPORE – Children’s toys “exploding from every nook and cranny” are the tipping point for many clients seeking the help of certified KonMari consultant Aparna Chari Sundar. Working from home while feeling unable to maintain a tidy household is a common sentiment, says Dr Sundar, 35, who went through medical...
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Tidying takes off during Covid-19: Jettisoning the physical and psychic load

SINGAPORE – For 10 years, Ms Eve Wee-Ang toted seven boxes of mementos with her as she moved house four times. Ever since she left her childhood three-room Housing Board flat for her first marital home, she would “sentence these items to imprisonment in the storeroom” in all the homes she found herself in.
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Tidying takes off during Covid-19 in Singapore and around the world

SINGAPORE – The urge to tidy up has rocketed during the pandemic in Singapore and around the world, says tidying expert Marie Kondo. The Japanese organising guru, author and founder of KonMari Media, Inc, started a global decluttering blitz after the English translation of her first book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, was published in 2014, selling millions of copies.

10 Ways to Tidy Up the Most Common Clutter in Your House

Does the idea of getting organized, like, for good sound incredibly daunting? It doesn’t have to be, because the process is actually just a way towards a happier lifestyle, professional organizer and certified KonMari consultant, Jenny Albertini, advises. “Organizing and storing is meant to be easy so that you can simply put things away without added stress in your life. Taking care of our things, storing, and folding them properly encourages us to value them more.”

How I KonMari'd My Home and My Job (and Improved Both)

I received the opportunity of a lifetime when Katarina Moy-Gard picked me to do a thorough Marie Kondo clean-out of my home. Moy-Gard was completing a certification (which she now has) to be an official KonMari-method organizer and needed a volunteer. I've never volunteered so fast in my life. Most...

I'm a Home Decor Writer — Here's How I Keep My Space Organized

They say that home is where the heart is, but for me, it's also my career. As someone who writes about interior design for a living, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make my pad as stylish and space-efficient as possible. Needless to say, organizing my home is often top of mind. Call me a hoarder — I'd prefer "memories collector," thank you very much — but yes, my home is filled with a lot of . . . well, stuff. (Greeting cards from the ghost of birthdays past, a smattering of spices, and more candles than I can count. I know, Marie Kondo is not too happy with me.) Not only do my organization essentials keep my space looking its best, but it also makes my day-to-day routine a little easier.

Embrace Anti-Consumerism and Feel Like a Millionaire After 60

“I don’t need it. I don’t want it. I’m not gonna buy it.” Say it three times and walk away. Say it and feel fabulous. You’re a part of a new anti-consumerism movement that will help you feel like a millionaire. The anti-consumerism movement began as a reaction to the...

KonMari Launches New Puzzle Game SPARK JOY!

KonMari Media has launched a new mobile puzzle game Spark Joy! It’s a storybook puzzle game that looks way more adorable than it has a right to. There will feature two different kinds of yin and yang puzzle games. Yin puzzles help clear the mind through Zen-like garden puzzles and in yang puzzles, players move colorful cubes to a specific shape while clearing away unnecessary blocks. Here’s the official synopsis for the story:

9 Organizing Lessons We Learned From Marie Kondo's New Netflix Series "Sparking Joy"

More than a decade after Marie Kondo released her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the creator of the KonMari Method has launched her second series for Netflix. As a follow-up to the first series, Tidying Up, Sparking Joy follows Kondo as she motivates the masses by explaining how her methods aren’t just for tidying up—they can help us all lead happier, more well-balanced lives.

Declutter Your Home For Fall!

Today on Afternoon Live, "The Modern Minimalist," Devin Vonderhaar, joined Kara on the show to share how to hit the reset button and declutter your home for the fall season. Check out her tips below and for more of Devin's tips, you can go to her website by clicking here!

Get Organized: 5 Pro Secrets to Decluttering Your Apartment

How do you reclaim your space and get rid of the junk quickly? Try these five pro strategies to declutter your apartment in two weeks. The average American apartment has just 941 square feet of living space, and units are only getting smaller with each passing year. But if you can’t resist a BOGO sale or to part with your past purchases, your tiny pad is likely a bit …

1. Sort through your papers with the KonMari method.

A year of working and school from home probably means your important papers and documents are a little bit of a mess right now. Get some inspiration to tackle your own giant paper pile with this video from @allydohdiy.