What Nintendo Switch Online Games Do We Still Need?

Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games join the Nintendo Switch Online service next week. But there are still Nintendo Switch Online games we want that aren’t announced for the service! Whether it’s an overlooked NES or SNES title or a Genesis or N64 game you’d like to see in the future, what do you most want? Here are our picks.

When is the eFootball 2022 0.9.1 update patch release date?

When is the latest eFootball 2022 update release date? The patch 0.9.1 will fix some of the launch problems in Konami’s free-to-play soccer game. The game released in September with various game-breaking glitches, and the new patch could work towards solving that. If you’re still holding out on eFootball 2022, join us as we look at the 0.9.1 update patch release date.

Konami Delays eFootball 2022's Next Big Update

Konami's eFootball 2022 will not longer be getting its big bugfix update on October 28th, the game's creators announced this week. That update was meant to release then and would address some of the many issues players have been reporting since the game's launch, but that's no longer the case now. Instead, the update is now scheduled to release at some point in November. Konami apologized for the delay and said the addition time spent working on the update will allow for a better experience once it's released.

eFootball 2022’s First Patch, Version 0.9.1, Has Been Delayed

Bad new for those of you waiting for fixes (and content) to come to eFootball 2022: the game’s first patch has been delayed. Version 0.9.1 of eFootball 2022 was scheduled to land next week, on 28th October. But in a statement published by Konami on Twitter today, the patch has now been delayed until “early November”. So it could be a wait of an extra few days, or a couple of weeks.

World CHAMPIONS: Decathlon (PC)

Number of Players: up to four players local and online; online leaderboards. Thank you NowakGames for submitting this game through our Steam Curator!. I don’t think I’m the only one who felt that the 2020 Summer Olympics were pretty disappointing. I know it wasn’t completely Japan’s fault for the situation due to a pandemic, and restrictions to said pandemic. But they also could have handled it better too. Maybe World CHAMPIONS: Decathlon by NowakGames can satisfy in a way that real life was unable to.

‘eFootball 2022’ patch delayed until November

After a disastrous launch, Konami‘s attempts to fix the issues with eFootball 2022 have hit another low as its upcoming patch has now been delayed. Having received “overwhelmingly negative” reviews on Steam, with fans blasting the awful graphics and animations, as well as a huge dearth of content, eFootball 2022 was set to receive a 0.91 update this month, which would begin addressing some of the issues.

Next eFootball 2022 Update Delayed To Early November

Konami has announced an eFootball 2022 update delay. The next update for the ill-fated soccer sim was originally due to arrive this month, but the developers have pushed it back to November in order to ensure an improved experience for players. What is the reason for this eFootball 2022 update...

EFootball update has been delayed | Atomix

The launch of eFootball it was anything but what Konami expected. Bugs, glitches, connection problems and much more affected, and continues to affect, users. In this way, the Japanese company promised that a substantial update would be available next week. However, today it was revealed that version 0.9.1 has been delayed.

Konami says it needs more time to improve eFootball 2022

After the disastrous launch of eFootball 2022, Konami shared a statement to apologize to the gaming community. In that official note they revealed that they were immersed in the development of update 0.9.1, a patch with which they intend to correct many of the bugs that have been seen in the first build. However, the date has changed: it will no longer be released on October 28 as planned, but will do it in november, have confirmed from Twitter.

Konami signs new chapter in disastrous eFootball launch, delaying long-awaited patch to fix game

After the calamitous launch of eFootball, Konami promised a patch, corresponding to version 0.9.1, to fix many of the problems reported by players. Unfortunately, that solution now it’s delayed until the beginning of November. Originally scheduled for October 28, Konami has announced and Twitter that the patch and its corresponding...

First update postponed –

Konami announced on TwitterUpdate 0.9.1 From eFootball 2022Scheduled for October 28th Postponed. The new release date is scheduled for early November. The first major update, the details of which are not currently shared, currently address some of the serious shortcomings affecting the spiritual legacy of PES, with users experiencing issues with the cut scenes, Facial expressions, The movements of the players and the behavior of the ball.