Magnetic Mix 175: BOYOCA

Birmingham based production duo BOYOCA is next up in Magnetic Mix series. Tim Boyce and Lewis Carr, who make up BOYOCA, are still relative newcomers, but have put out music on labels like EMK and Kitsuné, while remixing others such as Morcheeba. They combine breaks with house and a dose of fun, most notably on their EP He's A Fool, released last year and gave us the most complete picture of what their music can be.
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Kitsune as Dr.Eggman Part 2

Had so much fun with the first one I decided to do another one, just LOVE voicing this character, this time I threw in a little fun with this one. Voice by J.Delorey Sword Dancer Studio Canada LTD XxTheCreativeKitsunexX. Sonic The Hedgehog, Tails, Dr. Eggman/Robotnik © Sega.

Maison Kitsuné Enters Canadian Market With Vancouver Store and Café

Click here to read the full article. Maison Kitsuné is pushing upwards – north to Canada, that is. The Franco-Japanese brand has opened its first standalone store in the Canadian market with a 2,500-square-foot location in Vancouver. Located at 157-159 Water Street in the historic Gastown District, the opening also marks the first Canadian location of Café Kitsune, with shop and café located side-by-side.More from WWDMaison Kitsuné Men's Fall 2022Maison Kitsuné Men's Fall 2020Maison Kitsuné Men's Fall 2019 Both the café and boutique were designed by Kitsuné cofounder Masaya Kuroki, who took inspiration from midcentury Vancouver lakeside houses with oakwood paneling, flourishes...
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"Yukachan the Kitsune Geisha" resin art multiple from artist Otto Björnik!

"In the small town of Takayama, villagers know that the quick, delicate tapping of geta signals the arrival of their beloved Yukachan as she makes her way to the teahouse. Young kitsune geishas and maikos sneak admiring glances while men from faraway towns travel to see the legendary beauty. They become entranced by her graceful dance and lulled by her dulcet voice as she sings to the notes of her shamisen. Those who try to tease her in banter soon realize her lightning wit and wisdom."

Kitsune Udon soup noodle

Begin with start boiling water(not listed above) for cooking udon For kitsune. Boil 1 cup of water, put aburaage, boil 10 seconds each side, and drain. Put all the other kitsune ingredients in the same pan, cook aburaage in lower heat, until there is almost all the liquid is gone.

Kitsune for Customer

Several slots for this body type will be opened in February. Available characters at the moment: Fox, cat, tiger / lion / leopard, deer, horse / unicorn. The cost of the commission will start at USD 480.00 and the final cost will depend on the complexity of the design and the added details.

Fiction: Dancing Lessons of the Kitsune

In the part of the woods we live in, the bark of the trees is rouged an amorous green. Anyone could get lost in the fog, wrapped up in the lichen, algae, moss. We do our best not to, though. We don’t believe in white supremacy, patriarchy, human supremacy, child abuse, or time. We do believe in dancing with these trees. You have to lean your sweet little head to the left to know the trees for what they are. If you dance counterclockwise around them, always leaning in, always listening in, you avoid the fog altogether unless it needs to speak with you. This dance is the most perfect, necessary dance of our day. But it is not the only dance in our woods! My personal favorite is the wedding dance. A sun-shower, like the Good Fox Blue is crying for joy, is the ideal weather for a fox wedding.