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[SPOILERS] Will Reportedly Be Killed Off In Eternals

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has earned some warranted criticism over the years for relying on fake-out deaths maybe a little too often, with characters regularly meeting their demise and then returning or being resurrected shortly afterward. It’s an infuriating trope, and one that lessens the dramatic stakes for the entire franchise, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing it happen again.
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League player pulls off dramatic one-shot kill with Jhin

The term “one-shot” is thrown around loosely among League of Legends players, so seeing an actual one-shot kill—one where only one ability or auto attack is used—is a rare occurrence. In a clip posted to Reddit last night, a League player pulled off a traditional 100-to-zero one-shot kill with Jhin....
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Conflicting reports of what actually will happen in 2022 kill off.

I hear basic BB10 phones will retain phone, texting, but than I hear the phones will be bricked. Am I wasting my time thinking my Passport will have any use after 2022 Kill Off? Does anyone really know? Not counting in ( I'm in T-Mobile) carriers. But doesn't Passport have enough to survive carriers shutting done with it's 4G ability? Or, do we simply have to wait and see? Arghhhh.
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Super-sub Kante helps Blues kill off Tottenham

CHELSEA 3 (Silva 49, Kante 57, Rudiger 90+2) EARLY season optimism disappeared into the September evening as a professional Chelsea side upped their game and destroyed Tottenham with a second half three-goal blitz this afternoon (Sunday). The gulf between Nuno Espirito Santo’s work-in-progress Spurs side and Thomas Tuchel’s Champions League...

5 terrible phone features the OnePlus Nord 2 and Nord CE are killing off

Stop right there! We understand you might be lucky enough to have a wad of money to spend on your next smartphone but, seriously, why bother paying through the nose for a ‘premium’ handset when the mid-range is absolutely smashing it right now?. Take OnePlus. It’s just launched not one...

How long does oral ivermectin take to kill lice

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Killing Ourselves Off in Order to Be Loved

LGBTQ+ people and autistic individuals are both at higher risk for suicide. When a person believes that who they are is inherently unlovable, they may attempt to "kill off" their true self in order to be accepted. The experience of love that a person inherently needs can only come from...

The Blacklist Season 9: Why Did They Kill Off Elizabeth Keene?

The Blacklist spoilers and updates tease that the show’s upcoming season 9 may provide an explanation behind the death of Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). Fans may finally get an answer as to why the show had to kill off Boone’s alter ego. The Blacklist Season 9 – Megan Boone Leaves...

Marvel Fans Furious Over What If…? Killing Off A Beloved Character Yet Again

What If…? released its sixth episode today, which imagined – wouldn’t you know it? – another dark version of the MCU timeline. This week, the animated anthology show altered the entire foundation of the franchise. As titled “What If… Killmonger Saved Tony Stark?”, it revealed a world where Erik Stevens (Michael B. Jordan) rescued Stark (Mick Wingert) from the Ten Rings. Not only did this mean Iron Man never came to pass, but it also meant Killmonger amassed enough power to successfully take over Wakanda. Needless to say, heavy spoilers are inbound.

Microsoft wants to try and kill off deepfakes for good

Microsoft could be set to boost its security protection for photos and videos uploaded by customers following news of a major new investment. The computing giant's M12 venture capital arm has announced it is investing in Truepic, which offers photo and video verification services. Microsoft says such systems could be...
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Madera holds off young Hawks

Madera’s Rae Jackson rises up for one of her 12 kills during Thursday’s four-set victory over the Liberty Hawks. Jackson had six kills in a second set victory. The Madera Coyotes girls volleyball team’s two hitters were better than the Liberty Hawks’ top three hitters in a four-set non-league victory at Liberty.

Did Supergirl Just Kill Off A Fan-Favorite Character? The Actor Responds

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Supergirl episode "Mxy In The Middle." Read at your own risk!. Supergirl brought back fan-favorite Mr. Mxyzptlk, or Mxy, in its latest episode as Kara made a last-ditch attempt to try and thwart Nyxly before she did further damage to National City. Mxy arrived on the scene, and fans learned that he and Nyxly had a complicated history, and the end of the episode left Mxy's fate very much in question.

Why Cupertino should kill off Apple Watch Series 3

It’s about time Cupertino gave Apple Watch Series 3 the boot instead of allowing more customers to suffer. The nearly 4-year-old smartwatch isn’t just showing its age on the outside. It’s also painfully slow. And with just 8GB of internal storage, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Priced at $199, Apple Watch 3 offers iPhone […]