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Kid Rock Calls for ‘Love and Unity’ While Asking Us to ‘Suck on Deez Nuts’ in New Song. We’ll Pass

No one is discrediting Kid Rock’s shitty lyricism after he dropped ear bleed-causing track “We the People” on Tuesday. In the new 4-minute song, Rock plagiarizes a Christmas classic (“But Covid’s near, it’s coming to town”), encourages a coronavirus superspreader (“Climb aboard this love boat/And rock that bitch up and down the coast”), and projects his own health problems on Gen Z (“‘Wear your mask, take your pills’/ Now a whole generation’s mentally ill.”) On the song, he taps into the right-wing agenda by dropping F-bombs about social media platforms, criticizing President Joe Biden, and repeating the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” 13...
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20 Important Questions I Had While Listening to Kid Rock's 'We The People'

We gather here today, in a mythical place that's some combination of Hooters, Baskin Robbins, and AutoZone, to do one thing and one thing only: discuss Kid Rock's new political anthem, "We The People." I, unfortunately, have a long history with Kid Rock. My dad loves the guy. One time, at Christmas, we got drunk together and he convinced me that we should sing "Bawtidaba" on Facebook live. (I will not be providing footage here.) I'm also quite fond of his performance in Joe Dirt. But in recent years, as I have with most men who wear fedoras, Kid Rock and I have fallen on opposite sides of the political line. To put it in Kid Rock terms, I've put his picture away.
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Kid Rock Chants ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ Slams Joe Biden & Dr. Fauci in New Song

Kid Rock has released another politically-charged single, two months after he dropped “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” in November. On Monday (Jan. 24), the singer unveiled “We the People,” which opens with Kid Rock shouting the line, “We the people in all we do reserve the right to scream, ‘F— you!”

Kid Rock Drops Three New Songs, Hints at Scaled Back Touring After 2022

Kid Rock is back with a trio of new songs to follow up the announcement earlier this week of a major spring and summer tour. The musician has released the aggressive, politically-tinged rocker "We the People," a more heartfelt upbeat rock song called "The Last Dance" and the country-leaning cut "Rockin'." You can hear all three below.

Kid Rock 2022 Superspreader Tour: How can I get tickets?

KID Rock is going on tour in what many are calling a superspreader event after he has notoriously spoken against Covid restrictions. The tour will take him to 25 cities and although Kid Rock calls it the Bad Reputation Tour, it has taken on the name of Kid Rock’s 2022 Superspreader Tour.
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Kid Rock chants ‘Let’s go Brandon,’ then calls for unity on new single

Kid Rock’s new single “We the People” slams social media, the news media and the president of the United States before making a plea for coming together. “We the People” is the most incendiary of three new tracks the Michigan rocker released at midnight Tuesday. The others are a midtempo rock song, “The Last Dance,” which is inspired by his parents’ 50-year marriage, and “Rockin,” a country ballad, which name checks Bob Seger and Marvin Gaye.

‘Pansy Ass Woke Critics + Trolls’ Living Rent-Free in Kid Rock’s Head

Kid Rock's newest song, "Don't Tell Me How to Live," stirred up some controversy over its crass lyrics which called out easily-offended "snowflakes." The backlash was enough to cause guest star Jon Harvey (of Monster Truck) to, in turn, be "super offended" and it now appears that all the "pansy ass woke critics and trolls" who bashed the song are living rent-free in Kid Rock's head.
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Kid Rock compares himself to Brad Pitt in wild music video

Kid Rock went all out for his new music video for his single “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” featuring Monster Truck, and he surely isn’t holding back on the, er, imagery. The video is full of wild scenes and lyrics, including the musician riding a middle finger and penis-shaped rocket, a mountain of TV screens showing the news and the 50-year-old rapping erratically inside churches.

Kid Rock’s Stupid Snowflake Song Continues to Stir Controversy

Kid Rock, who’s a kid about as much as he’s a brain surgeon, recently released “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” his first song in four years. And, unsurprisingly, given his support for Donald Trump, his aversion to wearing masks, and his casual use of homophobic slurs as insults, the lyrics of the song serve as a rallying cry for conservative culture, blaming “snowflakes,” “offended millennials” and “woke” culture for everything Rock perceives as wrong in modern day America.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Raps

Actor, former professional wrestler, and rumored presidential candidate, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, hopped on a new track from San Francisco rapper, Tech N9ne, and spit his first-ever rap verse. The occasion came on the new song, “Face Off,” from Tech N9ne’s latest album, ASIN9NE, which he released this month. Watch...

Kid Rock Hurls Homophobic Slur Onstage at Tennessee Bar

Kid Rock dropped a homophobic slur like it was nothing while rocking the mic at a bar in Tennessee, and ranting about people recording him with their phones. Seems the singer wasn't feeling the fact audience members had whipped out their iPhone cameras Saturday night when he took the stage at FishLipz Bar & Grill in Smithville, TN. He looked directly into one phone and barked, "F**k your iPhone, yeah!"