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20 Important Questions I Had While Listening to Kid Rock's 'We The People'

We gather here today, in a mythical place that's some combination of Hooters, Baskin Robbins, and AutoZone, to do one thing and one thing only: discuss Kid Rock's new political anthem, "We The People." I, unfortunately, have a long history with Kid Rock. My dad loves the guy. One time, at Christmas, we got drunk together and he convinced me that we should sing "Bawtidaba" on Facebook live. (I will not be providing footage here.) I'm also quite fond of his performance in Joe Dirt. But in recent years, as I have with most men who wear fedoras, Kid Rock and I have fallen on opposite sides of the political line. To put it in Kid Rock terms, I've put his picture away.

Kid Rock Calls for ‘Love and Unity’ While Asking Us to ‘Suck on Deez Nuts’ in New Song. We’ll Pass

No one is discrediting Kid Rock’s shitty lyricism after he dropped ear bleed-causing track “We the People” on Tuesday. In the new 4-minute song, Rock plagiarizes a Christmas classic (“But Covid’s near, it’s coming to town”), encourages a coronavirus superspreader (“Climb aboard this love boat/And rock that bitch up and down the coast”), and projects his own health problems on Gen Z (“‘Wear your mask, take your pills’/ Now a whole generation’s mentally ill.”) On the song, he taps into the right-wing agenda by dropping F-bombs about social media platforms, criticizing President Joe Biden, and repeating the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” 13...

Kid Rock Drops Three New Songs, Hints at Scaled Back Touring After 2022

Kid Rock is back with a trio of new songs to follow up the announcement earlier this week of a major spring and summer tour. The musician has released the aggressive, politically-tinged rocker "We the People," a more heartfelt upbeat rock song called "The Last Dance" and the country-leaning cut "Rockin'." You can hear all three below.

Kid Rock to play Pine Knob in September as 'Bad Reputation' album, tour announced

With a batch of new music on the way, Kid Rock has announced his first big tour in three years — including a pair of metro Detroit dates at a very familiar venue. The homegrown rap-rocker will play Pine Knob Sept. 16 and 17 with opener Foreigner, wrapping up a Bad Reputation Tour set to kick off in April in Evansville, Indiana. The shows, announced Monday, come as part of the 50th anniversary season at the Clarkston...

Kid Rock Takes Over Billy Bob’s For Two-Day Birthday Bash

Nearly six months after cancelling shows at the Texas club Billy Bob’s, due to COVID-19 issues, Kid Rock hit the venue last week for a big two-day birthday bash. The Michigan-born musician took to Twitter to both announce the shows and preview some new music. In a series of tweets to his nearly 650,000 followers, Kid Rock wrote, “Whats up Texas!! Looking forward to a great birthday weekend at Billy Bobs!! I am thinking come strong right out of the gate each night with ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’ and ‘Ala-Fuckin-Bama’…
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Kid Rock chants ‘Let’s go Brandon,’ then calls for unity on new single

Kid Rock’s new single “We the People” slams social media, the news media and the president of the United States before making a plea for coming together. “We the People” is the most incendiary of three new tracks the Michigan rocker released at midnight Tuesday. The others are a midtempo rock song, “The Last Dance,” which is inspired by his parents’ 50-year marriage, and “Rockin,” a country ballad, which name checks Bob Seger and Marvin Gaye.

15 Rock Songs About the Coronavirus, Lockdowns and Masks

Like the rest of the world, rock was kept indoors for the majority of the last two years. Yet, despite being isolated from fans, venues and even their own bandmates, many musicians turned to their work to cope, pass the time and, hopefully, uplift others along the way. The one collective source of inspiration was the coronavirus pandemic itself: What better topic for new, universal music than the same global event that the entire human race was collectively experiencing?

Weird Al Clarifies He Did Not Make a Kid Rock Parody Video

Weird Al became headline news when he took to Twitter to clarify that he did not release a Kid Rock parody song. The singer tweeted, “That’s not me. That’s actually Kid Rock.” Kid Rock released a music video for a complicated song titled, “Don’t Tell Me How to Live - ft. Monster Truck.” Once you realize it’s sincere and scream, “I can’t watch this!” it’s too late; he’s already rhymed “sideways,” “my way,” and “highway.” There’s also plenty of green-screen graphics and CGI flames that’ll make you wish we lived in an Amish paradise. Kid Rock flies on a Kid Rock-It shaped like a middle finger and wears a shirt that says, “Social media sucks” — who else would perform this way besides Weird Al on a parody track? Maybe if it was written as a truck driving song it would make more sense (Monster Truck IS featured in the video). Kid Rock, who’s probably keeping his Polka face on, has yet to respond to Weird Al’s roast. Rock hopefully won’t be too mad, after all, Weird Al was only kidding.
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Kid Rock compares himself to Brad Pitt in wild music video

Kid Rock went all out for his new music video for his single “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” featuring Monster Truck, and he surely isn’t holding back on the, er, imagery. The video is full of wild scenes and lyrics, including the musician riding a middle finger and penis-shaped rocket, a mountain of TV screens showing the news and the 50-year-old rapping erratically inside churches.