LSU Honors Kevione Faulk, Assistant Coach’s Daughter Who Died, During Saturday’s Game

On Saturday, the LSU football team honored the daughter of Assistant Coach Kevin Faulk, after her tragic death earlier this week. Faulk’s daughter, Kevione, died days before she turned 20 years old. At this point, her cause of death has not been revealed. But the Tigers wore decals on their helmet that read “KF” for Saturday’s game against the Central Michigan Chippewas.
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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Good Sunday morning, Uni Watchers. Hope everyone had a good Saturday and a good weekend thus far. Normally, for SMUW, I “take” one game and highlight some new uniform, or throwback, or uni quirk, or what have you, to serve as the intro to TJ’s rundown. But I was just enamored with the classic uni matchup down in the Swamp yesterday, between Alabama and Florida.

See 'KF' decal LSU football will wear to honor Kevin Faulk's daughter after tragic death

Running backs coach Kevin Faulk won't be with the LSU football program as they take on Central Michigan, but the initials "KF" will take center stage. But those letters don't stand for the former Tigers and NFL running back, they stand for the name of his daughter Kevione Faulk, who died tragically at 19 years old earlier this week. Kevin Faulk stepped away from the program as his family mourns its loss.

Intel stock CPU coolers may get Alder Lake refresh

Intel hasn’t updated its stock/retail box/reference CPU coolers for quite some time. The last update to its standard top-down air cooler, the BXTS15A for its ‘K’ processor cooler was in Q3 2016, and the similar but more compact (shorter) BXTS13A was launched back in Q2 2014. Now, with Alder Lake on the horizon, coming in a rather differently proportioned package, it seems to have seen fit to redesign its air cooling standards.
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