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‘Karen’ trailer shows Taryn Manning as a terrifying racist neighbor

Karen is getting her own movie. A trailer dropped over the weekend for the upcoming horror film, “Karen,” starring Taryn Manning, 42. Manning, known for her breakout role in “Orange Is the New Black,” will be playing the titular role in the BET film production. Cory Hardrict (“American Sniper”) and Jasmine Burke (“Saints & Sinners”) will star alongside Manning, with Coke Daniels (“His, Hers & the Truth”) directing.
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The Trailer for Karen Is So Cringey It May Be Fatal

Does someone have the number for the manager of Hollywood? Because I'd like to report an issue. There is going to be a movie called Karen, and the trailer for it is so heavy-handed and offensively bad that I'm unsure if it's supposed to be an actual film or a satire so entrenched in irony that it's unrecognizable as actual satire.
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'Karen' Movie Decried as Jordan Peele Knockoff After Trailer Drops

A trailer for the new film Karen prompted widespread derision after viewers branded it a rip-off of Jordan Peele's Get Out. The film tells the story of a racist white woman who seeks to terrorize her black neighbors. Many people went straight to social media to take aim at what they said is a blatant attempt to imitate Peele's hit.

Taryn Manning is Terrifying in First Trailer for 'Karen' Movie

Actually, it's Taryn Manning as the much-hyped, titular "Karen" in the upcoming thriller from Coke Daniels ... a role meant to represent a blend of all the notorious "Karens" who've gone viral for the worst reasons over the past couple years. The "Orange is the New Black" star plays a...

Karen Trailer: Taryn Manning Takes Entitlement to a Terrifying New Level

Taryn Manning is a terrifyingly entitled woman in Karen, the upcoming thriller from Coke Daniels inspired by the real-life "Karens" of the world. Known for her breakout role on Orange Is the New Black, Manning will play a racist woman in the movie similar to some of those witnessed in viral videos calling the police on neighbors for insignificant reasons. The first trailer has just recently been released, and you can take a look at it below.

Taryn Manning Leads the Cast of Upcoming Social Horror Movie ‘Karen’

Coming soon from director Coke Daniels, Taryn Manning stars in the horror movie Karen, and Deadline reports today that 13 Films has boarded sales ahead of the Cannes market. The film centers on “Karen Drexler (Manning), a racist white woman who makes it her personal mission to displace the new Black family that has just moved in next door to her. Community activist Malik (Cory Hardrict) and his wife Imani (Jasmine Burke) are the couple who have just moved to the Atlanta suburb, but they won’t be backing down without a fight.”

The trailer for a movie about Karens is dividing the internet

After what feels like a fortnight (that’s actually been close to a year) since we first reported news of a movie being made about the Karen complex -- “a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others”, as Urban Dictionary puts it -- Hollywood has managed to churn out its trailer. Racists work quick, but the relentless scythe of the content machine works even quicker, it seems.
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Karen Obilom Joins Cast of ‘House Party’ Reboot (EXCLUSIVE)

Welcome to the “House Party,” Karen Obilom. The “Doom Patrol” and “Games People Play” star is the latest to join the cast of New Line’s “House Party” reboot, produced by the SpringHill Company for HBO Max. Obilom has signed on to play the female lead in the project, joining Jorge...
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‘Gunpowder Milkshake’ Trailer: Lena Headey, Karen Gillan Lead Netflix’s Assassin Action-Thriller

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming summer action tentpole “Gunpowder Milkshake,” starring Karen Gillan. The actress is best known for her role as Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe flicks, plus her performance in two “Jumanji” movies. Gillan plays a third-generation for-hire assassin forced to work in tandem with her estranged mother, played by “Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey.
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Karen Gillan takes no prisoners in new Netflix movie Gunpowder Milkshake

Netflix has released the first trailer for Gunpowder Milkshake, a gun-slinging, action-packed thriller starring Karen Gillan. Directed and co-written by Navot Papushado, the movie stars Gillan as Sam, a woman whose mother (Lena Headey) is an elite assassin. Abandoned by her mother as a kid and raised by 'The Firm', the crime syndicate she worked for, Sam has kept it in the family and become a fearsome hitwoman in her own right.
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Strictly Come Dancing star Karen Hauer lands first movie role

Strictly Come Dancing star Karen Hauer is making the leap from being on the small screen every Saturday night to the big screen. The professional dancer has landed her first film role in a project called Tomorrow Morning. The film is an adaptation of an Off-Broadway musical that focuses on...