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My sister’s real name is Karen. And it’s suddenly causing her lots of grief

Need advice? Send your questions to Miss Conduct. My sister’s name is Karen. Two times recently she’s met other white women at social occasions who respond with, “Oh! Karen — how do you handle having that name!?” I realize many people have never been taught common social rules, such as what topics should be taboo with strangers. Perhaps the young are more naive and inexperienced in social occasions. I’d love to give her your advice as to what to say.
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Should Sistas' Karen and Aaron Get Married? Ebony Obsidian Weighs In

All of Karen’s relationships are complicated on Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Now that her on-again-off-again romance with Zac is officially over, Aaron has swooped in to ask for her hand in marriage. But Karen didn’t take the minister’s proposal seriously, as fans saw in the Season 3 midseason finale, and she turned down the romantic gesture from Aaron (Burn Notice‘s Kevin A. Walton) — and his way of putting an end to their “sinful” premarital sex. Ebony Obsidian, who plays Karen, says viewers will better understand her character’s polite rejection when the BET drama returns Wednesday, Oct. 13. “I love what Aaron does...
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Historian Karen Cox: We Have 'No Common Ground' On Confederate Monuments

It’s been 160 years since the beginning of the Civil War. Still, many of today’s conflicts can be traced back to that tumultuous time in American history. How we remember that history has a direct connection to all of it. We’re still debating why the Civil War was fought — and now, what to do with the Confederate monuments that honor the losing side. We can’t seem to agree on either.

BET airs ‘Karen’ thriller film tonight: How to watch, premiere time, cast, trailer

“Karen” premieres on BET on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 10 p.m. ET (7 p.m. PT). You can also watch the show on FuboTV, Philo and Sling. Catering to its name, “Karen” is a thriller film that follows a family targeted by their racist neighbor. Reviews of the BET original film claim the plot is “all too familiar” for Black families who live in suburban areas across the country.

BET’s ‘Karen’ Movie: Inside Black Twitter’s Real-Time Review Of Film About Privileged, Racist White Woman

Let me start by admitting I have not seen the movie “Karen,” which aired on BET on Tuesday night. I’ll probably get around to hate-watching it eventually, but I’m in no rush because if I wanted to watch racist, entitled white women who are allergic to leaving Black people alone, I could just, well, continue to exist in America and know it won’t be long before a fresh episode comes my way.
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‘You wanna go outside?’: Karen tries to fight minors at Walmart

A teen TikToker captured video of a Karen in the wild after supposedly offering the woman a leaf at Walmart. The video, captured and shared by @cadie.mae3, who simply goes by Cadie on TikTok, was filmed on Aug. 25. In the weeks since it was filmed, the brief, contentious clip has become the most popular on her page, with upwards of 5.2 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes.

Now there’s a ‘Karen’ movie, and it’s a terrible film about a terrible person

You have to feel bad for all the reasonable, decent, goodhearted women named Karen, who until a few years ago never had to think twice about being “Karen” but now must cringe every time there’s another news story or viral video about “a Karen” who is calling the police because people of color are having a picnic in the park, or threatening a Black employee in a big-box store for no reason, or hurling racial insults from her car, etc., etc.

Hall of Fame Class of 2021 – Coach Karen Dennis

Twelve new members of the Ohio State Athletics Hall of Fame were inducted over the weekend. The group, selected in 2020, was enshrined at a dinner in the Covelli Center Friday evening and introduced to the crowd at halftime of the Ohio State football game Saturday. Among the inductees was...