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NYC Bets on 'In the Heights' to Drive Tourism to Neighborhoods Hit Hard by COVID-19

Pandemic-related restrictions began lifting in New York City just in time for the release of the Lin-Manuel Miranda’s highly anticipated musical-turned movie In the Heights. Knowing it was only a matter of time before the tourists returned, the city seized the moment, launching two tourism campaigns to celebrate the launch of the film and drive much needed dollars to neighborhoods hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Cheddar news correspondent Chloe Aiello has the story.
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UPDATE on the Return of Jack and Sally in Disneyland 🎃

It may only be July, but Halloween celebrations will be starting in Disney World and Disneyland soon!. We already know that guests at Disneyland will be able to enjoy Haunted Mansion Holiday a little later this year and fans can already buy tickets for Oogie Boogie Bash, but what about interactions with fan-favorite spooky characters like Jack Skellington and Sally? Well, we’ve got an update!
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More Thunderstorms Are On The Way To Toronto Just In Time To Ruin Your Weekend Plans

If you were hoping to take a trip to the beach or go camping this weekend, you might want to take a look at Toronto's weather forecast because it's going to be a bumpy one. According to The Weather Network (TWN), an incoming cold front will create ideal conditions for thunderstorms in the GTA this weekend with dark clouds and torrential rains expected to set in by Saturday evening.
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A Nutella Cookbook is Coming Just in Time for Holiday Baking

Nutella is scientifically proven to make anything taste better. Well, maybe not scientifically, but the chocolatey hazelnut spread is a longtime crowd pleaser. Now you can buy a Nutella cookbook and take your love of the product to the next level!. French celebrity chef and Ferrero Ambassador Grégory Cohen has...
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‘Roadrunner’ catches up with Bourdain just in time

“Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain” will work best for people who already know about Anthony Bourdain. If you haven’t read the books (“Kitchen Confidential,” “A Cook’s Tour”) or seen the television shows (“No Reservations,” “Parts Unknown”), you might think that this film would be about food. But, as much as anything, it’s actually about the difficulty of making good reality TV shows.

Just In Time Evening News: Jeremy Patton, Ryan Yaites, Vernon Glover Jr.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Want information on Texas Football from Eric Nahlin, Justin Wells, Joe Cook, Gerry Hamilton, Tim Preston, and Bobby Burton? Sign up for Inside Texas HERE today!. Checking in on 2022 linebacker target Jeremy Patton and...

The coolest Ted Lasso gifts, just in time for Season 2

The AFC Richmond fans say it’s the hope that kills you, but I’m here to say that it’s really the anticipation — of Ted Lasso Season 2, obvs. Luckily, it’s finally here, starting July 23, and I can almost taste the homemade biscuits. So to tide myself over, I’ve been browsing the most fun Ted Lasso gifts to share with all your fellow wankers. I mean, friends who are also fans.