Lifted Nutrition under new ownership

Lifted Nutrition in downtown Montevideo is now under new ownership. New owners Ashley Thompson, her boyfriend Brent Schlangen, and Emily Hunt officially took over the Herbalife product-based beverage shop on October 2nd. Hunt says the opportunity to purchase the business was a "right place, right time" opportunity. “Ashley owns a club in Willmar already, and I’m under Ashley, so when we heard through word of mouth that the Montevideo club was being sold, I thought that’s super cool because I was looking for a place of my own,” says Hunt. “Ashley brought me over here and we visited and went from there.”
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Tropicana Debuts Toothpaste That Doesn't Make Orange Juice Taste Terrible

People talk a lot about good combos like peanut butter and chocolate or Andre 3000 and Big Boi, but what about the bad combos in life? There's watermelon and pizza or the constant breakfast conundrum where the tastes of orange juice and toothpaste collide. Although that weird watermelon pizza thing is still happening, Tropicana may have created a fix for the other issue with its new toothpaste.
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Halloumi burger recipe

Like many people, we’re eating more halloumi these days and it’s a really useful veggie dinner option. Strain the yogurt through a muslin-lined sieve for half an hour to drain off any excess liquid, then mix with the herbs, sugar and plenty of seasoning. Set aside. Cut each block of...

NRN editors discuss McDonald’s new equal pay announcement, In-N-Out’s vaccine stance and the labor crisis

This week, NRN editors Holly Petre, Joanna Fantozzi and editor in chief Sam Oches discussed In-N-Out’s stance on vaccine mandates. Last week, the chain was forced to close its only San Francisco store by health inspectors after refusing customers entry who could not provide proof of vaccination, a San Francisco law. The chain’s lawyers responded, leaving the very private company open to criticism over its vaccination stance where it refused to police its customers.

Margarita chicken fajitas recipe

A union between two of our favourite things and it’s not just a gimmick – the margarita ingredients of lime, tequila and triple sec work brilliantly with the chicken and make remarkably tasty fajitas. Timings. Prep time: 15 minutes, plus 1 hour marinating. Cooking time: 30 minutes. Serves. Four. Ingredients.
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Gardens of the Cross Timbers: Love that beetle juice

How refreshing. Cool air, bright blue skies and pumpkins scattered throughout fields, on steps, in front yards and involved with just about every drink or snack imaginable this time of year. Halloween is eight days away, arriving Oct. 31. Better yet, on Oct. 30 is National Candy Corn Day. It’s time for my annual indulgence of incisor shaped mellowcremes with yellow ends, orange middles and white tips. Most of one large sack of candy corn and pumpkins has already been polished off. The overflow in the peanut butter jar is going fast.

Calphalon ActiveSense 2 Liter Blender Now $117.99 (Was $219.99)

Amazon has the Calphalon 2099742 ActiveSense 2 Liter Blender with Blend N Go Smoothie Cup, Gray marked down from $219.99 to $117.99 with free shipping!. 5 food settings: smoothie, salsa, milkshake, frozen drink, and juice. Consistency selection options for thick or thin results. Reversible motor technology for an even and...

The Best Juicer in India

Are you looking for the Best Juicer in India? Everyone loves to drink coconut water or fruit juice during the hot summer months. But drinking outside or in juice, centers are not safe because they mix ice, colors, and other ingredients for a better taste. Investing in Juicers is one for the Best ways to overcome puzzles, strengthen the immune system, regulate blood pressure, keep the body hydrated, and lose weight to stay strong and healthy.

IMPACT Wrestling Results for 10/21/21 FinJuice vs Bullet Club, Miguel vs Zayne

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV!. David and Hikuleo start the match off before Chris comes in and David drags him to the corner before Juice comes in and smashes Chris's face into the top turnbuckle before Chris chops him in the throat. FJ double up on Hikuleo for two before Hikuleo hits a spinning side slam for two before BC isolate David until he gets the hot tag to Juice who drops Chris repeatedly before knocking Hikuleo off of the apron. Juice hits mounted punches in the corner before hitting a cannonball and FJ double up on Chris for a near fall that Hikuleo breaks up before Chris gets a near fall off of a clutch. The referee is then taken out before Hikuleo hits a chokeslam and drags Chris on top of David for a near fall before Hikuleo and Juice come back in and exchange until Hikuleo hits a powerslam. FJ then double up on Hikuleo before the two referees count a double pin.

Cleveland Browns: OBR Staff Picks Three Stars From The Broncos Game

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Welcome back, fellow Cleveland Browns fan. Thursday Night Football has concluded, and as promised The OBR Staff will select 3 Stars and the Play Of The Game from the Browns 17-14 victory over the Denver Broncos. So without further ado... STEPHEN THOMAS. 3 STARS. 1 D'Ernest Johnson....

OBR Analytics: Week 7 Top-Graded Players, Snap Counts, and Rookie Performance Tracker

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland Browns improved to 4-3 on the season after a 17-14 victory over the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football. The offense was efficient and effective with Case Keenum under center (completed 63.6 percent of his passes for 199 yards and a touchdown) and with D’Ernest Johnson in the backfield, who dominated on the ground to a tune of 146 yards (more on that later). The defense had a great outing allowing just 223 total yards (41 rushing yards) and 0.10 expected points added per play to the Broncos offense.

Balinese fish, potato and coconut curry recipe

Just look at the length of this recipe. The instructions are laid out in only a handful of sentences. The most time-consuming thing will be getting the ingredients out. Enjoy this with rice and green veg scattered with grated coconut. An excellent Friday-night supper. Timings. Prep time: 10 minutes. Cooking...

Fortnite: How to Earn Points in Horde Rush Fast

Created by Epic Games, Horde Rush is Fortnite’s new event game mode where you squad up with 4 friends to take on unending waves of sideways monsters. The new event item Thinking Juice, which is locked behind the Earn 2,000,000 Team Points challenge associated with the Horde Rush mode just released for the new Fortnitemares event.