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John Hinckley Jr., Who Shot President Ronald Reagan, Seeks To Have Restrictions Lifted

The would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan will seek his freedom on Monday from court-ordered restrictions that limit his movements. The Associated Press is reporting attorneys for Hinckley will argue that the now 66-year-old should not be tied to restrictions imposed after he moved out of a Washington hospital in 2016. Hinckley now lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, and has a rigorous schedule of medications and therapy supervised by doctors. He also is limited in travel, online activity, email accounts, possession of a firearm, or having contact with the children of Reagan or actress Jodie Foster, who was his obsession when he did...
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John Hinckley, the Man Who Shot President Ronald Reagan, to Be Granted ‘Unconditional Release’

Prosecutors in a federal court have reached an agreement on what to do about John Hinckley, the man who shot President Ronald Reagan and three others in 1981. NPR reports the would-be assassin has been granted an “unconditional release” as of June of next year after spending three decades at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. The Department of Behavioral Health suggested the release last year, claiming Hinckley posed “low risk for future violence.” The 66-year-old will be living on his own for the first time in about 40 years, so the Justice Department and prosecutor Kacie Weston decided it’s best to continue to monitor Hinckley for the next nine months. Hinckley’s doctor, who also leads his therapy group, will be retiring this year. Hinckley had been living with his mother in Virginia until she died this summer. Amid the drastic changes occurring in his life, the DOJ said it would file a motion were there any concerns raised by Hinckley.
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John Hinckley Jr. Is Posting His Love Songs on YouTube

John Hinckley Jr., who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan to impress actress Jodie Foster and then spent 35 years in a psychiatric hospital, has been posting videos of himself performing love songs and other tunes on YouTube. Hinckley, 66, went to court last year for permission to display his...

He Tried to Kill a President. Then YouTube Made Money Off Him

YouTube is home to many anonymous, marginally talented strivers struggling to make a name for themselves on the platform. But one aspiring musician on YouTube has captured a great deal of attention as of late, though not for his artistic output: John Hinckley, Jr., the man perhaps best known for attempting to assassinate then-U.S. president Ronald Reagan in 1981 in an attempt to impress Jodie Foster.