Popular Restaurant Closing Down For Good

Grab your pita while you still can.Sandie Clarke/Unsplash. The last year and a half hasn’t exactly been kind to members of the food and beverage industry here in Tucson. While there have been several new additions to the community, several favorites and long-time staple restaurants have closed their front doors for good. And now, another favorite restaurant is closing down for good as well.
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3 brilliant jobs to apply for this week

This time of year is full of changes. The weather is cooling down, the nights are longer — there’s just something in the air. Interestingly, we find that this is also a very popular time of year in terms of people changing jobs, and likewise companies looking for new talent. Which is what brings us here, to this article. We’ve seen a serious increase in the number of roles being posted to our job board in recent weeks. So if you are on the lookout for a new opportunity, then get yourself over there ASAP.
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The Best Companies that are Hiring Now in El Paso

El Paso jobs hiringImage by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay. These are the businesses in El Paso that are hiring in the borderland. Several companies are hiring and the jobs that are available go by very fast. So if you are looking for a job, don’t wait and apply.

Life as a Neonatal Nurse – What to Expect

In healthcare, you have so many options to choose from when deciding which path to go down. Despite how rewarding all of these careers are, there’s truly something rewarding about becoming a neonatal nurse and being able to help infants at the very beginning of their life, giving them and their parents a new found hope as they venture into their new lives. If you’re looking to find out more about what a day in the life of a neonatal nurse is like, we’ve got you covered!

Consumer confidence drops to 7-month low

The Consumer Confidence Index, a key indicator that offers a glimpse into purchasing attitudes among U.S. consumers, recorded another decline in September, continuing the streak of decreases seen in both August and July, according to new Conference Board data. Falling to 109.3 from the 115.2 recorded in August, the new...

WLP & Journalism Students Part of Award-Winning Globe Magazine Special Section

Writing, Literature & Publishing and Journalism students were part of a Boston Globe Magazine award-winning special section covering the onset and impact of COVID. The special section, “Dispatches From The Edge,” originally ran online and in print March 29, 2020. It won first place in the 2021 Society for Features Journalism Excellence-in-Features Awards for Best Special Section in Division 3 (circulation 200,000 and more).

10 Teachable and Non-Teachable Skills Essential for Great Salespeople

Are great salespeople born or made? It’s a question that confounds many sales managers desperate to hire and hone a winning team. I think the answer is both—and if you want to survive in the fiercely competitive post-COVID economy, you need to know how to identify and coach for the traits that equip salespeople to acquire new business.

The fastest shrinking cities in the US

The world is still suffering from the pandemic, and while we grapple with this worldwide catastrophe, its effects are everywhere around us and they show themselves in many forms. In the US, there are a bunch of cities that have been shrinking due to the lack of economic opportunity in multiple industries, which has forced many people to relocate in search of better opportunities. However, this actually started long before COVID-19 ever reared its ugly head. Hit by a decline in jobs in manufacturing, construction, logging, and mining; we’ve collected a list of some of the fastest shrinking cities in the US.

This Woman-Owned Business Wants To Help You Have A Plastic-Free Kitchen

From costume designer to entrepreneur, Heidi Barr is not only bringing more eco-friendly solutions to your kitchen, but supporting farmers that are trying to revive crops such as flax in America. Her neutral offerings are designed to fit into any home, and her passion for agriculture, nature, and all things beauty shines through in this small women-led team she’s cultivated in the past decade.

North central WV county schools see substitute shortages ‘across the board’

PARSONS, W.Va. — Many north central West Virginia county board of educations are seeing a shortage of substitute workers across multiple categories. According to officials with Tucker County Schools, the board of education has all of its full-time positions filled, but whenever a full-time person needs to be off, a shortage of substitute workers, including bus drivers, custodial staff, teachers and cooks, causes issues.

Whataburger makes over $10,000 donation to East Texas Food Bank

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas non-profit received some help today from a Texas hamburger giant. As part of their systemwide fundraiser benefiting the “Feeding America” Campaign, Whataburger gave $10,331 to the East Texas Food Bank. They said, in turn, that will help feed over 250,000 people in 26...

Ohio Gov. DeWine visits Tri-C campus in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The governor in Ohio visited Northeast Ohio on Tuesday to discuss the furthering development of the region’s workforce with a focus on manufacturing jobs. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine stopped at the Manufacturing Technology Center of Excellence, part of Cuyahoga Community College, for remarks. According to the...

Ford to create nearly 11K jobs with EV technology initiative

Ford is expanding its reach into the technology that goes into electronic vehicles and through a partnership, will create almost 11,000 jobs between Ford and SK Innovation of South Korea. The two companies have pledged to build three electric-vehicle battery factories and an auto assembly plant by 2025, The Associated...