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President Biden’s claim of an interview for a job in Idaho

“I used to tell [former senator] Frank Church this — I got a — my first job offer, where I wanted — my wife — deceased wife and I wanted to move to Idaho because we think — not a joke — because it’s such a beautiful, beautiful state. And I interviewed for a job with Boise Cascade.”
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You Told Us Your Job Interview Horror Stories

Welcome to Thomas Insights — every day, we publish the latest news and analysis to keep our readers up to date on what’s happening in industry. Sign up here to get the day’s top stories delivered straight to your inbox. Job interviews are about as awkward as blind dates. You...
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Going on virtual job interviews? These tops are chic and also comfortable

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links below, we may receive a commission. Pricing and availability are subject to change. A lot of people have spoken about the...
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18 people share stories of the most entitled bosses they've met at a job interview.

Many employers forget while conducting a job interview that they need to make a good impression as well. Interviewees are primed to put their best foot forward, while many interviewers can get sassy and unappreciative, acting as if working for them is a privilege on not labor the worker should be fairly compensated for.

Don't be the Insecure Interviewer

On Twitter, a friend of mine shared a Twitter thread about interviews. While it wasn’t explicitly related to tech interviews, my ears perked up because I’ve seen it. So many times. Here’s what he said in its entirety:. My favorite thing about LinkedIn and Twitter posts where people ask “What’s...

Interviewing from the other side of the desk

Interviewing from the other side of the deskPhoto by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels. Mine was having a cup of coffee when wearing a white shirt and thinking this was a good idea on a moving train. Yes, I spilt it down myself and had to endure the full interview, in Summer, without taking my jacket off. I don’t imagine it was a good look. And guess what? I didn’t get the job!

How To Prepare a Job Interview Easy Steps

You can prepare for a job interview without being overwhelmed with anxiety or fear, here on this page we will guide you on how to prepare for a job interview on easy steps. The interviews are about creating relationships. If you do not have a good rapport and understanding, you might put yourself in a deep pit of trouble. To get a job interview, you should make an effort to understand the nature of the job you want to apply for. The interview process is not something that can be rushed, you must do your research about the company and interview in-depth. Admit that you are afraid When you know that the job has helped many others in your position. You should admit that you have doubts about it. Research about the company Looks for a company that you can really trust. Do thorough research about the company and the job description. You can either call the companies or search on Google for more details.

How to Write an Effective Thank You Note After a Job Interview

Thank you notes provide an opportunity to restate your interest in the role, demonstrate why you would be the right fit, and express gratitude for the interviewer’s time. In my experience as a recruiter, not all professionals/organizations place a lot of weight on a candidate writing thank you letters, but for those that do, it can be a deal breaker when a candidate doesn’t send one. Essentially, a thank you letter might not guarantee you move forward in the hiring process – but your failure to send one could certainly hurt your chances!
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4 Big Tips for Preparing for Your Next Tech Job Interview

No matter where you are in your technologist journey, interviewing for a new job can be intimidating. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do ahead of time to prepare. Check out these tips below, adapted from our new Ultimate Guide to a Successful Technology Career. Research, Research, and…...

Job interview: If you wear an outfit in this color, your job chances will decrease

The choice of clothes can have an impact on how applicants arrive at the interview. Job seekers should avoid certain colors as much as possible. Do you prefer a jacket or a casual shirt? The choice of clothes before the interview is always a headache for applicants, after all, everyone wants to make a good impression on their potential employer. A study by the American application.

Tips for a Successful Virtual Job Interview

Medical practices and hospitals, like so many other businesses, are now using platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet to screen potential job candidates. With a fourth pandemic wave rising before us, this makes sense in terms of safety and practicality. It is also a time and money saver for those candidates who live a great distance from their potential work location. But with a new interview platform comes a whole host of new pitfalls and possible advantages. Take these tips with you as you schedule your next virtual interview:
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Interview Questions for the COVID-Culture Candidate

An August estimate shows 11 million jobs need filled nationwide. As interviews continue, it’s wise to understand what questions can and cannot be asked along with being prepared for questions from candidates related to COVID protocols. In our current and ever-changing COVID world, understanding and enforcing policy, mandate and regulation...