Robbery gang jailed over spree in Coventry shops

A group of men have been jailed over a string of violent robberies at shops. Reegan Richings and Ervin Negrobar targeted stores in Coventry in December 2020 and wielded weapons. The masked men stole cash, jewellery and cigarettes, and during one robbery, a handgun was pointed at a customer's head,...
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Masked gang steal £500k of jewellery and Rolex watches from Surrey business park

A gang of thieves stole almost £500,000 worth of jewellery and Rolex watches after breaking into a "secure" business park in Surrey last Monday. The masked thugs - armed with sledgehammers and crowbars - were caught on CCTV smashing through glass doors before making their way into the offices of jewellery firm 247 Kettles, where they stole a 750kg safe and £10,000 in cash.
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At Home With Jewellery Designer Katia Abou Samra

When it comes to her home, creative director and jewellery designer, Katia Abou Samra knows how to prioritise the important things in her life – luxury, passion and people. “As a jewellery designer, I am always engaged in the creative process,” says Katia Abou Samra, certified gemologist and creative director at Samra. “The luxury of jewellery has always deeply resonated with me. I am constantly designing and creating new trends while always keeping watch on fashion trends too. That’s why my home has a flair for fashion.” Speaking of the six-bedroom villa she shares with her family and nieces (also her goddaughters) and nephew to whom she dedicated an entire floor in the basement complete with soft play area for them to climb, swing, ride and play in, it’s clear to see that Katia’s passion for the finer things in life marries perfectly with her strong family values. It is her grandfather, after all, who developed Samra Dubai in 1941, and to who Katia credits for her love of decadent gems.
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‘Positive and a little silly’: children’s jewellery just got fun

Indulge your child’s love of dressing up with children’s jewellery that is bold, innocent and fun – and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Children’s accessories brand Super Smalls looks to the joy grown-ups find in fine jewellery, translating the sparkle and glittering colours into affordable pieces for children. The pieces...

How to Layer Jewellery Like a Cool Girl

As someone who doesn’t quite have the knack for how to layer jewellery, I always admire people who can do it effortlessly. I actually have a special board on Instagram and Pinterest where I save inspo photos of covetable jewellery looks, but when I do my own, I always end up looking try-hard. When I had the opportunity to talk to ultra-cool Toronto jewellery designer Jenny Bird, I immediately told her point-blank that I don’t know how to layer.

Everything You Need to know about Jewellery Making

Crafting jewellery can take a significant amount of time. After all, it takes a lot of time and delicate effort to elaborately craft its details and produce high-value pieces. It’s also why, for some people, learning about the very process of jewellery making piques their interest and nurture their love for these accessories even more.

E-commerce jewellery business listed on US stock exchange

Prior to the listing, the company had reduced its opening price range of $US14–16 per share to $US12 per share, and halved the number of shares available from 16.7 million to 8.3 million. "Last year was a real turning point for us and now with the IPO, it continues" Beth...

Jewellery ‘Stock Up & Top Up’ event gets go-ahead; full support from buying groups

Gary Fitz-Roy, managing director of Stock Up & To Up organiser Expertise Events, said, “NSW Health has approved our event within the new orders, and we are updating our COVID plans, which means the industry has a chance to meet in person before the Christmas and New Year sales period – which, of course, will be even more important this year.”

Jewellery for all occasions

People relate to customs and culture which they have inherited from their parents and preserve in the form of jewellery. The values inherited from our previous generation are kept alive in the form of jewellery. In simple terms, jewellery is specially crafted ornaments that have more than just monetary value. Building a bond requires more than just interaction. It requires connection, compassion, and empathy. One of the opportunities you get to make a connection with someone is at occasions or events.

Princess Diana: How to recreate royal’s ‘priceless’ jewellery collection

The Princess of Wales wore iconic jewellery pieces, from her incredible engagement ring to her pearl and diamond necklaces. Netflix’s anticipated musical take on Princess Diana’s life will be expected to include these sentimental jewellery pieces. Jewellers from Beaverbrooks have created jewellery pieces to perfectly emulate some of Princess Diana’s most well-known and well-loved jewellery items.

‘Cuppy Cuts’- DJ Cuppy Announces Jewellery Line

Nigerian disc jockey Ifeoluwa Otedola, professionally known as DJ Cuppy, has delved into the fashion industry to own a jewellery brand named ‘Cuppy Cuts’. DJ Cuppy is known in the entertainment industry as a musician, show host and DJ, however, she stepped up her game to explore more as an entrepreneur.

Odisha police arrest MBA graduate for duping jewellery stores

Bhubaneswar, Sep 28 (IANS) The Odisha police have arrested a MBA graduate from Kolkata for allegedly looting jewellery stores in Bhubaneswar and Puri by producing bogus payment transactions, the police said on Tuesday. The accused has been identified as Rajiv Prabhas Gupta (37), a native of Mumbai. Gupta used to...

Man charged for jewellery shop burglary

A man from Lowestoft has been charged for the burglary of a Great Yarmouth jewellery shop. An estimated £15,000 worth of items including diamond earrings, gold earrings and various bangles were taken from Philip John Jewellers on the morning of Friday, September 10. Philip Barulis, who has owned the store...

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking moment masked gang make off with £500,000 worth of jewellery and Rolex watches after spending ELEVEN MINUTES trying to load a 750kg safe into their Ford Focus getaway car

This is the dramatic moment that a gang of four thieves made off with almost half-a-million pounds worth of jewellery and watches after loading a 750kg safe into a Ford Focus. The raid on a 'secure' business park in Egham, Surrey, took place just after midnight last Monday, devastating the young owners of the jewellery firm who were not insured for loss of stock.

Boucheron’s Carte Blanche Holographique High Jewellery Collection is Light Years Ahead

Boucheron’s Carte Blanche Holographique High Jewellery Collection is Light Years Ahead. The oldest jeweller on the Place Vendôme in Paris is also the most forward-thinking. We talk to Boucheron’s Claire Choisne about her latest high-jewellery collection and how she’s making history by turning jewels holographic. Frédéric Boucheron, who founded his...

Colourful Jewellery Is Having a Moment Right Now

I’ll admit it: The contents of my jewellery box is a single-note sea of metal. And it’s no wonder—with the dainty jewellery trend raging on, we’re all well-stocked in the gold and silver realms. Luckily, there’s a new take shaking things up. Colourful jewellery, by way of resin, enamel, lucite and sparkly, coloured gems, feels undeniably modern, even if you’re a neutral palette devotee. Read on for our crop of Canadian-designed pieces to inspire you to build out that jewellery collection in colour.