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Unruly passengers kicked off JetBlue flight to SoCal after mask argument

SAN DIEGO -- Two passengers were kicked off a JetBlue flight from Florida to Southern California after refusing to wear masks and when one became physically aggressive toward airline employees. Video filmed by another passenger shows a man arguing loudly with crew members, cursing and at one point pushing them.

Man Dragged Off JetBlue Flight After Assaulting Flight Attendant

In another savage incident of air rage, a man and his companion launched a foul verbal tirade against two JetBlue flight attendants after they were ejected from a flight over mask compliance issues. In the end, the man was dragged off the aircraft by an exasperated flight attendant. Man Dragged...

Outburst over mask on Fort Lauderdale flight caught on camera

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – JetBlue says two passengers flying out of Fort Lauderdale have been banned after one went on a profanity-filled rant when they refused to comply with the federal mask mandate and were asked to leave the plane. It happened Wednesday on a flight about to leave Fort...
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2 women arrested for cursing, yelling at kids on JetBlue flight

Two Connecticut woman were arrested after they flipped out on two young kids who bothered them on a JetBlue flight into the Constitution State on Sunday, police said. Kaylene Thalia Valentin, 21, and Desiree Elizabeth Goffe, 23, allegedly spewed vulgarities at a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old who tapped and kicked their seats on the flight into Bradley International Airport, state troopers said in an arrest report.

Delta Air Lines Just Made a Big Decision, and Its Flight Attendants Should Be Very Happy

Of all the odd statistics I've picked up writing about big airlines and smaller businesses, one of my favorites is the one about Delta Air Lines and its flight attendants. It's exactly the kind of thing I write about in my free book, Flying Business Class, which you can download here, and it goes like this: If you crunch the numbers the right way, you can make an argument that it's statistically harder to become a Delta Air Lines flight attendant than it is to gain admission to Harvard University.

Unruly Couple Scuffles With Attendant, Kicked Off Flight!!

Recently, a piece of viral news grabbed the attention of the netizens. A couple was spotted arguing with a flight attendant when she urged them to wear a mask. A couple was kicked off from a JetBlue flight when they refused to wear a mask, with the male passenger arguing and lunging at a fight.

JetBlue’s Superstar London Flight Attendants

Review: JetBlue A320 Even More Space Seats (Restyled Cabin) JetBlue has just started service between New York and London, and as part of this, the airline is taking a unique approach to staffing these flights. I think this is worth highlighting, in particular to contrast it to how virtually all other major airlines in the United States go about assigning flights to flight attendants.