5 Beef Jerky Brands to Try

Sweet. Salty. Tangy. Rich and meaty. Beef jerky is a sensory delight that has become a snacking staple for campers the world over. There are few things as satisfying as that initial tear into a fresh slab of delicious cured meat when you’re deep into a long hike. Now a...
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Suck It Jerky and Pickles officially opens Old Town Keller storefront

Suck It Jerky and Pickles officially opened in Old Town Keller at 121 Olive St. on Sept. 16, the jerky shop announced in a Facebook post. Suck It Jerky and Pickles got its start selling its products at the Keller Farmers Market and online. Aside from jerky, the shop also sells pickles and hot sauce made without preservatives or sugar. Owner and curator Scott Spielman said he prides himself on creating products with ingredients that customers can read and pronounce. 817-296-4161.

Jerky Vendor from CC Farmers Market?

I hope you're able to help me out -- I'm looking for the vendor that used to sell beef jerky at the Century City Farmers Market before it temporarily closed due to covid. The jerky was amazing - melt in your mouth, and they had a sweet & spicy flavor that was amazing (others were very good, s&s was next-level). It was always manned by a really energetic black guy with a high-pitched voice who loved giving out samples. I can't remember the company or vendor name, but was hoping to find them, either at another farmers market or to order online. Any ideas?? submitted by /u/Fabulous_Tadpole7794 [link] [comments]
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Spoil Your Pup with a Barkuterie Board

If you’d like a unique, fun way to show your dog some love—and broaden your pup’s palate—look no further. A barkuterie board is perfect for all your puppy needs. If you’ve stumbled upon this article, chances are, you’re wondering what exactly a barkuterie board is. Well, it’s what it sounds like: a wordplay on charcuterie board, referring to the creation of an appetizer board for your favorite furry friend.

Manned Underwater Vehicles Market Size, Share, Demand and Forecasts Report till 2026 by Types (Jerky, Meat Sticks, Pickled Sausages, Ham Sausages, Pickled Poultry Meat, Others) by Applications (Convenience Stores, Supermarket & Hypermarket, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Others)

The Global Manned Underwater Vehicles Market report provides information by Key Players, Geography, End users, Applications, Competitor analysis, Sales, Revenue, Price, Gross Margin, Market Share, Import-Export, Trends and Forecast. Global Manned Underwater Vehicles Market Research Report provides the brief information about Market size, share, drivers, restraints, and so on. Moreover,...

Oklahoman’s Are Currently Fighting A Beef Jerky War

In the history of human beings, there have been wars fought over just about every aspect of life across the globe. By and large, the battles have been fought over religion and freedom from oppression and politics, but there's one war brewing in the Sooner State that just might make you raise an eyebrow in confusion... Beef jerky.

Benefits Hikers Get From Using Beef Jerky From Con Yeager

There aren’t many people out there – vegetarians and vegans aside – that haven’t tried and enjoyed beef jerky in their lives. It’s something that’s freely available at gas stations and other shops across the states – albeit a much lower quality than what’s produced by Con Yeager. This high-quality...

Is Beef Jerky Healthy? What You Need To Know

Beef jerky is an immensely well-loved and popular snack, great for both health enthusiasts and canned meat lovers. One of the most stocked up items, it is a common scene to see people buying bulk beef jerky across all the supermarkets in America. However, since beef jerky is considered to...

Pet Botanics Adds USA-Made Jerky Bites Training Rewards

(PRESS RELEASE) ST. LOUIS — Pet Botanics Training Rewards, used and recommended by professional dog trainers nationwide, are now available in a new pup-pleasing jerky format. Made in the USA with delicious chicken as its number one ingredient, Pet Botanics Jerky Bites Training Rewards have a soft, chewy jerky texture that strongly appeals to dogs of all ages.