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Lift Every Voice Hudson Jazz Festival

Lift Every Voice Thursday, February 10 - Sunday, February 20. Get your romantic weekend off to a swingin’ start with the 2022 Hudson Jazz Festival: Lift Every Voice!. Kick off the weekend with an art opening and outdoor street party, then enjoy delicious hot concessions and cool cocktails at your very own table for two while you’re serenaded by 2022 GRAMMY nominees and a jazz star on the rise. End the weekend on high with a free documentary about the power of music to change the world.
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Kurimu Kuma : Company round

"I’m back! like a strange person suddenly busting in through your door and throwing out those jazz hands I’m here. Did you miss me? I feel like I ask this a lot and I can feel you roll your eyes. It’s okay, take a seat, lets chat. I’m feeling incredibly accomplished today and some of that is just boosting my general mood. I have a plus 10 moodlet. I could even say I was feeling quite playful. It’s amazing how little it takes sometimes to make you feel accomplished. Or rather to make me feel accomplished." Read more on the blog.

Ace of Bass: Exit to Vintage Street

I have an admission to make. I have a pretty manic/obsessive personality. When I get into something, I get into it hard. For a time. And then I get obsessed with something else and move on. Several months back it was jazz pianists and piano trios. I wrote about it...

Fortnite Item Shop Jan. 8 Revealed

The Fortnite Item shop for Saturday, Jan. 8 has been revealed. Those looking to snag the Star wars themed cosmetics missed out. They left Friday night. Epic Games will bring them back, but it may be some time before they do, maybe all the way until May 4. The biggest...