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History of the Opera House Part 55: The Forepaugh-Sells Circus steals the show

The history of the Forepaugh-Sells Circus in Cheboygan intersects with the history of the Opera House. In 1888, town leaders couldn’t fathom Cheboygan, with a county population under 10,000, supporting a circus that size. A small circus came to Cheboygan to everyone’s delight. The Cheboygan Democrat wrote, “The circus itself was all it claimed to be and satisfied everybody not foolish enough to expect a Barnum or Forepaugh in a small town.”
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U.S. sees 'collective response' to ship attack blamed on Iran

WASHINGTON, Aug 2 (Reuters) - The United States is confident Iran attacked an Israeli-managed tanker last week, killing two, the top U.S. diplomat said on Monday, predicting a "collective response" but saying he did not think the incident necessarily signaled anything about Iran's incoming President Ebrahim Raisi. "We have seen...
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The Type S Marks the End of Acura NSX Production

Acura announced today it will be revealing a limited-production NSX Type S on August 12 during Monterey Car Week to mark the car's final year of production. Capped at just 350 units, it'll deliver more power, better handling, quicker acceleration times, and "a more emotional driving experience," according to the Japanese automaker.
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One Piece Reveals the Name of Yamato's Devil Fruit

One Piece revealed the name of Yamato's Devil Fruit with the newest chapter of the series! Yamato has been one of the most intriguing additions to the series ever since Kaido's son first made his debut in the climax of the Wano Country arc. In such a short time, Yamato's appearances throughout the Raid on Onigashima thus far have been such a huge hit with fans that they can't wait until the fighter makes a debut in the anime. It's because Kaido's son not only wants to leave Wano, but wants to take down his father in order to do so.

My Hero Academia: Is Mineta Actuallty A LGBTQ Character?

Is My Hero Academia's Mineta really a LGBTQ+ character? That's the question that a lot of fans are asking right now, after reading the latest chapter of the series. My Hero Academia chapter 321 sees Class 1-A team up to save Izuku Midoriya from himself after Deku has gone slightly off the deep end with his obsessive pursuit of All For One.

Monday's Mini-Report, 8.2.21

* Trying to curtail evictions: "President Biden has asked federal agencies to try and find ways to stop evictions after the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) said it lacked the authority to extend its national eviction moratorium, the White House said Monday." * The latest tragedy: "A DC...
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New Sneakers Headline Human Made’s Latest Collab With Adidas

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission. Frequent collaborators Adidas and Human Made have a new sneaker project dropping soon. The German sportswear company revealed via its latest collaboration with the Japanese streetwear label that includes...
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Exploring Denver!

On today's video, Me and Remy headed to The Centennial State of Colorado! Since we both love museums, why not hit two museums in one day! Our first stop is the Denver Art Museum, arguably the coolest looking titanium building here. So proud to see Indonesians' arts being represented here! Up next is the Denver Selfie Museum. Who does not love to do shameless selfies LOL! And stopping by Sakura Square for lunch for authentic Japanese food. Honorable mention here: lots of microbreweries to check out while you're here! Music: Youtube's Audio Library - Cover and Ocean View by Patrick Patrikios. ✔ I N S T A G R A M <a href="https://www.instagram.com/patrianasonia">https://www.instagram.com/patrianasonia</a>/ ✔Y O U T U B E <a href="https://www.youtube.com/patrianasonia">https://www.youtube.com/patrianasonia</a>/
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IOC 'considering their next steps' as they investigate US shot putter Raven Saunders for making an 'X' gesture on the podium after receiving silver medal in most high-profile protest yet at the Tokyo Olympics

The International Olympic Committee have refused to rule out taking action against US shot putter Raven Saunders after she made an ‘X’ gesture on the podium. Officials are investigating the 25–year-old’s actions, which came after she received her silver medal on Sunday. Last month the IOC relaxed Rule 50, which...
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‘F9’ Tops All VOD Charts While Paramount Slashes ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Price to $4.99

“F9” (Universal/$19.99) is #1 on all four VOD charts we follow. It leads both on FandangoNow and Vudu, which list by rental revenue, and iTunes and Google Play, which rank by volume of renters. That suggests total dominance of home interest, but there’s a big caveat with “Jungle Cruise,” which opened #1 at the box office. It’s also available on Disney+ for $29.99 and the studio reported worldwide PVOD revenue of over $30 million for its first weekend. How much of that came from the U.S.is unclear, but the guess is most since VOD penetration is still lacking overseas.
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Paxton’s Arc in Never Have I Ever Season 2 Is Important for Japanese Diaspora

When Netflix’s Never Have I Ever first premiered in 2020, the series was hailed as a groundbreaking coming-of-age series with a South Asian lead. Its lead characters are incredibly diverse. For starters, Devi Vishakumar and her immediate family members are Indian-American. Devi’s two best friends are Fabiola Torres, a queer Afro-Latinx character, and Eleanor Wong, a Chinese-American character.

TODAY in Tokyo: Hoda shares behind-the-scenes pics from top weekend Olympic events

Is anyone more excited than TODAY's Hoda Kotb to be at the Tokyo Olympics?. We're not sure — and that includes the Olympians!. Hoda shared a slew of photos and videos from her time at the Summer Games on Instagram over the weekend, and it almost feels like we were standing with her. Her week-one roundup (click to scroll through the pictures below) included behind-the-scenes shots with the new TODAY mascot, a fun selfie with Savannah and Michael Phelps, candid moments with Al and Craig, and more:
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Most Bizarre Dinosaur Movies From Around The World

Most movie fans can name all the best dinosaur movies without needing a prompt: the "Jurassic Park" franchise, the 1933 and 2005 versions of "King Kong," and even "One Million Years B.C." and "The Valley of Gwangi," both featuring groundbreaking stop motion animation by the legendary Ray Harryhausen. They may even cite cult favorites, like Roger Corman's gonzo "Carnosaur," or kid-friendly titles like "Walking with Dinosaurs" and "The Good Dinosaur."
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The Untold Truth Of The World's First Novel

There is some debate over which book holds the distinction of being the world's first novel. Examples of narrative texts that meet various criteria associated with the novel can be found as far back as the 1st century A.D. According to Book Riot, the Greek story "Callirho," written by Chariton of Aphrodesius, possesses several motifs characteristic to the novel: royalty, romance, conflict, violence, and a little bit of "baby daddy drama." The book is so old that it was written on papyrus, but is it the world's first novel?