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Connecticut Man Arrested After Racist Tirade Over Smoothie, Cops Say

A Connecticut man in a rage over the inadvertent use of peanuts in a smoothie went on a threatening, racist tirade against a shop's young employees, leading to his arrest, Fairfield police said. James Iannazzo, 48, of Fairfield, faces charges of intimidation based on bias, breach of peace and criminal...
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Fairfield man charged after incident at Robeks

(WFSB) – A Fairfield man was arrested after yelling and throwing things at employees at a Robeks. According to police, the man identified as James Iannazzo made a purchase at a Robeks on 2061 Black Rock Turnpike around 1:05 pm. Iannazzo made the purchase and left without incident according to police.
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Man Arrested After Racist Rant Over Smoothie, Hurling Drink

A Connecticut broker has been arrested and fired from his position at a local Merrill Lynch branch after unleashing a tirade at a smoothie store, according to police and footage of the incident circulating on social media. James Iannazzo, 48, was charged with intimidation based on bias, breach of peace, and criminal trespass after the Saturday disturbance. Authorities said Iannazzo purchased a smoothie from a Robeks store without incident, only to return in less than an hour, furious over an allergic reaction his child had just had. The child was taken to and treated at a local hospital after Iannazzo called 911, police said. Convinced that a store worker had put peanuts in his smoothie, Iannazzo launched into a tirade, swearing and calling one employee an “immigrant loser” in a video of the event. The man also chucked a drink at one employee, refused to leave, and tried to get behind the store’s counter through a locked door. Workers later told the police that Iannazzo had only asked that peanut butter be left out of the drink, without mentioning an allergy, according to NBC New York.

Fairfield man charged after incident at Robeks

FAIRFIELD, Connectictut (WFSB) — A Fairfield man was arrested after yelling and throwing things at employees at a Robeks. According to police, the man identified as James Iannazzo made a purchase at a Robeks on 2061 Black Rock Turnpike around 1:05 pm. Iannazzo made the purchase and left without incident according to police.

East Coast Hockey League Suspends Player Indefinitely After Alleged Racist Gesture at Opponent

The East Coast Hockey League has suspended Jacksonville Icemen defenseman Jacob Panetta indefinitely after the player allegedly aimed racist gestures toward South Carolina Stingrays defenseman Jordan Subban on Saturday. The Icemen later announced that they would be releasing Panetta. Both the team and the league’s moves were made Sunday pending a hearing over the allegedly racist taunt. In a tweet after a Saturday night game, Subban accused Panetta of “making monkey gestures” at him after a skirmish on the ice. “So I punched him in the face multiple times,” Subban added, “and he turtles like the coward he is.” In a Sunday statement, Icemen CEO Andy Kaufmann wrote, “To be clear, our core values as an ownership group include one love and zero tolerance for racism or any other forms of hate against any group whatsoever.” Stingrays president Rob Concannon said that his team was “appalled by the incident,” and reaffirmed the organization would be standing with Subban.

Georgia Sheriff Fatally Shoots Burglar at His Own Home

A Fulton County Sheriff, who responded to a burglary report at his own north Georgia home, fatally killed the intruder, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The sheriff’s deputy, who has not been named, is now under investigation by the Atlanta police and Georgia Bureau of Investigation, who found the victim seriously injured. He later died in a local hospital. Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat confirmed the fatal shooting in a statement. “Overnight, a Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputy was involved in a shooting at his residence. The GBI has been asked to investigate the officer involved shooting and the Atlanta Police Department is investigating the incident leading up to the shooting,” the statement said. The home was cordoned off for the investigation.

Judge Knocks Down Biden’s Federal Worker Vax Mandate

President Joe Biden hit yet another roadblock in his bid to raise vaccination rates across the country on Friday when a federal judge in Texas blocked enforcement of his federal worker vaccine mandate. The judge, Jeffrey Vincent Brown, ruled that the mandate reached beyond presidential authority, referencing a recent Supreme Court decision which blocked a vaccine mandate that was aimed at large businesses. “The President certainly possesses ‘broad statutory authority to regulate executive branch employment policies,’” Brown wrote. “But the Supreme Court has expressly held that a COVID-19 vaccine mandate is not an employment regulation. And that means the President was without statutory authority to issue the federal worker mandate.” Brown further clarified that the ruling was not a signal to people to not get vaccinated. Rather, he said, “the court believes they should [get vaccinated]” and that the rule was more informed by the question of “whether the President can, with the stroke of a pen and without the input of Congress, require millions of federal employees to undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment.”

Tucker Carlson Whines He’s No Longer Attracted to the Brown M&M

M&M’s unveiled a more “inclusive” image for their chocolate characters this week, and it was fairly unexciting. Brown (formerly Ms. Brown) will sport kitten heels instead of stilettos and Green will swap her go-go boots for sneakers. But it was, predictably, enough to send Fox News host Tucker Carlson off the deep end. In a bizarre rant, he whined that M&M’s was on a mission to make the characters “less sexy” and “deeply unappealing” to the point that “you wouldn’t want to have a drink with any one of them.” It’s highly unlikely anyone ever wanted to have a drink with a cartoon chocolate character, but Carlson nonetheless lamented that no one would be turned on by an M&M anymore. “That’s the goal. When you’re totally turned off, we’ve achieved equity,” he said.

Israeli Police Hacked Netanyahu’s Foes With Notorious Spyware: Report

Israeli police used a notorious spyware company’s products to surveil and investigate citizens of their country, including political opponents of then prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a report published Tuesday. The targets, according to CTech, were high-profile: Israeli mayors, protest leaders who opposed Netanyahu, and former government employees, among others. Without obtaining warrants, the police reportedly employed the NSO Group’s Pegasus software to hack, manipulate, and pull data from the phones of citizens during widespread protests against the former prime minister that gained serious momentum in 2020. The powerful software also allowed police to listen to the targets’ calls. Netanyahu was ousted from the country’s top leadership position in June of 2021.

Matt Gaetz’s Ex Reportedly Testified Under an Immunity Deal

When Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) ex-girlfriend testified in front of a grand jury last week over possible sex crimes, she was doing so under an immunity deal, according to a source cited by CBS News. The revelation comes months after the girlfriend, a former Capitol Hill staffer, began negotiating a deal with federal authorities, and it could spell bad luck for the embattled congressman. “The government does not give immunity blindly, they know what they're getting in exchange,” former prosecutor Rikki Kleiman told CBS. Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking, having sex with a minor, and obstruction of justice. He has strenuously denied any wrongdoing and he has not been charged with any crime. The ex-girlfriend reportedly had conversations with Gaetz involving other women throughout their relationship, and she also allegedly had a conversation with a woman who is now cooperating with federal prosecutors.

Stanford Professor and Administrator Sue University Over Son’s Fentanyl Overdose Death

A Stanford professor and administrator have sued the university over the death of their son from a drug overdose in his fraternity. Eitan Weiner died of an accidental fentanyl overdose in a bathroom stall of Theta Delta Chi fraternity in January 2020 after taking counterfeit Percocet. Amir Weiner, associate professor of history, and Julia Erwin-Weiner, associate vice president, have filed a wrongful death suit against Stanford. They allege, “Even after discovering a controlled substance inside the fraternity house, neither Stanford, nor the fraternity took any meaningful action.” Stanford responded, “We do not agree with many of the allegations in the complaint, and we will defend the University against this lawsuit.” Between the two, the parents have worked for Stanford for more than 30 years, and their daughter graduated from the college in 2019.

Kristi Noem Slams Republicans’ Handling of AG Jason Ravnsborg’s Impeachment Trial

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has accused her fellow Republicans of conducting a shoddy impeachment trial against Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg. Instead of scrutinizing Ravnsborg’s negligence and driving that caused the horrific roadside death of a man in September 2020, Noem has accused the committee of instead focusing on how law enforcement responded to the tragedy. Today, she told the Associated Press: “It grieves me that because of a political agenda, some legislators on the committee are attacking the integrity of our law enforcement officers.” Though Ravnsborg did not contest his misdemeanor charges, the governor doesn’t think this punishment sufficiently fits the crime and has called for his full removal from office. House Speaker Spencer Gosch, also a Republican, defended the investigation, claiming the impeachment committee just wanted to be “thorough.”

Cops Find Body of Missing Fresno Woman in Aqueduct Days After Charging Boyfriend With Murder

The 40-day mystery of a missing Fresno mother was finally solved when her body was discovered submerged in an aqueduct Sunday. Missy Hernandez was last seen leaving an art show with her boyfriend, Ramon Jimenez, Dec. 7. As outlined in a news report by Fresno’s County Sheriff's Office, her friends became concerned when they did not hear from Hernandez, and requested a wellness check at her home the next day. Though Hernandez was missing, the responder discovered her boyfriend, who was wanted for a past domestic violence incident, and arrested him on the spot. Hernandez’s friends later visited the home and found “evidence that she may be injured and in need of help,” per the sheriff’s office. Jimenez was then identified as a person of interest and held without bond. The month-long forensic investigation led police to not only slap Jimenez with a murder charge, but to also conduct “a dangerous dive operation in a specific area of the California Aqueduct,” where Hernandez was discovered. Dolly Ayala, Hernandez’s niece, claimed her aunt was “abused ... daily” by “a coward,” but added, “We finally have her back and we can finally lay her to rest and get the closure we need,” per a GoFundMe established to raise funds for the funeral.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Tests Positive for COVID-19

The Texas attorney general has tested positive for COVID-19. A spokesperson for Ken Paxton said in a statement, “He remains working diligently for the people of Texas from home.” Where and when he contracted the virus is unclear, as is whether he is vaccinated. A proponent of Donald Trump’s “big lie” that Joe Biden “overthrew” the 2020 presidential election, Paxton has likewise sued to block the president’s vaccine mandates meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Texas Gov. Greg Abbot and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tested positive last year. The attorney general has also been under indictment for alleged securities since 2015.

Farrah Abraham Arrested for Allegedly Slapping Club Security Guard

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was arrested Saturday night after she allegedly slapped a security guard at a club. Abrahams and a friend were partying at Grandmaster Records, when an eyewitness alleges a so-called Farrah “hater” assaulted Abrahams and her friend. Abrahams reportedly responded aggressively and was asked to leave the club, but refused. During the scuffle, she allegedly slapped a guard. Initially only paramedics were called but Abrahams’ belligerence led to a call for police backup. Someone—possibly the security guard—made a citizen’s arrest, before police came and took her into custody. She was released shortly after and it remains unclear if the reality star with be charged.