Aaron Rodgers Takes Jab At Tom Brady With Deflategate Zinger

It's been seven years since Deflategate, but Aaron Rodgers clearly hasn't forgotten about it -- 'cause the dude is STILL taking jabs at Tom Brady over the scandal. The Green Bay Packers superstar was doing an interview with Sportsnet when he unleashed the zinger ... commenting on the feeling of a football that was handed to him.
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COVID-19 Vaccination: Man Climbs Tree, Another Wrestles Health Official To Escape The Jab [Video]

A team of health officials in India has been facing extreme reluctance from some people in a village regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. A man reportedly climbed up a tree, while another person wrestled with a health official on the ground to escape getting jabbed. The incident took place in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, where officials were carrying out a vaccination drive amid the growing number of coronavirus cases since the Omicron variant was found.
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Mariucci responds to Brady's jab at 49ers for not drafting QB

Like all great athletes, Tom Brady still finds ways to let past slights fuel him. The 44-year-old quarterback's love for the 49ers as a child growing up in San Mateo is well known, and it has been reported that Brady wanted to finish his career in San Francisco but the 49ers opted to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo.

Florida Public Health Doctor Nabbed Over Stab Regarding Jab (Or is That Jab Regarding Stab?)

It would seem when the Florida Legislature and Governor Ron DeSantis say that an employee's vaccination status is nobody's business, they mean it. A physician and top official of the Florida Department of Health has been placed on administrative leave after he criticized the agency's staff over their low Covid vaccination rate. The epidemiologist is said to have sent an email in the first week of this year to the staff of the FDOH, calling the agency's unvaccinated employees “irresponsible” and “pathetic.” He pointed out that, despite the agency's mission of “public health,” less than 40% of their staff had received two shots, and only 77 out of 568, or 13.6%, have received the third “booster” shot.

Law firm warns of ‘no jab, no sick pay’ COVID-19 policies

Law firm Howes Percival is warning employers considering a ‘no jab, no sick pay’ COVID-19 policy to seek legal advice before instigating any changes. Depending upon employees' existing entitlement to company sick pay, such a policy could amount to a breach of contract if staff have not been consulted over the change, it has said.

Hysterical Karens & Kens May Soon Get To Jab Their Pets With The COVID Vax

The hysterical-types now want to vax their pets. Fear is one hell of a drug. The Daily Mail reports that veterinarian in Australian is close to getting approval for a COVID vaccine for pets. From the Daily Mail:. Australia's 29 million pets could soon be vaccinated against Covid-19 thanks to...

Accelerated COVID Jabs May Cause Undesirable Symptoms

BANGKOK, Jan 21 (TNA) – Subsequent jabs of COVID-19 vaccines may cause undesirable effects if they are administered too early, a viral expert has warned. Prof Dr Yong Poovorawan, head of the Center of Excellence in Clinical Virology at Chulalongkorn University, wrote on Facebook that many people asked about proper doses of COVID-19 vaccination and some people even said they had already received five shots comprising the first two jabs of the Sinovac vaccine, followed by a jab of AstraZeneca and then two shots of Moderna. Some people said they did not count their initial Sinovac jabs.
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Thousands of Shropshire's teenagers double jabbed against Covid

More than 9,000 youngsters in the county have now been double-jabbed, figures show. The UK Government called for teenagers to get their second jab ahead of their return to school after the Christmas break, in an effort to tackle the Omicron wave. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation recommended...

Anti-vaxxer label could stop people getting jab - health chief

Suffolk’s public health chief has urged caution on labelling people anti-vaxxers - to avoid driving them further away from getting a Covid-19 jab. Latest data indicates that 87% of people in Suffolk have had a jab, and people are continuing to come forward. Members of the Health and Wellbeing...