'They Eat CDs for Breakfast' — These 10 K-pop Groups are Praised for Their Amazing Live Vocals

These 10 K-pop groups have such amazing live vocals, people are convinced they eat their CDs for breakfast!. Kep1er won their first music show win on January 13, 2022, and showed off their live vocals during their encore stage. Many were surprised that all the members sang loudly, singing all their parts and that each member was highly stable. During a time where both old and new groups are criticized for their live vocals, Kep1er was praised for the impressive performance!
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IVE's 'ELEVEN' Gets The Most Music Show Wins, Ties Up With ITZY' 'DALLA DALLA'

The growing rookie girl group IVE made another remarkable milestone with their debut song, "ELEVEN." The girl group's debut song goes head to head with ITZY's "Dalla Dalla." IVE Takes 9th Music Show Win With 'ELEVEN,' Ties With ITZY's 'Dalla Dalla'. The monster rookie group IVE has once again taken...
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IVE's 'Eleven' now ties with ITZY's 'Dalla Dalla' as the girl group debut song with the most music show wins

The rising rookie girl group IVE made another impressive record with 'Eleven'!. On January 16 KST, the monster rookie group IVE took the first place and their 2nd consecutive win this week on 'Inkigayo' with their debut single 'Eleven,' making the group's 9th win overall. IVE's 'Eleven' is now tied with ITZY's 'Dalla Dalla' as the girl group debut song with the most music show wins in history.

Lotte Group aims for top spot in metaverse retail space

Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dong-bin is known for his obsession with new tech gadgets. He’s one of those early adopters in South Korea of the Oculus Quest 2, a virtual reality headset created by Facebook Technologies, a division of Meta Platforms Inc. His love of new devices helped the...

NCT, BTS, TWICE, TXT, & more rank on Billboard's 'World Albums' chart this week

Billboard has updated its 'World Albums' chart's updated rankings for this week. Here are the K-Pop artists whose albums landed on the chart. NCT 2021's 'Universe' maintains its top spot on the chart for 3 consecutive weeks, while BTS's 'Map Of The Soul: 7' is #2, approximately 2 years after its initial release. TWICE's 'Formula of Love: O+T=<3' is #3, spending its 8th week on the chart, the group's first-ever album to do so.

These 10 Fierce K-Pop Girl Group Songs Will Have You Feeling Like a Baddie

1. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love. BLACKPINK released "Kill This Love" on April 4, 2019. Described as a "break-up anthem," "Kill This Low" is known for its brassy electro pop and track elements. Billboard claims that the group's girl crush has never felt more alive than with this song. 2....

The most popular fourth-generation K-pop groups according to Twitter

Get ready for another friendly competition with this list of the most popular fourth-generation K-pop groups, according to Twitter. We’ve seen how second-generation and third-generation groups stack up, but this time we’re looking at the new school of K-pop groups. Using Twitter stats, we can see which artists are getting the most attention on social media.

The best visual chemistry in each idol group

Just yesterday, netizens explained why fans love seeing BTS members V and Jungkook together. According to netizens, this is because V's and Jungkook's visual combination is exceptional as they have clear visual contrast but at the same time, it is harmonious. This might be the reason many idol groups receive...

aespa Winter Wrongfully Accused of Writing Abusive Language to EXO, Turns Out Real Author is Another Person with Same Name

Aespa Winter was mistakenly accused of writing abusive and harassing language to EXO members in her middle school. Setting the record straight, another "winter" stepped in, claiming she's the real author of the articles. aespa Winter Used Abusive Language and Profanity Towards EXO Members? Here's the Truth. On various Korean...

GOT the Beat: A Disastrous Attempt at Girl Power That Instead Exemplifies K-pop’s Misogyny Problem

Like pretty much every industry in the world, K-pop has a misogyny problem. Some might claim that K-pop has plenty of pain to go around, regardless of gender, and there’s a point to be made there: stalking, body shaming, and overwork affects male and female idols alike. But there’s no denying the outsized proportion of female idols who are hounded by so-called fans and dismissed by industry insiders. Girl groups are debuted less often, have short shelf lives, and more frequently are unceremoniously disbanded, to say nothing of the sexualization and patronizing treatment members are subjected to during their careers. And that’s just what happens in public, on variety shows and in press releases for the world to witness.

YesAsia 2021 Bestsellers - Korean Music

After ranking second in 2020, Stray Kids climbed to #1 as our top-selling artist of 2021 with two entries in the top ten K-pop releases – their second full-length album NOEASY and the District 9: Unlock in SEOUL concert video. Their JYPE labelmate Twice also came in first for female artists, and ranked fourth on the album bestsellers with Taste of Love. ITZY rose to #4 among female artists, and their album Guess Who charted in the top ten for the first time.

'BIG 4' HYBE, SM, JYP, YG Reveal Artists' Debut, Comeback, and World Tour Plans in 2022 — Is Your Favorite Group on the List?

Although the novel coronavirus is still rampant, the "BIG 4" unveiled their big plans full of expectations and hopes that include debuts, comebacks and world tours in 2022!. On January 5, Korean media outlet JoyNews24 released a comprehensive list of the debuts, comebacks, world tours and more than K-pop enthusiasts should anticipate from the four biggest entertainment companies - HYBE, SM, JYP and YG Entertainment.

2021's Top 30 K-Pop Idol Album Sales

The Hallyu wave took over the world in 2021 and, it was to date K-pop's most successful year. During the year, multiple K-pop artists receive immense recognition and critical acclaim worldwide. It won't be far-fetched to say that 2021 has been the best year for K-pop. Many k-pop bands broke...