Cars And Manufacturers With A Horse Logo

There are a lot of tropes and cliches in the automotive industry. For example, a badge with a horse is a trope but designing the interior of a car to look and feel like the cockpit of a jet fighter is a tired cliche. A trope is defined as a...
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Mate Rimac Says Bugatti Joint Venture Is Profitable "Beyond Expectations"

In a recent interview with Reuters, Mate Rimac had plenty of positive things to say about his brand's joint venture with Bugatti. The partnership, which was revealed in the summer of 2021, has resulted in "lots of synergies going both ways" according to Rimac. Furthermore, Rimac claimed the joint venture has been very profitable thus far. He stated the following (via Reuters):
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Dairy Free Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo Sauce is an easy, practical, and delicious Italian sauce recipe that you can use especially in your paste recipes. The sauce, whose recipe and preparation I have shared below, has a difference, this sauce does not contain any animal ingredients. So we can think of it as a vegetarian sauce.
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Rain doesn't stop Little Italy Christmas tree lighting

NEW YORK -- The pouring rain and cold Saturday night didn't stop dozens from heading to Little Italy in the Bronx for the annual Christmas tree lighting.The umbrellas were out, but the holiday cheer was in full swing as people enjoyed Italian cookies, danced to Christmas songs and met Santa.The annual event is held at the park at Arthur Avenue and East 188th Street.

“Holiday Homes Tour” in Carthage

CARTHAGE, Mo. — After four years, the “Carthage Historic Preservation” group was able to hold another magical “Holiday Homes Tour.”. Six beautifully decorated homes were open for visitors to tour both historic and new homes throughout the day. Of course, the historic “Phelps House” offered its...

Cutting energy prices will take years - power boss

It "will take years" to get energy prices back to pre-Ukraine war levels, the boss of one of the world's biggest energy firms has told the BBC. Enel's Francesco Starace said bringing prices down depends on new sources of energy such as renewables and heat pumps. Governments across Europe are...

Today in History: December 4, the "Million Dollar Quartet"

Today in History Today is Sunday, Dec. 4, the 338th day of 2022. There are 27 days left in the year. Today’s Highlights in History: On Dec. 4, 1956, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins gathered for the first and only time for a jam session at Sun Records in Memphis. On this date: In 1783, Gen. George Washington bade farewell to his Continental Army officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York. In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson left Washington on a trip to France to attend the Versailles (vehr-SY’) Peace Conference. In 1942, during World War II, U.S. bombers struck the Italian mainland for the first time with a raid on Naples. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the dismantling of the Works Progress Administration, which had been created to provide jobs during the Depression. In 1965, the United States launched Gemini 7 with Air Force Lt. Col. Frank Borman and Navy Cmdr. James A. Lovell aboard on a two-week mission. (While Gemini 7 was in orbit,...

Maricopa Co. judge dismisses election lawsuit; Zona Music performer calls out Ye for antisemtisim; Former Rep. Jim Kolbe dies

A look at some of today's top stories, the weather forecast and a peek back in history. A Maricopa County Superior Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a defeated primary congressional candidate to annul Arizona's election results for governor, secretary of state and attorney general. During their set at Zona Music Festival...

Civico 1845’s Music in the Park(let) Series

The authentic Calabrian offerings at Little Italy hotspot Civico 1845, located at 1845 India Street, now include live music. Starting this past November, the restaurant kicks off its Music in the Park(let) Series, featuring weekly live performances from Calabrian-born singer Antonella Calabrese, whose credentials include appearances on “X Factor” and “The Voice of Italy.”
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A Tuned Tesla S Plaid Desecrates Three Italian Legends for a Good Cause

Three fossils throw the quarter-mile gauntlet at the absolute dictator of dragstrip sprints, and the outcome is vastly predictable. A Tesla S Plaid has administered dreadful mauling to just about anybody it crossed tire marks with. However, some automotive demigods never descended to mere daily driver amusements until today. Their presence aroused interest rather than the race itself.

10 Best Christmas Movie Quotes, Ranked Merry to Merriest

When people aren't singing carols or groaning like a Grinch or shouting out, "Ho Ho Ho," it's Christmas movies that may just be the most quoted during the holiday season. Whether it's out of pure aggravation, used as a form of sarcasm, or to simply show your holly jolly spirit, Christmas movies have memorable lines that cover it all.

Top Vegan and Vegetarian Dining in El Dorado County

Who says meat-free and dairy-free cuisine must be uninspired? Vegan and vegetarian options are anything but that in El Dorado County. From fine dining to casual fare, many of these hidden gems boast unassuming exteriors that don’t tell the true story of the incredible food inside. Give them a chance, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The Vatican lights up the Christmas tree

Peter’s Square in the Vatican hosted the traditional ceremony of lighting the lights on the Christmas tree. The tree was brought from the central region of Abruzzo. It will last all Christmas holidays – until January 8th. A Christmas tree was lit in St. Peter’s Square in the...

Italians protest against high cost of living

Rome(IP)-The intensification of the cost of living crisis in Italy brought the people of the country to the streets. Iran Press/ Europe: Thousands of people from different walks of life in Italy protested against the high cost of living, especially the unprecedented increase in the price of electricity and gas, in the central streets of Rome, the capital of Italy, on Saturday evening.

Peter Kay brought to tears on opening night of comeback tour

Peter Kay was moved to tears on the opening night of his first live comedy tour in 12 years. The comedian received a rapturous standing ovation that lasted several minutes, with audiences chanting his name, as he took to the stage on Friday. He appeared overwhelmed by the reaction, pausing...

Agrodolce squash hits sweet, sour notes as festive side

Sweet and sour cooking in Italy is known as agrodolce (ag-ro-DOLE-chay), and it’s most common in Sicily. They use sweet and sour flavors together in grilled meat and fish, with roasted vegetables such as eggplant, and as a condiment for countless dishes. So the cooks at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street knew it would be the ideal match for one-note acorn squash, perhaps as a great side dish at the holidays.

Italian premier wants to increase country's influence in Mediterranean

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said Saturday that her government is steadfastly committed to enhancing its influence in the Mediterranean. "We understand that building a shared space of wealth is the only way to effectively address pressing issues like climate change, food security, and health," she said at the 8th MED Mediterranean Dialogue Forum in Rome, hosted by the Foreign Ministry and the Institute for International Political Studies.