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Former Iron Maiden Vocalist Shocked They Picked Him

Former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley (Wolfsbane) recently looked back at his audition and his legacy with the legendary metal band during a chat with the 80's Glam Metalcast. We were sent the following excerpts:. On auditioning for Iron Maiden: "They held a lot of auditions and had a lot...
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IRON MAIDEN Guitarists ADRIAN SMITH And JANICK GERS Break Down Senjutsu Album Track-By-Track

Guitar World has published a track-by-track overview if the new Iron Maiden album, Senjutsu, broken down by guitarists Adrian Smith and Janick Gers. Following is an excerpt. Adrian: "The title track was inspired by Japanese drums. We put my demo up on Pro Tools and Nicko (McBrain / drums) played along to it. Then we took the digital drums out and added guitars. We got the drum and guitar track ready to go first. I had a couple of melodies and because of the Eastern nature of it, Steve (Harris / bass) suggested a battle scene – an army trying to scale the walls of a city. Full-on drama!"

DREAM THEATER's James LaBrie Turned Down An Audition For IRON MAIDEN In 1993

Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson quit the band in 1993 and would not return again until 1999. Dickson would be replaced by Blaze Bayley in 1994, but there was another contender – Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie. According to LaBrie in an interview with The Metal Voice, Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood tries to recruit LaBrie over a game of darts. LaBrie ultimately denied the invite to audition due to his commitment to Dream Theater.

Marco Simoncelli: Remembering MotoGP's ultimate maverick 10 years on

They say time heals all wounds, but the day Marco Simoncelli’s young life was tragically cut short in a horrible accident during the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2011 is a scar that still stings MotoGP a decade on. Motorsport is often subject to ‘what-if’ scenarios, and one many MotoGP fans...

Iron Maiden Principal Keeps Her Job Despite 'Satanism' Allegations from Angry Parents

Sharon Burns did not expect her appreciation for a heavy metal band would lead to an international controversy that would put her job at risk. Called the Iron Maiden principal for outing herself as a fan of the '70s rock band on social media, Burns had to face angry parents who worried she could influence their kids as her favorite music group has links to Satanism.

A Review of Velvet Chains’ Stunning New Rock Album ‘Icarus’

The Las Vegas band that formed in 2018, Velvet Chains, has been gaining international recognition in South America and Mexico and just launched their debut album entitled “Icarus.” This is a 10-track album is now available on all streaming platforms and includes the two singles “Tattooed” and “Strangelove.” The band is Jerry Quinlan as lead singer and playing rhythm guitar, Laurent Cassiano on lead guitar and backing vocals, Noelle Schertzer on the drums and Nils Goldschmidt on the bass.

The Most Bizarre Metal Band Merchandise Ever

The chances are that the vast majority of metal fans have picked up at least some form of merchandise attached to their favorite band(s), from hoodies and T-shirts to posters and limited edition vinyl records. However, some bands are certainly renowned for going that extra mile with their merchandise efforts, and whether it’s their idea or the brainwave of a record company executive, you can get your hands on some pretty downright bizarre items bearing the branding of the most popular rockers on the planet. In homage, here’s a look at some of the most unusual band merchandise around.

Why Dream Theater’s James LaBrie Rejected an Iron Maiden Audition

Dream Theater singer James LaBrie says he was invited to audition for Iron Maiden in 1992, but immediately declined the offer. The British band needed to replace Bruce Dickinson, who ultimately left the following year. Blaze Bayley ended up filling the position, but not before LaBrie was approached by Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood, who was already in discussions about representing Dream Theater.

Dream Theater Singer James LaBrie Says He Passed on Auditioning for Iron Maiden

So it’s 1993, you’re Iron Maiden, and your much-beloved singer, Bruce Dickinson, has just left the band. What do you do, other than fall to your knees and pray he comes back some day? Short of maybe Rob Halford or Ronnie James Dio, it’s hard to envision the fans embracing any new singer with open arms. In the words of Doc McGhee, “I don’t say to them, ‘You know something? We’re gonna find a better lead singer and we’re gonna go on and fuck him.’ I go, ‘You’re fucked.’”