Brent Crude Racing Toward $80 A Barrel

Energy companies have been forced to pull large amounts of crude out of inventories due to global output disruptions, sending oil prices to near three-year highs on Friday. Chinese crude reserves were sold in their first publicly traded public offering, weighing on the rally. Futures for Brent crude rose more...
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Iraq Daily Roundup

At least 29 people were killed, and seven were wounded in recent violence:. In Abbara, a bomb killed three civilians and a colonel. When police arrived, militants fired on them, wounding four. The next day two more civilians died of their injuries. Militants killed two police personnel in Muqdadiya, and...

In Iraq's disputed areas, 111 independent candidates running in upcoming election

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – In the Iraqi election scheduled for October 10, 111 independent candidates are competing for seats in the national parliament in areas disputed between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Out of the 130 candidates running in Kirkuk province, 56 of them are independent,...

Syrian communists join protests amid tensions over food and oil price rises in Kurdish-administered region

SYRIAN communists joined protests against hikes in fuel and bread prices in the country’s Kurdish-led north-east on Friday as they called for an end to US occupation. Crowds gathered in front of the United Nations building in Qamishlo as the Syrian Communist Party called for the defence of the national government and an end to economic misery, which it blamed on “mismanagement” by regional officials.

UNESCO launches Iraqi Fact-Checking Platform (IFCT)

Journalists and activists on social media, as well as other members of society can now utilize the Iraqi Face-Checking platform to check facts and information. UNESCO has built a smart platform based on artificial intelligence standards to address the needs of fact-checking and matching in relation to the Corona pandemic and the information surrounding it, with the generous support of the European Union. This step is part of a program to fight disinformation and safeguard journalists from COVID-19, which began last year, and it included the training of 1,800 Iraqi journalists on fact-checking and disinformation combat.
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Why My Favorite Characters to Write Are Often Unsympathetic and Unforgivable

My mother, a refugee who arrived in the United States in 1950 at the age of 27, after five years in a refugee camp in Germany, was a remarkably open soul. She was shocked by the racial prejudices afflicting her new neighbors. She often spoke of the dirty looks she’d get when she sat next to Black people on the bus. But, half a century after becoming an American citizen, Genghis Khan remained at the top of her shit list.

Iraqi Kurdistan conference calls for normalization with Israel

More than 300 Iraqis including tribal chiefs pleaded Friday evening for normalization between Iraq and Israel, the first such appeal launched at a conference in autonomous Kurdistan sponsored by an American organization. Read also Iraqi Kurdistan confirms its harsh verdict against journalists and activists. The colloquium was organized by the...

The Iraqi government: Normalization with the Israeli entity is constitutionally and legally rejected

The Iraqi government confirmed today that normalization with the Israeli entity is constitutionally and legally rejected by Iraq. And the Iraqi News Agency quoted a statement by the Prime Minister’s Information Office as saying that “the Iraqi government has clearly expressed Iraq’s consistent historical position in support of the just Palestinian cause and the defense of the rights of the Palestinian people, foremost of which is their right to an independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, and rejecting all forms of settlement, aggression and occupation that it practices (( Israel) against the brotherly Palestinian people.”

Arrest Warrants Issued for Three Iraqi Leaders Who Attended Conference Calling for Peace With Israel

Three prominent Iraqi leaders are facing arrest warrants after they participated in a conference that called for peace with Israel, Agence France-Presse reported Sunday. The conference, held Friday in Erbil, the capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq, featured more than 300 attendees. Organized by the...

Iraqi FM calls for extradition of terrorist families with foreign citizenship

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein called on countries to live up to their responsibility for extraditing family members of detained terrorists in Iraq who hold foreign citizenship during a meeting with his Belgian counterpart Sophie Wilmès on Sunday. “In the meeting held on the sidelines of...

The frequency of the new Alsumaria channel 2021 on the Nilesat...

The frequency of the new Alsumaria channel 2021, we publish to you today the frequency of the new Alsumaria channel 2021, which is the first channel within the state of Iraq today, as well as the first and most watched Iraqi channel in the countries of the entire Arab world, where many viewers follow it in all Arab countries, not only Iraq, In order to follow the best and most wonderful programs, series and satellite content, which has been characterized by it since its inception, and has won the admiration and views of millions of viewers in the Arab world, and today they are racing to get it through the digital receivers in homes, and today we will inform you about all its frequency information, As well as the best way that you can follow in order to get its live broadcast in your homes, without the need for the help of a maintenance technician or an expert in the channels, just follow us.