Iran: Conferences in the U.S and EU Demand Raisi’s Prosecution

President Ebrahim Raisi of the Iranian government delivered a pre-recorded speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, ignoring the topic of nuclear proliferation and blaming the United States for Iran’s immediate issues. Raisi accused the US Treasury Department. Raisi accused the US Treasury Department of impeding the import...
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Iran’s New Minister, Esmaeil Khatib, is Terrorist

On August 5, 2021, Ebrahim Raisi was sworn in as the Islamic Republic of Iran’s next president. He announced his cabinet picks six days later. As Minister of Intelligence, Raisi picked cleric Esmaeil Khatib and will succeed consequently Mahmoud Alavi as the regime’s ninth Minister of Intelligence. Unlike the outgoing...
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The Iranian Nuclear Threat Is Not Years Away – It Is Now

A version of this article appeared on the N12 website in Hebrew. On August 4, both Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid briefed ambassadors from the member states that sit on the UN Security Council. While the occasion for their joint appearance was the escalation of terror attacks using UAVs against international shipping, most of the international attention was drawn to the statement by Defense Minister Gantz that Iran had violated all the guidelines established by the JCPOA (the Iran deal) and, as a result, it was only “around 10 weeks away from acquiring weapons grade materials necessary for a nuclear weapon.” This was not speculation by yet another columnist, but rather a statement in the clearest terms by the defense minister of Israel.
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Bennett to tell UN: Enough talk on Iran, time to act

NEW YORK – Prime Minister Naftali Bennett plans to tell the world that the time has come to act against Iran’s nuclear program, in his first-ever address to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday. The core message Bennett plans to relay concerning Iran is that “we deal with security...

Scientific diplomacy promotes Iran's soft power: Science Minister

Tehran (IP) - Minister of Science, Research and Technology stated that science diplomacy is an opportunity to promote the Islamic Republic of Iran's soft power. Iran Press/ Iran News: Mohammad-Ali Zolfigol, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of the 'Twelfth national symposium of Int'l deputies on new horizon move,' underlined: "We believe that if scientific diplomacy can contribute to country's political, cultural, and social diplomacy, the world's view will change completely about Iran because Iranians have always been forerunners in science and technology."

IAEA: Iran prevents monitoring of its nuclear program | Abroad

Iran partially prevents oversight of its nuclear program. The International Atomic Energy Agency announced this on Sunday. A spokesman for the Atomic Energy Agency said that the country is preventing IAEA inspectors from accessing the workshop for manufacturing parts of centrifuges used in uranium enrichment. Rafael Grossi, head of the...

Iran's Sacred Defense at a glance

Tehran (IP) - The war imposed by the Iraqi dictator Saddam's Baathist regime against Iran began 19 months after the Islamic Revolution's victory. With the resistance of Iran's armed forces and people, the enemy was defeated after eight years, and the memory of the sacrifices remained in the Iranians' hearts and minds as the Sacred Defense. 214.

Iran’s Government From ‘Vaccine Production Hero to Vaccine Import Hero’

It has been more than one-and-a-half years since the arrival of the coronavirus in Iran with a devastating tsunami of death. Now we are witnessing the daily death of about 500 people, and Iran is far behind those countries to be able to control the coronavirus successfully. The behavior of...

Pakistan ISI becomes source of emulation for Iran’s intelligence

For Pakistan, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) cancer has been poison. While the ISI is convinced it can control and channel the forces it shaped, tens of thousands of Pakistanis have already died for the intelligence agencys mistakes. “For Iran’s own intelligence service, some Iranians tell me, the ISI has become a source of emulation,” writes Michael Rubin in National Interest.

Chinese Hackers Used Cyber-disguising Technology Against Israel, Report Finds | #computerhacking | #hacking

A major cybersecurity firm says it believes Beijing-backed hackers carried out cyberattacks on Israel while pretending to be operating from Israel’s archrival, Iran. U.S. cybersecurity firm FireEye said on August 10 that a study it conducted in cooperation with the Israeli military found that “UNC215,” described by FireEye as a spy group suspected of being from China, had hacked into Israeli government networks after using remote desktop protocols (RDPs) to steal credentials from trusted third parties. RDPs enable a hacker to connect to a computer from afar and see the “desktop” of the remote device.

Iranians mourn, hail their 'hero boy'

Iranian people hail their new national hero, Ali Landi, 15 years old, after his death due to severe burns as he sacrificed his life on September 9 to save the lives of two elderly women from burning in southwestern Khuzestan province. Iran Press/ Iran news: Ali Landi, while playing in...

Iran's final decision on JCPOA based on US practical behavior

New York (IP): Tehran will decide about returning to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) based on the practical behavior of Washington, the Iranian foreign minister said. Iran Press/ America: Before returning to Iran on Saturday evening, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian added: "Iran judges [about the JCPOA] on...
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To help U.S. allies flee Afghanistan, these advocates turned to Iran

The female lawmakers were moving from house to house, trying to stay one step ahead of the Taliban fighters they feared were stalking former government officials since taking over Afghanistan last month. The militants controlled Kabul airport, threatening one escape route. At the borders, security was more relaxed, but most...

Minister: Iran will return to nuclear talks `very soon'

Iran’s new foreign minister said Friday the country will return to nuclear negotiations “very soon,” but accused the Biden administration of sending contradictory messages — saying it wants to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal while slapping new sanctions on Tehran and not taking “an iota of positive action.”Hossain Amir Abdollah said the government, which took power last month, believes that President Joe Biden “keeps carrying close to his heart the thick file of the Trump sanctions against Iran even while seemingly pursuing negotiations.”Former President Donald Trump routinely denounced the nuclear accord as the “worst deal ever negotiated” and...