Apple iPhone 14: Rumors, news, release date, and more

The iPhone 13 is now available for purchase, but we’re already looking forward to the iPhone 14. Why? There have been plenty of rumors about the upcoming device, what it will look like, and what features will be on offer. In other words, while the phone could certainly surprise us, we may have a good idea of what the device will end up looking like. If you bought an iPhone 12, you may not even care about what the iPhone 13 offers. Instead, if you upgrade your phone every few years, the iPhone 14 may be more important to you. We’ll...
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Apple kept one of the best new iPhone 13 Pro Max features a secret

Don't Miss: Amazon’s epic Black Friday deals started early this year and you won’t believe how good they are! Rumors claimed that every iPhone 13 model would feature a larger battery. The new handsets would be slightly thicker, which would help Apple increase the battery capacity. The rumors turned out to be accurate. From mini to Pro Max, every iPhone 13 model has a larger battery pack than its predecessor. Also, they’re all 0.25mm thicker than their iPhone 12 predecessors. The reviews that followed proved all iPhone 13 models feature remarkable battery life, especially the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Real-life tests...
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This TikTok Hack For Sending Emoji With the iPhone Echo Effect Makes Texting More Fun

My texting philosophy when it comes to communicating with my BFFs? If I'm not being as extra as possible, then what's the point? Thanks to TikTok user Imani Futrell, aka @futrelli, I now have one more iPhone hack to add to my texting arsenal. Back in 2020, Imani shared a hack for sending multiple emoji using the Echo Effect on iPhones, and it's a game changer when it comes to expressing exactly how I feel.
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How to Use Siri on iPhone 13

This article explains how to use Siri on iPhone 13. Using Siri on iPhone 13 works much like using Siri on other iPhones. In fact, the following steps will work on all iPhones running iOS 15, the iOS version iPhone 13 launches with. The only setting you may change depending on your particular iPhone model is what which you use to access Siri (if you choose to access Siri that way).

Strong demand of iPhone 12 Pro Max reflects consumers tilt towards high-end models

A new market study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) reveals that even in the 2021 September quarter, the demand for iPhone 12 Pro Max model is strong in the United States. The report also sheds light on iPhone owners’ preference for new models and a decrease in the age of old iPhone models.

Things Apple needs to work on for iPhone 14

The iPhone 13 seemed similar to the iPhone 12S. Apple needs an iPhone 14 to compete with others, not just another iPhone 12 upgrade. A company that misses one of the critical updates is trashed on blogs, vlogs, and in print if it misses out on one of the most important updates. Disappointment manifests itself in different ways for the reviewers.
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Apple to report solid Q4 earnings but may face iPhone shortages, analyst says

AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content. — A Wedbush analyst is expecting Apple to beat across the board when it reports earnings later in October, though he adds that supply constraints could lead toiPhone shortages in the holiday quarter.

Things that the company needs to work on for Apple iPhone 14

Here’s a list of Apple improvements that we would love to see in the future iterations. Moreover, companies need to realise that a phone goes much beyond its camera. Although with the Instagram generation, the camera is significant, the phone’s changes need to go beyond that. The tech world is...

Will there be an iPhone 14 always-on display (AOD) feature?

Android users have been enjoying always-on displays for a while now, though Apple is yet to release an AOD iPhone model. With the iPhone 14 most likely releasing next year, many iOS fans are hoping to see AOD integration next year. But, will there be an iPhone 14 always-on display feature? Here’s the latest on the 2022 Apple iPhone display options.
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Apple updates iMovie to adjust focus in iPhone cinematic mode footage

Apple has updated the iMovie app for Macs to let users edit and adjust the focus in videos recorded using the iPhone 13’s new “cinematic mode” — though you’ll need to wait until you can update to the latest macOS Monterey on October 25th to take advantage. Introduced in September...

Woman Claims To Have Proof Extra iPhone Cameras Are Fake

A woman has claimed that the extra two cameras on iPhones are fake. Watch below:. Apple introduced three back-facing camera for the 'Pro' versions of iPhones 11, 12 and 13. In a video shared to her TikTok account, a confused Kayla (@kaylathayla) can be seen standing in front of a mirror and decides to demonstrate her theory.