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Comment: Why the iPad 9 is still a great deal despite its classic design

Apple introduced multiple new products on Tuesday, including the entire iPhone 13 lineup and a redesigned iPad mini. The company also unveiled the iPad 9, a new version of its entry-level tablet. While it may not look as exciting as the new iPad mini because it lacks a new design, the 9th-generation iPad is still a great deal for some people.
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Top iPhone apps on sale

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Top iPad apps on sale

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iPadOS 15 Lets Apps Use Up to 12GB of RAM

Apple is allowing developers to request the use of additional RAM in iPadOS 15, according to ArtStudio Pro developer Lucky Clan. We confirm iPadOS 15.0 finally allow to use the whole RAM on iPad Pro with M1 chip! And we have just released Artstudio Pro 3.2.9 which support that!. Despite...

iPadOS 15 unlocks as much as 12GB of RAM for use by each app, up from 5GB

Apple's iPadOS 15 will allow apps to use as much as 12GB of RAM. Currently, apps are limited to just 5GB. iPadOS 15 ships on Monday, September 20. Apple's iPadOS 15 will allow apps to use as much as 12GB of RAM when it ships on Monday, September 20. That's a huge jump from the 5GB that previous versions of iPadOS made available.

Top iPad apps gone free

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iPadOS 15 Will Allow Apps To Use 12GB Of RAM When It’s Available

Apple’s iPadOS 15 update will allow apps to use as much as 12GB of RAM each when it ships next week. Previously, apps were limited to just 5GB each to avoid the system becoming slow and unresponsive, even on iPads with as much as 16GB of RAM. The move, which...

6 Great Apps to Enhance Students Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning (SEL), as defined by EQ, is "the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions." Today's technology offers numerous tools and resources to help enhance students social and emotional literacy. Below are iPad apps that you can use to this end. I compiled this selection based on recommendations from Common Sense, Edutopia, and Tech and Learning. You can also check this resource on the use of emojis to enhance students SEL competencies.

10 Best Magazine Apps for iPad in 2021

Are you a magazine lover? How much do you love to read magazines? All the time? That’s not a problem. The world has evolved that you don’t have to hold a book everywhere you go because you don’t want to miss out on exciting updates. There are several magazine apps...

iPadOS 15 allows apps to occupy 12GB on the 16GB large RAM iPad Pro

Starting from iPadOS 15, Apple has allocated more memory to developers so that applications can use more available memory in the iPad and run faster and smoother. Now, through the grant of a new right, developers can let iPadOS 15 know that if their applications can get more system memory, some of its functions may perform better.