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IoThing Digital professional Omron G5Q-14 relay board with dual digital inputs

Developers, engineers and makers searching for a professional grade digital input output module and relay board may be interested in the IoThing Digital board soon to be made available via Crowd Supply. Equipped with two high power Omron G5Q-14 relays and two digital input channels based on the Texas Instruments ISO1211. The compact development board allows digital input of both DC and AC signals, not limiting you to a choice of input voltage levels.
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3 Ways IoT is Empowering Modern Healthcare Industry Today

Today’s healthcare systems are nothing like their predecessors of even a decade ago, and their growth is due, in large part, to the rapid evolution of technology. In recent years, e-health—the digital services that make it possible to improve the well-being of individuals, whether to prevent, diagnose or treat illnesses—has grown exponentially, with estimates that it will reach $234.5 billion by 2023.
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AWS IoT SiteWise Edge Is Now Generally Available for Processing Industrial Equipment Data on Premises

At AWS re:Invent 2020, we announced the preview of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge, a new feature of AWS IoT SiteWise that provides software that runs on premises at industrial sites and makes it easy to collect, process, and monitor equipment data locally before sending the data to AWS Cloud destinations. AWS IoT SiteWise Edge software can be installed on local hardware such as third-party industrial gateways and computers, or on AWS Outposts and AWS Snow Family compute devices. It uses AWS IoT Greengrass, an edge runtime that helps build, deploy, and manage applications.

R3-IoT obtains financing for satellite-enabled sensing unit connection options

TAMPA FLORIDA, Fla.– Scottish start-up R3-IoT is broadening to The United States and Canada after elevating very early funds for linking sensing units as well as tools with satellite-enabled services. The $4.3 million seed financing led by equity capital company Room Resources places R3-IoT on course to introduce industrial solutions...

AWS makes IoT SiteWise Edge generally available to power industrial data projects

Amazon Web Services Inc. today announced the general availability of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge, a tool that helps industrial companies process sensor data from their equipment to perform tasks such as detecting technical issues. Manufacturers and other industrial companies are incorporating more software into their day-to-day operations. As part of...

The 2021 IoT Global Awards announces a VIP Judging Panel

This independent panel of experts from Tier 1 companies and industry bodies worldwide bring their expertise, enthusiasm, and enterprising minds to assessing a growing number of entries every year. The chairman and co-founder of the IoT Global Awards 2021, Jeremy Cowan says, “Our VIP Awards Panel has always been a...

2021 State of IoT Adoption: Smart Vending

In the 2021 State of IoT Adoption report, you will hear from 500 senior decision-makers on the state of IoT in their enterprise and crucially the barriers that have stopped 77% of projects from being classed as a complete success. Discover vertical market findings from: Smart Vending, Healthcare and Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics, and EV Charging and Smart Grid.

5G is here and so is the mainstream adoption of IIoT Startups

Putting machines to communicate with humans is a beauty called the internet-of-things. To put industrial machines to communicate is a breakthrough and perhaps the biggest of all we know. Since everyone is talking about 5G, it is equally important to discuss the optimal potential of the next-gen network bandwidth. In all honesty, industry 4.0 was an upcoming trend until the networking hassles were put to rest with the inception of private 5G networks.

What Is IOTA And How To Use It?

Most of the crypto projects all across the world are developed significantly in order to solve certain problems which are closely related to the traditional methods of payment. However, there are certain crypto platforms that are extremely revolutionary and are working on special cutting edge and state of art development in technology. One of the examples of this highly developed crypto platform project is IOTA. IOTA is designed specially in order to deal with the issues of the internet of things or IoT.

Migrating connected device fleets to AWS with Custom Domains for AWS IoT Core

AWS launched Configurable Endpoints with Custom Domains for AWS IoT Core, a new capability that allows customers to customize the behavior of their AWS IoT Core data endpoints with custom domain names. Custom Domains enable customers to register their original custom domain names and associated server certificates to their AWS IoT Core endpoints.

The Strings of Cellular IoT

I’ve spent the last decade of my career working on software and hardware tools for developers. Every product I’ve worked on – from web UI tools and mobile app dev services to developer-biased IoT tools – was created to help developers get something done faster. Tools designed to foster collaboration and lower the learning curve of complex technologies so that teams and companies can solve problems faster. And every product was focused on untangling all of the complexity associated with building solutions in that space.

Terrestrial IoT Comms Successfully Tested Via GEO By Fraunhofer IIS

Mioty® communication technology enables the simultaneous transmission of data packets from a large number of sensor nodes over long distances and is particularly energy efficient. Previously, providing the Internet of Things (IoT) in a terrestrial network was limited to a range of up to 15 kilometers. Now, transmission tests by...

Sensors for Health Receives $5 million in ARC Research Hub Grants to Develop High-Tech, Cyber-Secure IoT Sensors

The NSW Smart Sensing Network is part of a group of 37 university and industry partners leading the establishment of a new $24 million Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Hub for Connected Sensors for Health. Today, the Hub has been awarded $5 million in funding under the latest round of the Australian government’s ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP).

Cold Chain Monitoring Efficiency with IoT

Many people refer to the “Cold Chain” primarily as the delivery of goods and the environment in which they were transported. They even tend to focus mostly on only one attribute: Temperature. There is much more information to collect for cold chain monitoring other than temperature. Temperature questions include:. Were...

Voice-control of embedded vision AI for IoT and the edge

Renesas is developing voice-controlled AI for contactless image processing in IoT and edge systems, giving self-checkout machines, security cameras, video conference systems and smart appliances such as robotic cleaners as example applications. To do this, it has teamed up with Californian deep learning chip company Syntiant, and is combining Renesas’...