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Hitman 3’s Wrath DLC revealed

IO Interactive has unveiled the seventh and final act of Hitman 3‘s Seven Deadly Sins DLC. Act 7: Wrath introduces a new Escalation Contract titled The Wrath Termination. Players will return to Dartmoor at night and must defend the manor against an onslaught of enemies. Complete all three stages of the contract to unlock the Temper Suit, Shaska Beast assault rifle, and Roar Flash Grenade.
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Hitman 3 – Season of Wrath Will See Agent 47 Go up Against an Onslaught of Enemies in Dartmoor

Hitman 3 has been receiving regular seasonal updates since its launch, and that’s ramping up to its conclusion soon. Though IO Interactive does plan on keeping up support for the game, the Seven Deadly Sins roadmap has seen six out of its seven planned seasons so far. With the sixth season, Season of Envy, coming to a close, it’s time for the game to enter that final season-Season of Wrath.
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Blood Hunt Battle Royale Game Review

In the World of Darkness, The Masquerade – Blood Hunt is a combat royale game set in streets and on the roofs of Prague. It takes place after a vampire meeting in the city, which leads to a battle between vampire factions and the involvement of the Second Inquisition. Players assume the characters of vampires striving to withstand the sect war, combating each other and an entity out to exterminate vampires. They may battle alone or in groups, using ranged weaponry, melee weapons, and vampiric abilities. Players must also disguise their identity as vampires from humans, a technique known as the Masquerade.

New Splinter Cell game could borrow gameplay elements from Hitman

Yesterday, we learned that Ubisoft might be planning to bring back their iconic stealth franchise Splinter Cell. The report from VGC stated that the French publisher have finally greenlit a brand new Splinter Cell project, after more than eight years since the last game in the series was released. Details...

Hitman 3 Featured Contract – DJ Axe Party Silent Assassin guide

DJ Axe Party is a Featured Contract in Hitman 3 that was added by IO Interactive developers during the Season of Envy. The Contract requires you to kill five targets by throwing an axe at them while dressed as the DJ from the Berlin location. This guide covers how to complete the Contract with a rank of Silent Assassin.

Assassin's Creed Rumor Leaks First Details on Next Game

A new Assassin's Creed rumor is making the rounds for reportedly leaking the first details on the next game in the series, Assassin's Creed Infinity. Back in July, Ubisoft confirmed it's working on a new Assassin's Creed game under the codename Assassin's Creed Infinity. That said, while Ubisoft confirmed the game's existence this summer, it didn't have anything salient to say about the title, which is expected to be a live-service game that evolves over time or, in other words, very different from previous installments. That's changed though, kind of. While we don't have any official details on the project, we do have a new rumor which has leaked some information on the title.

Xbox Boss Teases New Studio Acquisitions

We are in a merger and acquisitions era, and leading this has been Microsoft. The past few years, Xbox has been gobbling up studios and publishers, including the likes of Bethesda, Ninja Theory, and Double Fine Entertainment. If you thought Xbox is satisfied with what it has, it's not. Amidst rumors that it's looking at Sega, Square Enix, IO Interactive, Avalanche Studios, and Crystal Dynamics, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased that more acquisitions are always on the table.

Xbox Not Done Acquiring Game Studios

Xbox Head Phil Spencer stated today, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, that Xbox is not yet done acquiring studios. The company currently has 23 development studios, with Spencer noting that there is no set number nor time period for more acquisitions to occur. During the interview, Spencer...

Hitman 3 has led IO Interactive to have probably the most winning yr in its historical past

The 2020/21 annual document highlights that the sport has offered 300% greater than its predecessors. The monetary studies of the online game firms are stuffed with figures which can be normally very uninteresting for the gamers, however breaking them down they all the time depart us both new bulletins, or very related knowledge. The latter is what we take a look at if we check out the ideas of IO Interactive comparable to fiscal yr 2021, which stars Hitman 3.

GOG Pulls Hitman Game Of The Year Edition Over DRM

After the surprise release of Hitman: Game of the Year edition on Good Old Games, there was instant backlash as players discovered anti-piracy DRM. The game required an internet connection to play features like Escalation missions and User Created Contracts, thereby rendering non-essential but beloved elements of the game unplayable without a connection. GOG's anti-DRM policy likely also fueled the backlash, as the popular storefront is more or less the one major place to buy PC games without DRM requirements. The fact that some features were locked behind an online requirement, but the game was advertised as playable without an internet connection, was broadly seen as deceitful by the community.

NEW Xbox Series X Game LEAKED | Xbox's Next Fantasy RPG Game | Xbox News

It looks like Microsoft is working with IO Interactive to make a massive fantasy RPG game exclusive for the Xbox Series X. This rumor comes straight from reliable …. This article was gathered automatically by our news bot. We help YouTubers by driving traffic to them for free. The featured image in this article is the thumbnail of the embedded video. Thank you for visiting the Midwest Sports Network and For more sports, news, and entertainment, follow us on Twitter @MWSNsports or like our page on Facebook.

Details on Xbox exclusive Avowed: The Outer Worlds meets medieval fantasy

There are more reasons than ever to be excited about Xbox Game Studios' future. In the past year or so, more and more details have gradually made their way to me via trusted and proven sources familiar with Microsoft's plans for the future of Xbox. First, we detailed Contraband, previously known as Project Typhoon, which is set to be a co-op smuggler's paradise. Then, we detailed Project Dragon, which looks to be an online RPG from the creators of Hitman, IO Interactive. We also recently offered some details on InXile's Project Cobalt, which is a steampunk-style FPS RPG, alongside Project Indus, which we believe is a 4X strategy game from the team behind Ashes of the Singularity.