A new ETF is trying to make a movement out of activist investing

Can you make an exchange-traded fund out of activist investing?. Earlier this month, Engine No. 1 came out of nowhere and won three Exxon Mobil board seats after a six-month proxy fight. The company says Exxon needed to significantly reduce emissions and move toward a cleaner energy strategy. Now, they...
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SEC Chair Gensler is taking a deeper look at ESG investing issues

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler is fleshing out his thoughts on climate risk and workplace issues. The SEC recently concluded a public comment period on expanding corporate climate disclosures. It has also launched a climate and ESG enforcement task force. In a speech Wednesday for London City Week,...

A Quality Exec Comp Plan Lowers The Risk Of Investing In Target

One new stock makes June’s Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC Model Portfolio, available to members as of June 16, 2021. The Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC Model Portfolio (-4.0%) underperformed the S&P 500 (+1.9%) from May 14, 2021 through June 14, 2021. The best performing stock in the portfolio was up 10%. Overall, one out of the 15 Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC Stocks outperformed the S&P 500 from May 14, 2021 through June 14, 2021.

Proteomics: The Next Truly Massive Investing Opportunity

Blue and red flashing lights pierced the darkness. Michael Behar and his family were on vacation at a remote campsite 10,000 feet up in the Rocky Mountains. They were huddled around a campfire when a police sergeant pulled up in his SUV. He stepped out and said, “Mr. Behar, I’m sorry to have to tell you that your mother has passed away.”

Get the best investment advice out there for only $30

The past year has been an absolute whirlwind for the economy and for your personal finances, no matter what your career is or how you've invested so far. Considering the level of uncertainty we've seen in the past fiscal year and the growing inflation projected for the coming year, you'd be forgiven if you're starting to feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to managing your money.
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Why green commodities are one of the best investments for 2021

(Waldemar Brandt/Unsplash) The investing world has evolved more in the past year than most people can remember. With the rise of crypto, NFTs, and meme stocks, the stock market is now a completely different ball game. As the young generation of retail investors continues to set trends, the old generation...
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Want to Buy Clover Health Investments (CLOV) Stock? See This First.

Clover Health (NASDAQ: CLOV) markets itself as a data-driven health insurance carrier. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Clover works with software engineers, designers, product experts and data specialists, seeking to understand what Americans require to live fully well. Step 1: Open up a brokerage account. Opening a brokerage account is the...

Invest in yourself

The best investment you can make is in yourself. You can work, invest, save and accumulate wealth but what good is it if you ignore yourself? A friend of mine once said, “If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”

Port McNeill (Canada) Fire Rescue to Get Nearly $339k for Fire Hall Upgrades

A total of $338,923 for fire hall upgrades is headed to Port McNeill Fire Rescue (Canada)—with just over $271,000 coming from the feds, and about $68,000 coming from the province, reports mycampbellrivernow.com. The money will be used to replace the fire hall’s roof, flooring, and bay door, in addition to...
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3 Ways Your Portfolio Wins by Investing in Losers

Buying a stock that is experiencing massive gains may seem like a great idea. But making your investing decisions this way might not be in your best interest. Instead, doing something that may seem counterintuitive -- investing in assets that haven't done well -- could better set you up for future success. Here are three reasons why you should think about selling some of your best performing asset classes for some of your worst.

Five Important Questions to Ask Before Investing in Gold

Over the years, advancements in technology have changed how people do things. They continue to influence how individuals interact, do their shopping, and even how they invest. However, not everything has changed. For instance, in ancient times, precious metals were of great value to society, and today they’re still considered safe investments to make. In the past, most precious metals were used as a sign of wealth, and the same is true in the present. This implies that, unlike other metals that may depreciate over time, precious metals tend to retain their value. That’s why they’re a good investment, especially if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio.