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These groundbreaking foods changed how we eat

Sometimes a meal, or even a single bite of food, can feel life-changing – only to be overshadowed by the next fabulous feast or delicious dish. But there are some foods that have really had a profound effect on what we eat and even how we eat it. Some are ingredients or inventions that have taken a long time to catch on while others, like sliced bread, are widely considered the greatest things since, well, unsliced bread. Here are some of the most influential foods that changed the world.

25 Greatest German Inventions that Changed the World

When the world wars and political turmoil were pummelling the world, Germany was churning out new inventions, one after another. The country has been an epicentre of intellectual revolutions, home to the likes of Karl Marx and Albert Einstein and it has borne renowned inventors, like Carl von Linde, Paul Nipkow who brought us the television, Hugo Junkers and Wernher von Braun who designed the first space rocket. Having nurtured some of the amazing geniuses, Germany has always emphasised on research and development and is home to many top universities in the world and many of them are specifically dedicated to engineering and science. This blog elaborates on the greatest German inventions and discoveries that truly transformed the world!
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For July, 3 Romances Packed With Pulse-Pounding Peril

In a romance novel, there's nothing like an element of danger and mystery to make the heart beat faster and the pages turn quickly. These three novels feature heroes in danger from mysterious assassins, deranged shooters, and angry airship pirates — and the heroines who protect them. There's one danger that can't be avoided, though: losing their hearts. Fortunately for these characters, danger is no match for true love.
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Everyone knows of someone with a 'near miss' opportunity

Family lore has it that my grandfather was acquainted with the person who invented the plastic six-pack ring and that not only did he know him, the six-pack ring inventor supposedly invited him to invest in his little idea. But Grandpa decided not to. While we’ve all made decisions we’ve...


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