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Texans QB Tyrod Taylor getting MRI on left arm after 31-0 shutout to the Colts

Houston Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor is getting an MRI to help the team evaluate his left arm injury following the 31-0 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Week 13. Taylor left the game with 8:05 to go in the third quarter and went into the blue medical tent where trainers evaluated his left wrist. Taylor had trouble gripping the ball as his hand was swelling up. Rookie Davis Mills was inserted into the game.
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My Weekend in San Diego, California

I had the incredible opportunity to partner with the Blue Sea Beach Hotel located at Pacific Beach in San Diego, California! This hotel is more on the casual-end, but this location cannot be beat! When you stay at this hotel, you're steps from the beach and centrally located to everything you'd want to see while visiting this beautiful city. I'd definitely recommend considering this hotel for your accommodation on your next trip to San Diego!
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Have You Added Your Project & Joined The OTT Global Gunslinger League?

So the Global Gunslinger League has begun! OnTableTop and Warcradle Scenics are working on getting YOU into the world of Wild West Exodus using the two-player Starter Set, Showdown At Retribution and then going beyond!. Create Your Project For The Global Gunslinger League & Win!. Download Our Getting Started PDF...
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Into the Blue

As we navigate autumn’s rhythms and accommodate the evening’s rush to darkness, let’s lean in and be sad. Whether it’s for a reason or for none at all, it somehow feels fitting to savor emotion and feel badly. So be sad and be hurt and be mean. These songs will stand by you and your seasonal reflections.

Blancpain Dives Into the Blue With Two New Flyback Chronographs

Blancpain’s Air Command collection just added new members to the family. This week, the Swiss watchmaker introduced two flyback chronographs to the eponymous line, in 18-carat red gold and grade 23 titanium models. Dubbed the Blancpain Air Command, the 42 mm examples reflect the spirit of the vintage 1950s pilot’s watch and feature a countdown rotating bezel. A deep blue color adds a modern touch, and plays nicely with the sunburst dial and finely snailed chronograph counters. The models’ high-contrast display comes with Super-LumiNova on the hands and hour-markers, making it function for day and nighttime settings. The luminescent material is also...
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Sarah and Richard Isen Explore Alternate Realities In Family Made Single “Into The Blue”

“Into The Blue” is a progressive folk track channeling Janis Joplin’s neo soul, tinged with the vibrant intricacies of psychedelia. Sarah and Richard Isen come together in an epic family-made project with their Janis Joplin inspired single “Into The Blue,” out November 12. Painting a colorful soundscape weaving between musical modes, this track is a sonic masterpiece that keeps listeners engaged from beginning to end. “Into The Blue” is a glorious fusion of the most beautiful parts of so many genres; the emotion present in neo-soul, the creativity of psych-rock, and the rawness of folk music. This song was originally written for one of Richard’s musical theater works entitled QUANTUM JANIS that imagined an alternate universe where Janis Joplin ran away from her music career, and opened her own ‘hippie hotel.’ Written by Richard and brought to life with Sarah’s full-bodied, soulful vocals, the two have effortlessly captured something magical with this collaboration. “Into The Blue” characterizes a song this version of Janis might have sang in her later life, accounting for the struggles in her mid-life as well as watching her youthful dream of a hippie utopia die.

Kanbu Bust-out

Welcome to IGN's GTA 3 walkthrough of Kanbu Bust-Out, Mission 27. This mission takes place in Staunton Island and is assigned by Kenji Kasen. Drive the Kanbu to the dojo in Bedford Point. Stealing an Occupied Police Vehicle:. Drive around a while and you’ll be sure to find a police...

Mission 16: Chaperone - GTA 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Start by driving Maria around Portland while she looks for a pusher. Then take Maria to a party in the Atlantic Quays. After the rave raid, take her back to Salvatore Drive the limo from Salvatore's mansion to the El Train Station in Chinatown to meet the pusher. Stop into the blue marker to let Maria out to talk with the pusher. After the deal has been made and the party has been located drive Maria to Atlantic Quays (follow the radar to the correct building with the blue marker out front). Before you stop in the blue marker, turn the limo around so that the back is facing the distant water. This mission is similar to the last in that the positioning of the limo when you park is vital to your escape. When the cops arrive and Maria is running to the car, take off as soon as her foots in the limo and burn rubber through the crowd to the street and in the direction of Salvatore's place (follow the radar). A Wanted level 2 is initiated and many police will be in pursuit, quickly drive into Salvatore's garage to end the mission successfully. Chaperone - 0:00 Chico - 1:49 Drop off - 3:07 Escape - 3:54 Garage - 4:59 For more GTA 3 cheats, tips and walkthroughs, check out our full guide on IGN:

Mission 27: Kanbu Bust-Out - GTA 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Start by stealing a police vehicle. Then, get the car rigged with a bomb. Break the Kanbu out of custody and drive the Kanbu to the dojo in Bedford Point. Drive around a while and you'll be sure to find a police car in a short amount of time. You can try to get the cop to exit the vehicle first by ramming his car with yours and then shooting or entering the policeman before entering the police car. You can just pull on the passenger side door to kick the cop out and then burn rubber before he pulls you out. No matter what you choose to do, it'll give you a Wanted level of 1... so get out of the area quickly. Follow the radar to 8-Ball's garage and drive INTO the garage to rig a bomb to the car -the blue marker just points you in the direction of the garage. Follow the radar to the police station's blue marker near the wall in the back parking lot. Set the bomb with the Circle button, run from the vehicle to the Police Enforcer truck and return to the blast hole in the wall and pick up the Kanbu. You will have a wanted level of two after driving through the bribe in the alleyway on the way to the streets from the police parking lot. This will make the helicopter go away. Switch vehicles (the Kanbu will follow) and take the car to the Pay 'n' Spray and then follow the radar (pink icon) to the dojo and drop off the ex-con into the blue marker in a Bedford Point alley. Kanbu - Bust-Out - 0:00 Guns - 1:42 Bomb time - 2:28 Book it - 4:04 Delivery - 6:50 For more GTA 3 cheats, tips and walkthroughs, check out our full guide on IGN: