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Seaside Heights Business Trolls Competitors, Internet Strikes Back

Wikipedia describes internet trolling as someone "who posts inflammatory, insincere, digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog), with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses or manipulating their perception. This is typically for the troll's amusement, or to achieve a specific result such as disrupting a rival's online activities or manipulating a political process." That's pretty specific and I think it's what we have in this situation, from both sides.
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Tuba City Households Get Starlink Internet In Pilot Program

Many homes in rural areas of Coconino County lack access to the Internet, but that's changed for forty-five households in Tuba City, thanks to a new partnership with SpaceX. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports. The pilot program is beta-testing the Starlink satellite constellation developed by SpaceX. The satellites were first launched...
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Glen Davis deletes joke tweets following Irving's ankle sprain after internet gets mad

Kyrie Irving landed very awkwardly during Game 4 when he and Giannis made contact in the paint. Kyrie walked off the court on his own volition. Besides all the well wishes and "prayers up" for Kyrie on social media, you were bound to get Celtics fans poking fun at the irony of Irving hurting a foot he disrespected Boston fans, as well as current and former players with during his infamous petty stomp session after Game 4 of Round 1.
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NFTs and the Metaverse: The internet enters a new phase

NFTs make it possible for people to now own and collect digital goods. As 60 Minutes+ reported last week, they're having major implications in the art world. But NFTs are also changing music, fashion, sports and more -- they allow people to purchase digital moments, whether it's a blocked shot in a basketball game or even a popular meme.
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$15-a-month internet law on hold in New York, judge rules

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A judge ruled on Friday that New York cannot require internet providers to offer broadband service for low-income customers for as little as $15-a-month starting next week. The low-income broadband consumers law passed in the state budget in April, and allowed the state's attorney general to...
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Lady Dimitrescu Is No Longer The Love Of The Internet

After months of thirsting for Lady Dimitrescu of "Resident Evil Village," the internet might have found a new object of its affections. After numerous hoaxes and false alarms, fans were delighted to hear that the game they had been waiting for will arrive in January 2022. That's right; "Elden Ring" now has an official release date and a new trailer that shows the world more details about the upcoming fantasy epic. And much to the internet's surprise, it turns out that "Resident Evil Village" isn't the only game with a giant woman.

How Zero-Party Data Will Save the Internet In 2021?

Third-party cookies are flawed. This we all agree on. But something has to pay for the internet, and those cookies feed a whole industry that does just that: creates a monetization model that means we can all continue to access quality content for free. Remove that data and you’re left with… what?
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Dfinity, ThreeFold, and the Quest to Decentralize the Internet

Agitating for a decentralized internet is simply demanding lesser restrictions and intrusions as it concerns assessing the worldwide web; the original intention for creating the internet. As already stated, the goal of decentralization is to reprogram the entirety of the internet so that it is accessible, affordable, and devoid of central control.

How bad weather affects your Internet connection

Is it true that when it rains the Internet is worse? Why does that happen? And when it is very hot? And with the wind?. In the new video that I have published today I talk about the subject, so that it is easy to better understand the relationship between the weather and the quality of Internet connection: