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No-exam life insurance policies: Everything to know

Obtaining life insurance can help you pass money on to your family or other beneficiaries after your death. But not all life insurance policies are the same. Not only can there be differences in factors like monthly premiums and policy limits, but there can also be varying requirements to qualify for a life insurance policy.
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Northern Nevada feeling effects of Adderall shortage

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The nationwide Adderall shortage is impacting our Northern Nevada pharmacies. Quest Counseling, a local mental health clinic, says they haven’t had to tell anyone they can’t fill their prescription, but the shortage has impacted how long it takes getting them filled. That means people have to shop around for pharmacies that do have it and that can be a long process.

How To Raise Capital Without A Product

Dustin is the founder and CEO of BriteCo, an innovative insurance technology company transforming the retail jewelry insurance experience. Raising capital from venture partners can be extraordinarily complex and challenging in and of itself for any startup founder. It becomes difficult when it’s a pre-product raise. That was the situation my co-founder and I found ourselves in the year we discovered a unique niche in insurtech, one we were convinced had remarkable value and potential. The insurance industry is ruled by regulations, and you need substantial resources just to get a product to market. We needed capital to build and launch this idea. Many months and a 50-plus page business plan later, my co-founder and I closed our funding before our product was developed. Our startup was officially born.

Outlook For Life Insurance Buyers For 2023

If shopping for life insurance is on your financial to-do list for 2023, here are some trends to watch for. Need Remains High for Life Insurance Despite Dip in Sales. The amount of new life insurance premiums being paid grew for six consecutive quarters, according to a second-quarter 2022 report from LIMRA, a financial services research organization. At the same time, overall policy sales have dropped 9% so far in 2022. While these numbers may seem contradictory, they can indicate the life insurance shoppers are buying fewer but bigger policies.

ConnectiCare to pull out of Connecticut’s fully insured small group market

ConnectiCare, which offers health plans on and off Connecticut’s health insurance exchange, has alerted brokers that it will soon stop selling small group policies to new customers. “ConnectiCare has made the difficult decision to withdraw from the fully insured small employer market in Connecticut,” spokeswoman Kimberly Kann said in...

Munich Re's Digital Partners: 'Diversity of thought' in action

This article was produced in partnership with Munich Re. Bethan Moorcraft, of Insurance Business, sat down with Courtney Hill, head of Digital Partners North America, to discuss the evolution of insurance experiences. American entrepreneur Malcolm Forbes described diversity as “the art of thinking independently together.” That art is forever being...

How Fintech Companies and Apps Make Money?

Fintech companies are technologically driven and focused on financial services. They can be banks, payment processors, or lending sites. Fintechs have not only revolutionized how we conduct our financial transactions but also how they generate revenues. Here we will discuss some of the revenue models used by fintech companies.

Leave health insurance to the professionals

Workers want high-quality health insurance. Their employers are best positioned to provide it — and have been for decades. Efforts to replace this proven model with other approaches will not generate better results for a number of reasons. It's more challenging than ever for employers to staff their ranks....


(SPRINGFIELD) With the fall veto session of the Illinois General Assembly entering its next to last scheduled day in Springfield, the Illinois Free Caucus is calling for an end to the consent calendar which enables the State House leadership to pass hundreds of bills with a single roll call vote. The consent calendar is a list of proposed measures bundled together and voted on in one vote. The list of bills includes ceremonial legislation, such as measures to change the name of roads to honor someone, but the list could also include important legislation. The group says all bills, regardless of how significant, deserve individual role calls so that lawmakers are completely aware of the full implication of their votes.

Predictions 2023: Evolving Risks And Recession Fears Will Redefine Insurer Strategies

By the end of 2021, it seemed that a return to normalcy was in sight for insurers — then 2022 took everyone by surprise. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its impact on energy prices, extreme drought in food-producing regions around the world, and inflation are seemingly creating a return to 1970s-style stagflation that will ultimately hit consumer decisions about insurance. On top of this, we’ve seen a dramatic end to a slow-to-get-started hurricane season.

Kotak: Just because you're on short-term disability, that doesn't guarantee LTD

If you’ve been injured or have a medical condition that forced you to stop work, and have been approved for benefits under your workplace short-term disability (STD) policy, you may assume that if you are still unable to work after the term ends, you are then automatically approved for long-term disability (LTD). But this transition isn’t always automatic or seamless.

Viewpoint: This year, holiday shopping should include health insurance.

Who doesn’t love a deal? Especially at this time of year, many of us like to find the best price on groceries and holiday gifts. And we all have a friend who found a great bargain on Black Friday. But this year, the deals don’t stop there. Health insurance...
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Voxtur CEO on progress in the housing industry

The HousingWire award spotlight series highlights the individuals and organizations that have been recognized through our Editors’ Choice Awards. Nominations for HousingWire’s TECH100 award are now open through Friday, December 23, 2022. Click here to nominate your organization. Each year, the TECH100 awards recognize the 200 most influential...