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Suspected bedbug infestation at Rivian Normal plant

NORMAL, Ill. — Measures are reportedly being taken to mitigate an infestation of bedbugs inside the Rivian electric vehicle plant in Normal, Illinois. The insects were spotted on several forklifts in an isolated area of the facility. 25 News reports that the electric car maker has engaged a professional...
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New toothy diving dinosaur discovered

A new species of non-avian dinosaur with a streamlined body similar to those of modern diving birds, such as penguins and auks, is described in a study published in Communications Biology. The findings represent the first case of a non-avian theropod—a type of carnivorous dinosaur that walked on two legs—to have a streamlined body.
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The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth by H. G. Wells, is part of the HackerNoon Books Series. You can jump to any chapter in this book here. THE COMING OF THE FOOD. Our theme, which began so compactly in Mr. Bensington’s study, has already spread and branched, until it points this way and that, and henceforth our whole story is one of dissemination. To follow the Food of the Gods further is to trace the ramifications of a perpetually branching tree; in a little while, in the quarter of a lifetime, the Food had trickled and increased from its first spring in the little farm near Hickleybrow until it had spread,—it and the report and shadow of its power,—throughout the world. It spread beyond England very speedily. Soon in America, all over the continent of Europe, in Japan, in Australia, at last all over the world, the thing was working towards its appointed end. Always it worked slowly, by indirect courses and against resistance. It was bigness insurgent. In spite of prejudice, in spite of law and regulation, in spite of all that obstinate conservatism that lies at the base of the formal order of mankind, the Food of the Gods, once it had been set going, pursued its subtle and invincible progress.

The Weekly Digs #191

A New Garden Book (only to me, it’s an older one!) After I did my YT video on my favorite books, I got some good garden book recommendations for myself from the comments. I don’t know how I missed it, but I honestly had never heard of Ruth Stout until I saw someone recommend her book.
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December Tree of the Month: Monterey Pine

The Monterey Pine makes a dramatic impact in the landscape – a tall evergreen conifer bearing lustrous deep green needles. The towering forms of these pines were once quite numerous in the Santa Barbara urban forest. Unfortunately, over the last 40 years, drought, insect infestations, and diseases have diminished their numbers and their prominence. Where distinctive specimens formerly stood in many private gardens and public areas, including the County Courthouse, now only the most resilient ones have managed to survive.

Japanese Researchers Create Soft Robotic Microfinger

KYOYO, Japan—Researchers in Japan have developed a soft robotic microfinger that enables interaction with insects through tactile sensing. Humans have always been fascinated by scales different than theirs, from giant objects, such as stars, planets and galaxies, to the world of the tiny, such as insects, bacteria, viruses and other microscopic objects. While microscopes allow people to view the very small objects, it is still difficult to interact with them directly.

6 Ways to Spider-Proof Your Basement, According to Experts

Of all the bugs and critters that can find their way into your house, spiders tend to have the lousiest reputation. It's not fair, really. Not only do spiders help take care of other pests as skilled hunters, but they also tend to stick to areas of the home that are relatively out of the way—like your attic and basement. Fortunately, this is good news for anyone who's arachnophobic and would like to avoid any surprise confrontations. But if you're looking to cut back on the number of cobwebs in your cellar, there are a few simple things you can do. Read on to discover the best ways to spider-proof your basement, according to experts.

The Federation of Light Channeled by Blossom Goodchild, Dec. 3, 2022

At last, a new channeling is up. I am feeling so much better now!. As a side note … It is Summer here in Australia. I am in long trousers and a sweatshirt, my slipper boots and a scarf around my neck! WHAT IS GOING ON??!!. It simply makes...

Discover the ‘Alien Invader’ Bug That Can Ruin Your Christmas Tree

Discover the ‘Alien Invader’ Bug That Can Ruin Your Christmas Tree. As the festive season rolls in, it’s understandable that you’re also looking to bring a Christmas tree into your home. But what if I told you that you could have your home infested with bugs as a result? It’s not exactly a happy thought, but there’s a possibility you might be bringing spotted lanternflies into your place of residence. Not only is the alien invader bug capable of ruining your Christmas tree, but it can also ruin your Christmas experience by infesting your home and garden.
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Growing easy-care aloe vera, nature's burn ointment

Grow your own burn ointment by adding aloe vera to your indoor plant collection. This succulent has been used for centuries to treat superficial burns, cuts, sunburns, and more. The gel inside the leaves is the medicinal part of the plant. Just cut away the outer part of the leaf...

How to Protect Yourself Against a Tetanus Infection

When the solar is shining, you may’t wait to get out and work within the backyard. However earlier than you get your palms soiled, ask your self a query. When was your final tetanus shot?. A tetanus an infection begins when spores of the Clostridium tetani bacterium enter the...

Where Have All the Bats Gone?

On summer evenings, we used to hear the chirps and see the knuckle-ball swoopings of bats silhouetted in the darkling sky. We were recently startled by the realization that it’s been years since we’ve seen or heard any of these magnificent beasts. Have our senses deteriorated that badly, or is something sinister going on? —Robin and the Other Guy.

20 drives conducted to stop bird poaching at Chalanbeel

NATORE, Dec 3: In the last one month, 20 drives were conducted against bird poachers in Chalanbeel region of Singra Upazila of the district. These drives were jointly conducted by Department of Environment and Natural Protection Forum (NPF)-Singra at several riversides in Singra and Atrai upazilas. During these drives, about...

Step outside your comfort zone despite your fears

Last week, perhaps for the first time, I had the opportunity to take a short walk in a deserted forest. I love being in nature, I do hiking routinely, but until now I have mostly done it in areas where there are people. When I had the opportunity, I started walking towards the forest on a whim.

For the first time, the new species Oujiang small swim bladder discovered that the lips are like a "QR code" video

  [Explanation] Recently, a reporter from China News Service learned from the Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment that in the survey of the global biodiversity background organized by the Lishui Ecological Environment Bureau, the institute and the Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly found a A new species of freshwater fish named Oujiang small swim bladder.

The Best Drones Under $100 for Beginners

Remote controlled drones used to be something just the military used, but a few years ago they were downsized and rolled out for consumers and just took off, pun intended. Suddenly everyone was flying drones with cameras, and you couldn’t visit your local park without hearing a quadcopter buzzing in the sky above. They’re still quite popular thanks to a booming market filled with every type of drone imaginable; from uber expensive units with high-res cameras to tiny “toy” drones, and everything in between. Naturally, a lot of people are curious about drones, and want to give them a try, but don’t want to drop a ton of cash on a video drone that’s just going to end up in the bushes, or worse. With this situation in mind we set out to find the best cheap drone for beginners, and reviewed five of the most popular models of 2017.To help us out in our quest we enlisted two advanced pilots with hundreds of hours of flight time under their belts , and together we were able to run our collection of drones through their paces. After the dust settled on our launch pad, it was clear which drone was our top choice.