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How This Marketing Company Is Powering Allbirds and Warby Parker

The co-founder of GRIN, now valued at $910 million, on the importance of 'traction and momentum'. Building a client roster of fast-growing companies doesn't happen without some fast growth of your own. Just ask the co-founders of GRIN, a marketing software company founded in 2014 that helps direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies...
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Reasons Instagram is Bigger and Better Than Facebook

Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram is a free photo-sharing app and social network platform. Users love uploading photos and videos and indexing them to be found by others. It’s become immensely popular and it’s not only used by individuals but it’s become an essential marketing tool for businesses, becoming bigger and better than Facebook.
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7 Sites that Allow IG Users to Buy Instagram Followers

The extra Instagram followers you may have, the extra attain and engagement you’re going to see from customers around the globe. As hundreds of thousands of recent customers proceed to hitch social media platforms like IG, TikTok and Fb each day, it’s now extra essential than ever to be sure you have a large following in place.
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Why Influencers Succeed in Brand Collaborations

Social media influencers are Internet personas who have gained a following on a social media platform. Influencers utilize YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and various other social media platforms to interact with their followers. These social media sites permit them to create content which they publish to their followers. The content could...

Rethinking influencer relationships post-COVID

After a strange and tumultuous year and a half, people seem to be traveling more, with both business and personal travel on the rise. And, as hotel and airline bookings go up, influencers are expected to be among the first travelers to start spreading their wings and safely seeking out adventure. With all eyes on social media, influencers can provide a powerful storytelling focal point for hospitality brands looking to drive awareness and re-engagement.
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Amra Beganovich: “Improve Your Existing Services”

You can improve your existing services by removing any bugs that customers may have been reporting with that service, or you can update the features that are there to make them even better. One of the most important things is to stay ahead of the trends. If you wait too long to make changes, it could result in lost competitive edge.

You're Already Influencing People, Why Not Get Rewarded For it? Raiinmaker's JD Seraphine

Influencer marketing has revolutionized the way Millennials and Gen Z are targeted. Rather than targeting an entire demographic or group, it targets individuals by taking a figurehead with social influence or specific expertise in a subject and creating a social profile around them. Influencers usually get sponsorship or endorsements from brands for promoting their products in their posts, whether that be via Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook (NASDAQ> FB).

How HydroJug Is Making It ‘Normal’ To Walk Around With A 73 Ounce Water Bottle

In the crowded water bottle market, HydroJug stands out by giving consumers exactly what they are looking for. Instead of fancy colors or an abundance of features, HydroJug created a simple, 73 ounce water jug made for people who just need a lot of water. I sat down with co-founders and brothers, Jake and Hayden Wadsworth to talk about building HydroJug, how they found passionate fans well beyond their original fitness audience and how their parents’ entrepreneurial backgrounds influenced their path.

Al’s Goldfish Lure Company Names Hunter Outdoor CommunicationsAgency of Record

Al’s Goldfish Lure Company, designer and American-made manufacturer of the classic Goldfish lure and other innovative fishing lures and accessories, has named Hunter Outdoor Communications (HOC) as its agency of record. HOC will lead the brand’s media efforts and create an all-inclusive strategy and communications plan to increase awareness of the company and its products.
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Stephan Beringer Of Mirriad: “Don’t compromise on something just because you’ve been asked to”

Don’t compromise on something just because you’ve been asked to. As you try to constantly watch, learn and optimize for your team and yourself, so do others who rely on you expressing your views, giving different perspectives or pushing back. I really believe that we all have a responsibility for each other, may they be peers, colleagues, superiors, partners, clients, or investors. Staying true to this responsibility isn’t always easy, but it is the only approach to true value. Even when you lose a customer by having been outspoken about the real issues, such as trying to convince a market dominating mobile phone brand about a new strategy to remain competitive against a smartphone just being released in California, people need to know, even when they don’t like what you have to say.

Revolving Door Roundup: 4A’s, Mediahub, VMLY&R and More

Ghouls, ghosts, monsters and goblins are all getting ready to scare the pants off the populace in a couple of weeks, but none of those creatures are part of this week’s Revolving Door Roundup, as they’re probably working as props at pop-up Halloween stores right now. In fact, there are no scares to be had at all in the latest collection of agency moves, so have no fear as you walk through this week’s revolving door.
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How to Boost Your B2C Sales using Influencer Marketing

What would be the No. 1 goal of a business owner? Of course, to increase sales. Influencer marketing for B2C sales has emerged as one of the most effective weapons in recent times. Whether you are chalking out a social media strategy for your small business or a big brand,...

Who Are the CPG Icons of Digital Grocery?

Based on the results of a new consumer, retailer and manufacturer survey by Cadent Consulting Group in collaboration with WGB, this inaugural Digital Icons report identifies manufacturers of both national (the big players) and challenger brands (the up-and-comers) that have set a strong standard of performance as rated by consumers, their peer manufacturer competitors, and leading retail customers.
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Beginner’s guide to direct response marketing examples

Direct response marketing examples include discounts. Who doesn’t love a discount? Offering a discount is a great way to convert a prospective patient into an actual one. There are several different types of strategies that you can use as part of your overall marketing campaign — we’ll go into some, along with direct response marketing examples.

Nickelodeon Marketing Manager Rachel Richter Talks About How Social Media Companies Hiding Popularity Metrics May Affect the Influencer Market

Nick News Brief: With Instagram and other social media companies looking at ways at limiting quantified popularity (follower counts, view counts, etc) on their networks in a bid to safeguard kids, Rachel Richter, an influencer marketing manager at Nickelodeon, revealed to recently revealed how it may disrupt a massive industry of influencers and influencer marketing teams.

Social Commerce And The Rise Of Influencer Marketing

Social Commerce: Access to markets remains a challenge to many MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) in Kenya as they can’t afford to set up, manage and market their online presence. Social commerce, the process of selling goods and services directly on social media platforms, fueled by its low barrier to entry, is poised to change this and give MSMEs access to markets by leveraging social media influencers to resell their goods and services online.

In a conversation with Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, World’s leading Pharmaceuticals Company

Joy Chatterjee, a bright mind with the position of General Manager, Sales & Marketing, World’s leading Pharmaceuticals Company (Mankind) had a conversation with The Interview Times. A reporter at Interview Times got an opportunity to have a great conversation with him. Excerpts of the conversation. I. We appreciate that you...