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Infiniti’s Direct Adaptive Steering Was A Bad Solution In Search Of A Non-Existent Problem

A common misconception about electronic power steering systems is that they’re all steer-by-wire, or physically disconnected from your steering wheel, which is false. It’s basically just an electric motor that assists you with steering, but you still have a physical linkage to the front wheels. But Infiniti actually disconnected you from the wheels back in 2014 with the then-new Q50 model, with a system called Direct Adaptive Steering. It was dumb then, and it’s even dumber now, so why the hell did they do it?
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This Manual-Swapped Infiniti Q50 Is a Proper Stateside Skyline

The Q50 was never offered here with a stick in its highest performance trims. That doesn't mean nobody wanted one. Infiniti might not be the first brand that comes to mind for driving fans, but one thing's for certain—it's made some good cars worth loving, and there are likely few people that know this better than Tyler Gray. After buying a certified pre-owned 2014 Infiniti Q50 back in mid-October four years ago, he decided he'd had enough with the automatic. He then set a course to build his own ultimate Japanese sports sedan.