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Redneck Tourney returns to battle Asian carp infestation

BATH—The Redneck Fishing Tournament returns to the waters of the Illinois River next month after a two-year hiatus caused by historic flooding in 2019 and then a global pandemic last year. “We’re back and the fish had better look out,” said event organizer Betty DeFord. “People have been waiting two...
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Mold Infestation And Plumbing Problems Pushing Family From Their Apartment

LEXINGTON PARK, Md.-- Daniel Humpleby, his wife and two children are currently living in a mold-infested apartment at Patuxent Crossing, and they are struggling to get help. Daniel and his family have lived in these apartments since Habitat America started renovations two years ago. Since living in the apartment, Humpleby noticed the ceiling was leaking and dripping down the wall.

How Difficult are Termites to Treat?

Termites are creatures no one wants to see in their home. Since the signs of termite infestation often go unnoticed for a long time, it is usually very difficult to control them until the damage is already done. If you have been seeing mud tubes near your home’s foundation, or...
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Using neem oil helps control insect infestations

Neem oil all-natural tree extract shows up in beauty products, health care and a wide range of agricultural applications. There is a bit of confusion out there on how useful neem oil is for plants. Neem affects insects differently than chemical solutions. While it can take up to two weeks...

Dealing With A Norway Rat Infestation On A Farm

Dealing with Norway rats is a normal part of owning a farm. There are plenty of buildings and areas they are drawn to, including storage areas, poultry coops, barns and outbuildings. Here, the rats can find all the food and shelter that they need. The problem with Norway rats is that they can quickly get out of hand. They reproduce very quickly, and if there are no pest control measures in place, they can cause a lot of havoc. While it may be impossible to prevent rats from visiting the farm, you can implement measures that keep their population low.

How to Control a Whitefly Infestation

As you walk through your garden, admiring the bright flowers and productive vegetables, a cloud of white insects flutters up from the leaves of a plant as you brush past. Upon taking a closer look, you notice the leaves are speckled or turning yellow, and the plant looks like it’s shedding some leaves.
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Review: Star Wars The Bad Batch “Infested”

The Batch discovers that Cid’s Parlor is under the ownership of a crime boss. Cid and the Batch must work together to sabotage his operation and take the parlor back. I hope you got the exterminator on speed dial because this week’s episode is infested with creepy crawlies and plenty of Bad Batch action. So far, the show has provided a couple of enjoyable filler episodes amid the interconnected ones. Whether these filler episodes are essential to the main arc or not, the writers always knew how to make them as entertaining as the episodes involving the Batch battling the Empire. Unsurprisingly for me, this episode is no different.
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Expert Brought In By I-Team Now Helping Saugus Determine Source Of Fly Infestation

SAUGUS (CBS) — Entomologist Tony Kiszewski is now a consultant for the town of Saugus as it investigates the source of a fly infestation in one of its neighborhoods. “The key is to find out the source,” Kiszewski told WBZ-TV. The I-Team first brought in Kiszewski after Pemberly Drive residents complained of flies taking over their homes. “Bringing on this expert from Bentley University, we’re hoping that he’s going aid in that process because we have been able to identify a heightened concentration of these bugs along Pemberly Drive and what we’re going to do is focus on that concentration,” said Saugus...