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Israeli expert panel advises 4th vaccine dose for adults

An expert panel on Tuesday advised the Israeli government to begin offering a fourth vaccine dose to everyone over the age of 18, citing research showing it helps prevent COVID-19 infection and severe illness.The advisory committee said research shows a fourth dose provides three to five times the level of protection against serious disease and double the protection against infection compared to three doses. The Health Ministry's director must approve the recommendation.Israel is already offering a second booster to everyone over the age of 60 and those at high risk as it struggles to contain a wave of infections...
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105 new COVID cases confirmed in Adair County on Monday

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. — The Adair County Health Department confirmed 105 new cases of COVID-19 in the county on Monday. Among the cases are 16 in the K-12 schools sector, eight in the higher education sector, and one employee at a skilled nursing facility. There are 14 known breakthrough infections.

Netherlands expected to ease COVID curbs despite record infections

THE HAGUE, Jan 25 (Reuters) - The Dutch government is expected to announce on Tuesday it will allow restaurants, bars and theatres to re-open despite record numbers of coronavirus infections. Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Ernst Kuipers are expected to announce the new rules at a news conference...

Japan's new COVID-19 infections top 60,000 for first time - FNN

TOKYO, Jan 25 (Reuters) - Japan's daily count of new COVID-19 infections surpassed 60,000 for the first time on Tuesday, broadcaster FNN said. The government is poised to expand infection control measures to try to contain the spread of the Omicron variant. Reporting by Rocky Swift; Editing by Andrew Heavens.

CA COVID-19 Infections Drop As Hospitalizations Remain High

CALIFORNIA — California's omicron surge may have passed its peak in California as far as case numbers go. But hospitalization numbers, which tend to lag behind infections, are still astonishingly high. Hospitalizations related to COVID-19 in California hit a peak on Jan. 20 — 15,393 — but that number...

Lower risk of vaccine-breakthrough infections for mRNA-1273 recipients

Recently, a team of researchers examined breakthrough infections, hospitalizations, and mortality rates in double-dose messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine recipients in a research letter published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). Vaccine-induced immune responses against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) wane after six months of administration of the...
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A new approach to managing surgical site infections: using multi-layer formulations in extended-release antibiotics

Surgical site infections (SSIs) are among the most common complications following surgery, occurring in 2-4% of patients undergoing inpatient surgical procedures. Though often treatable, SSIs, which occur at or near a surgical incision shortly after a procedure, significantly increase the likelihood of severe morbidity and even mortality. No matter how skilled the surgeon, SSIs can undo the success of a procedure and adversely impact the health of a patient. As a leading contributor to hospital readmissions, the impact of SSIs on healthcare resources also poses a significant financial burden, propelling scientists and healthcare experts to identify effective preventive measures to reduce SSI rates.

SARS-CoV-2 infection triggers paracrine senescence and leads to a sustained senescence-associated inflammatory response

Reports of post-acute COVID-19 syndrome, in which the inflammatory response persists even after SARS-CoV-2 has disappeared, are increasing1, but the underlying mechanisms of post-acute COVID-19 syndrome remain unknown. Here, we show that SARS-CoV-2-infected cells trigger senescence-like cell-cycle arrest2,3 in neighboring uninfected cells in a paracrine manner via virus-induced cytokine production. In cultured human cells or bronchial organoids, these SASR-CoV-2 infection-induced senescent cells express high levels of a series of inflammatory factors known as senescence-associated secretory phenotypes (SASPs)4 in a sustained manner, even after SARS-CoV-2 is no longer detectable. We also show that the expression of the senescence marker CDKN2A (refs. 5,6) and various SASP factor4 genes is increased in the pulmonary cells of patients with severe post-acute COVID-19 syndrome. Furthermore, we find that mice exposed to a mouse-adapted strain of SARS-CoV-2 exhibit prolonged signs of cellular senescence and SASP in the lung at 14 days after infection when the virus was undetectable, which could be substantially reduced by the administration of senolytic drugs7. The sustained infection-induced paracrine senescence described here may be involved in the long-term inflammation caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection.

US Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Fauci Says Omicron Wave of COVID-19 Will End After Mid-February

The omicron wave of Coronavirus cases will peak in the US by mid-February and end afterward, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci has predicted. The number of COVID-19 infections in the US has been sharply declining in the Northeast and upper Midwest, following an alarming rise in cases since the highly contagious omicron variant was first reported in the U.S. in December, Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief White House medical adviser, said on ABC’s “This Week.”

B.C. reports 24 COVID-19-related deaths, 4,997 infections over a three-day period

VICTORIA — British Columbia officials say there are 64 health-care facilities across the province that have COVID-19 outbreaks. A statement from the Health Ministry released Monday says they include six new outbreaks, most of them in long-term care, but also in hospitals and assisted-living facilities. The province reported 4,997...

Germany extends COVID restrictions as infections threaten infrastructure

BERLIN, Jan 24 (Reuters) – Germany extended its current pandemic measures on Monday as the government-appointed panel of experts warned that the fast-spreading variant of the Omicron coronavirus could bring critical infrastructure to the world’s largest economy of Europe to breaking point. Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he had...

Surge continues to slow Minnesota infection count

Minnesota health officials reported 42 additional deaths Monday due to the coronavirus pandemic. There were also 12,722 new confirmed infections. Infections are undercounted, with the current surge in cases slowing the processing of positive cases, health officials said. An estimated 46,000 such cases were awaiting review as of Monday’s report. The latest wave of infections is fueled by the highly contagious omicron variant.

Portugal election polls: Could Portugal’s Socialists win again?

Early polls show it could attract support from seven percent of the electorate, making it the third-biggest party in the 230-seat parliament. Covid cases in Portugal have complicated the occasion, as the country is still in the throes of its Omicron outbreak. Infections have crept up since December, currently reaching...