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Halo Infinite datamine points to a potential battle royale mode

Halo Infinite may include a battle royale mode after all, if a datamined file from its technical preview is to be believed. The file in question is a voice clip, featuring what sounds like the series’ famous announcer saying “battle royale.” The audio clip appears to be what a player would hear at the start of a match, just like Slayer or Capture the Flag. This clip was first discovered on ResetEra and was relayed by Video Games Chronicle.
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Halo Infinite's weapon drills solve the series’ biggest learning curve

Picking up a weapon in Halo isn’t always as simple as point and shoot. While it’s not the Ratchet & Clank series, Halo is known for unconventional weapons like the Spartan Laser or the long-standing needler. With all the weapons spawning around the map and not in the player’s hands, it can create a bit of a learning curve. But Halo Infinite’s new weapon drills solve that problem.
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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Bots Are Surprisingly Toxic

It looks as though the bots that are new in Halo Infinite's multiplayer component are more toxic than you might think. Despite being controlled by AI, the team at 343 Industries seems to have programmed these bots to behave as if they are being played by actual players. This commitment to making the bots as close to "normal" as possible, however, means that they've clearly been designed to pull off some more unsavory maneuvers in-game as well.
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Halo Infinite battle royale file discovered during technical test

Halo Infinite could be getting a battle royale mode, according to files datamined during the recent technical tests. In among the test files, users found a voice recording performed by the game's multiplayer announcer, Jeff Steitzer (via PCGamesN). The recording might be short, but when Steitzer is heard to call out the phrase 'Battle Royale', it's not hard to guess at what developer 343 Industries might be planning.
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Halo Infinite Creative Head Confirms Campaign Files Included in Tech Preview Build; Warns of spoilers

Halo Infinite Creative Lead, Joseph Staten, has confirmed that the game’s technical preview build includes several of the game’s campaign files and has warned of spoilers. The first technical multiplayer preview of Halo Infinite kicked off last week, and as previously reported, the game’s testing app hinted that the game will feature multiple campaigns at launch. In addition, it appeared that the multiplayer files were datamined with these files containing details about Infinite’s campaign mode. These reports were initially questioned, but it looks like more and more details about the game’s campaign are making their way online. We won’t include details about the campaign in this article due to possible spoilers, but they can be easily found online via Google (for those interested).
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Halo Infinite players can't get over the giant doors in Bazaar

Halo Infinite technical preview participants have made a harrowing discovery in the new Bazaar map: some doors are friggin' humongous. Reddit user IBiteTheArbiter shared the above screenshot of one especially giant door with a Spartan for scale. Canonically, most Spartan fighters are around seven feet tall with their reinforced armor, which would put this door at around 12 feet high at a minimum, probably closer to 13 or 14 feet, though it's hard to say for sure without a banana for scale. In any case, while every door in the Bazaar doesn't appear to be this big, this gargantuan entryway has got the Halo community's hive mind racing.
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Halo Infinite battle royale leaks reveal the first worthy threat to Warzone

Halo Infinite might be getting a battle royale mode, and if so, it could pose the first real threat to Call of Duty: Warzone. As spotted by ResetEra user DukeBlueBall and relayed by Video Games Chronicle, a data-mined Halo Infinite technical preview file features a clip that sounds exactly like the game’s announcer saying the words “battle royale.”
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7 ways Halo Infinite multiplayer makes one hell of a good first impression

There were a lot of reasons to be nervous going into the first Halo Infinite technical preview. After suffering multiple delays, and following the decision to split the Campaign and Multiplayer components – with multiplayer launching as a free-to-play experience across the Xbox ecosystem – I was beginning to wonder whether 343 Industries was trudging down the long road to ruin. Thankfully, the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience makes one hell of a good impression.

When does the Halo Infinite tech preview end? Next flight start date

Halo Infinite released their first tech preview flight for players to get a taste of what 343 Industries has been working on for the franchise’s latest installment, but when does it end, and when does the next one start?. Halo Infinite has finally given those lucky enough to participate in...
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‘Halo Infinite’ datamine suggests it could have a Battle Royale mode

Dataminers have found that the technical preview for Halo Infinite contains audio from the in-game announcer referring to ‘Battle Royale’ suggesting that the game may include a Battle Royale mode either at launch or in the future. Originally posted on Resetera, the brief voice file recording has the Halo Infinite...
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Halo Infinite could be getting a battle royale mode after all

It’s been heavily rumored that Halo Infinite could get its own battle royale mode when the game releases sometime during Holiday 2021, but so far, developer 343 Industries has repeatedly poured cold water on any speculation that has arisen. However, new evidence has surfaced that gives us the strongest indication...
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Halo Infinite datamined "battle royale" voice line has folks speculating again

I sure didn't think years ago that the upstart "battle royale" shooter format would be survive long enough to hassle a major series like Halo and yet here we are. 343 Industries have said they aren't doing a Halo Infinite battle royale mode, and yet the rumors and speculation persist. Now, an allegedly datamined audio file from the weekend's first Halo Infinite technical preview loudly proclaims "battle royale!" in no uncertain terms. Naturally everyone is back to wondering whether or not a massive last-Spartan-standing mode is really in Halo's future.
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Halo Infinite campaign spoilers leak online

Halo fans may have to spend the next few months dodging Halo Infinite spoilers as 343 Industries confirmed over the weekend that some campaign files had been datamined from the recent technical preview and leaked onto the internet. 343 Industries' Joseph Staten took to Twitter once the developer had found...
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Halo Infinite Campaign Leaked By Technical Preview

The multiplayer tech test flight for Halo Infinite seems to include a complete campaign leak. Information for the upcoming shooter's storyline was accidentally included in the public tech test in the form of a series of campaign objectives and narrative flavor text. What's in this Halo Infinite campaign leak?. You...
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Halo Infinite battle royale audio file reportedly uncovered by dataminers

Dataminers who have been trawling through Halo Infinite's technical preview files claim to have found an audio file referencing a battle royale game mode. The audio file, which was uncovered by the folks over on Resetera (via VG247), features Halo Infinite's announcer Jeff Steitzer saying the words "battle royale," which suggests Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer might feature the popular game mode.
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Halo Infinite might have a Battle Royale mode after all

A voice clip found within Halo Infinite’s files points towards the possibility of a Battle Royale mode within Halo Infinite, despite previous claims the game wouldn’t have one. The voice clip, which was uncovered by users on ResetEra, features Halo’s iconic announcer calling out the mode with a booming “Battle...
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‘Halo Infinite’ release date may have been leaked by Xbox Mexico

The launch of a Halo-themed Krispy Kreme doughnut in Mexico may have inadvertently confirmed what month Halo Infinite will launch. A tweet from Krispy Kreme Mexico revealed the existence of a Krispy Kreme doughnut that bears a very passing resemblance to Master Chief. That was swiftly followed by Xbox Mexico joining in with the promotion via a tweet suggesting “Why wait for November if we can start the festivities now?”