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“Even during Covid, Independent artists are at their boom,” says composer Urmila Varu

Urmila Varu, an independent singer, composer and lyricist is encouraging new budding musical talent and artists by bringing them on-board her production label Music Fitoor. Born and raised in Pune, India, Urmila began her musical career in 2016. After struggling for a long time to find the right opportunity in the Hindi music industry, Urmila decided to be in-charge of her own life and dreams. Upon realising her potential, she chose the path of creating independent music and there was no stopping for her since then. So far, Urmila Varu has 25 original singles of her own creations released worldwide on all digital platforms. She worked with big music labels like B4U Music and Red Ribbons music companies and her songs were a big hit.
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Facebook partners with TuneCore to launch Independent Artist Program

Facebook has announced a new partnership with Believe-owned distribution company TuneCore to allow artists to publish their music across Facebook and Instagram for free. The Facebook Independent Artist Program lets artists and creators distribute their music to everywhere on the platform that uses a music library, including Instagram Reels, and Facebook and Instagram Stories.
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Facebook launches Independent Artist Program with TuneCore and Distrokid

Facebook has launched a new Independent Artist Program in partnership with TuneCore and Distrokid to allow artists to get their music into the Facebook and Instagram platforms without incurring any costs. Music is now utilised across the Facebook business in various ways, including via the audio library that users can...
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Polo G's Mom Partners With Geffen Records For House Of Legends Company

While Polo G is growing into his star potential, especially with Friday's release of Hall Of Fame, the young Chicago rapper's mom, Stacia Mac, deserves a large amount of credit. Mac has been the driving force behind the rapper as his manager. She launched ODA Management in 2018 as Polo's career began to take off. Then, she expanded it into ODA Records.

Artist to Artist: Quality Not Quantity

Over recent years I’ve noticed some musicians and bands have assumed the way to get noticed is to release as many songs in any given period, sometimes weekly, or to play as many gigs as possible, good or bad, thinking this output will impress industry professionals and get them noticed, leading to more income––in dollars, gigs and crowds. The overabundance of unnoticed music, bands and artists flooding the market, making it more difficult for quality work to be noticed and heard, is proof that focus on quantity over quality needs to be reassessed.
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Up & Coming Artist From Massachusetts: KEYON

KEYON is an artist, producer, and writer from Massachusetts who is focused on building a career in the industry through his talents and creativity. With a new album dropping this summer, KEYON is ready to continue to share his unique and creative sound as he looks to continue to grow his fanbase.
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Fresh To The Scene Artist ILY Truly Is Taking His Career To New Heights In 2021

Caleb Hutchison, who goes by the stage name of ILY Truly, was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and is an up-and-coming independent artist looking to make his mark on the music industry. He used to listen to his favorite artists as a kid and wished to make music like them someday, but he could never put the money together to make it happen. Determined to change that, he was able to save up and purchase his first set of equipment after a few years of hard work.

Do independent artists still need legal protection?

As music starts to become more than just a hobby for you, it’s important to take the proper legal precautions early on to protect you and your music from harm misuse, infringement, financial disputes, and a whole host of other issues. Guest post by Tony van Veen of the Disc...
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Declaration of Independents: May/June Issue Indie Spotlight

Another gathering of releases by independent artists who deserve wider recognition. Annie Keating | Bristol County Tides | (Independent) Annie Keating is the epitome of what it means to be a truly successful singer/songwriter. Her songs are flush with emotion—not the phony sentiments some artists stir into the mix simply to elicit sympathy, but rather a grit and determination that’s clearly accompanied by actual experience. There’s a sadness about where you’ve been, I feel it coming off your skin, she sings on the song “Kindred Spirit,” and there’s little doubt that she’s sharing truths she’s witnessed firsthand. The melodies—spread throughout 15 songs on her new album, Bristol County Tides—underscore her commitment to a supple mix of sassy, sultry and suggestive missives (“Third Street,” “Lucky 13,” “Blue Moon Tide,” “Marigold”), bittersweet balladry (“Nobody Knows,” “Kindness,”“Doris,”“Song for a Friend,”) and the woozy ode to intoxication (“Hank’s Saloon”). It’s a decidedly affecting effort, one which resonates throughout and lingers even longer.
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Announcing the Made in Buffalo Cheryl Stern Performing Artist Fund

The Made in Buffalo – Cheryl Stern Performing Artist Fund was created in response to the generous support connected to Cheryl Stern’s starring turn in “From Buffalo to Broadway: Waiting in the Wings,” supported by the Buffalo Jewish Federation. Buffalo native Cheryl Stern who is now a Broadway, TV, and...
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Spatial Audio for Independent Artists – Will Indie Distributors Support Spatial Audio?

Apple is working to make spatial audio more mainstream. Here’s how indie artists can take advantage of the format. Apple is partnering with famous artists like Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, and Kacey Musgraves to focus on 3D and HiFi audio for Apple Music. But as spatial audio becomes more mainstream, more consumers will expect the experience. How can indie artists take advantage of spatial audio on Apple Music?