Patriots-Titans Ups & Downs: An imperfect but exciting win over the No. 1 seed

The Patriots beat the top-seeded team in the AFC by 23 points, but even Bill Belichick admitted they weren’t perfect. It took the Titans beating themselves and a handful of clutch plays in order for the Patriots to pull away in this one, a 36-13 win that vaulted the Pats back into first place in the AFC East with a chance to claim the No. 1 seed in the conference.
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▶️ Little Did I Know: The imperfect science of snow forecasting

We’re past Thanksgiving, but still no good news for skiers and snowboarders hoping to hit the slopes. In this week’s episode of Little Did I know, we check out the opening day of cross country skiing, and learn why forecasting snow is such an imperfect science.
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A Perfect End To An Imperfect Game, Week For Gators

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — If one play can sum up a game, then go with the failed attempt at an onside kick in the final minute by Florida State kicker Parker Grothaus. Gators and Seminoles should be able to laugh at that one together in coming years when reminiscing about Saturday's wacky, mistake-filled Sunshine Showdown on a beautiful afternoon at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

The Imperfect Person

After 15 years of working as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Tory Eletto (@NYTherapist) realized that what many of us are actually working on, is healing the relationship we have within. Tory dives into hard topics in a compassionate, relatable, and easy to digest way. The Imperfect Person was created to help you connect the dots in your healing journey.

Halo Infinite multiplayer review – An imperfect return to glory

Like an old friend, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer feels like a reunion years in the making – and it’s been worth every second. 343 Industries took the unusual step of dropping Halo Infinite’s multiplayer portion a few weeks ahead of the full game’s release in early December, meaning we’ve been playing for around a week.

Night Before Christmas Mayor Hmbr 6in Vinyl Figure

From Bensussen Dutch & Associates. Ever wanted a more home-made vibe from your vinyl collectibles? Each figure in the Handmade by Robots line is sculpted, painted, and packaged to look like a handmade knit toy! This adorable figure is sculpted to appear floppy and slightly imperfect. This Handmade by Robots Vinyl Figure measures approximately 6' tall.

A restaurant that turns ugly produce into gourmet smoothie and salad bowls is expanding again

How many times have you visited the grocery store and noticed that nearly every single piece of produce looks superficial and shiny?. Apples are polished to the point they sparkle, timed sprinklers evenly mist the organic produce section, and it’s rare to find a yellow banana that shows its first signs of spots, or the odd disfigured carrot you might get if you pulled one up straight from the soil.

One More Step Towards Reality: Cooperative Bandits with Imperfect Communication

The cooperative bandit problem is increasingly becoming relevant due to its applications in large-scale decision-making. However, most research for this problem focuses exclusively on the setting with perfect communication, whereas in most real-world distributed settings, communication is often over stochastic networks, with arbitrary corruptions and delays. In this paper, we study cooperative bandit learning under three typical real-world communication scenarios, namely, (a) message-passing over stochastic time-varying networks, (b) instantaneous reward-sharing over a network with random delays, and (c) message-passing with adversarially corrupted rewards, including byzantine communication. For each of these environments, we propose decentralized algorithms that achieve competitive performance, along with near-optimal guarantees on the incurred group regret as well. Furthermore, in the setting with perfect communication, we present an improved delayed-update algorithm that outperforms the existing state-of-the-art on various network topologies. Finally, we present tight network-dependent minimax lower bounds on the group regret. Our proposed algorithms are straightforward to implement and obtain competitive empirical performance.

Making Informed Decisions in Imperfect Situations with Bayes’ Theorem – Part 2

In my blog “Making Informed Decisions in Imperfect Situations”, I discussed the importance of properly and objectively framing the decision that we seek to make and how that impacts the data that we gather (and ignore) in an effort to make an informed decision. That is:. Are you trying to...

More than 150 immigrants from several countries bypass imperfect borders and illegally cross over to the United States

More than 150 immigrants, including Albanians and more than 12 Romanians, illegally crossed the border into the United States on Saturday morning. A group of minors entered the spot in Lajoya, Texas after crossing Rio, according to Fox News national correspondent Bill Melgin, who was on the scene to gather immigrants crossed by border guards. Grande.
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Forsberg: Imperfect Celtics show glimmers of hope vs. Lakers

A win over the Los Angeles Lakers will make even the most despondent Boston Celtics fan feel a little bit better. But it wasn’t the final result but how the Celtics collected themselves after a rocky start that should offer optimism about what’s ahead for the green. The Celtics overcame...

Eddie Kingston: An Imperfect Hero For An Imperfect World

No matter how they tell the story of professional wrestling, it is always the same. Good vs. evil; babyface vs. heel. The fans cheer for their favorite hero to finally overcome the bully that stands in their way of achieving their goals. However, outside the obstacles the heels may place,...

Governor says 'imperfect' budget includes lots of needed funding

Governor says 'imperfect' budget includes lots of needed funding. Gov. Roy Cooper said Tuesday that he'll sign the state budget working its way through the North Carolina General Assembly this week, breaking a logjam that kept the state from having a full budget plan to work off since 2019. Reporter:...