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5 Online Photography Tools to Enhance the Quality of Your Images

Your pictures might not always come out the way you envisioned. Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve or retouch a shot, no matter how skilled you are as a photographer. One way is by using an online photo editor to enhance your image quality. These editors are great...
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High-Speed Focus Cameras

The RICOH GR IIIx camera is a high-quality photography hardware solution for shutterbugs in search of a way to capture images and footage in an unexpectedly detailed manner. The camera is equipped with a 26.1mm F2.8 GR lens that promises exceptional image quality that won't compromise the slim design of the unit. Users can enjoy a 40mm standard angle of view, while the GR ENGINE 6 imaging engine helps to optimize every image captured with the 24.24MP sensor.
Light Stalking

How To Enlarge A Photo Without Compromising Its Quality

Have you tried to enlarge the photo but ended up with a blurry pixelated mess and wonder if there is any hope for showcasing your favorite memories on the wall in full size? The truth is—once you resize the photo, it’s never going to be the same. Increasing the photo size comes with inevitable quality loss because you’re altering pixels images are made of.

Light Image Resizer Crack With Key Full Free Download 2021

Light Image Resizer Crack With Key Full Free Download. Light Image Resizer Crack from Obvious Idea (formerly called VSO Image Resizer) can be a free tool that organizes your photos by down sampling or moving them to your hard drive. It is a suitable tool for those who store their digital images and images on their computer and who want to resize, compress, convert, create copies, import or organize photos. Full Light Image Resizer is integrated into Windows Explorer shell, right click on images and start creating images!

Single Plane-Wave Imaging using Physics-Based Deep Learning

In plane-wave imaging, multiple unfocused ultrasound waves are transmitted into a medium of interest from different angles and an image is formed from the recorded reflections. The number of plane waves used leads to a trade-off between frame-rate and image quality, with single-plane-wave (SPW) imaging being the fastest possible modality with the worst image quality. Recently, deep learning methods have been proposed to improve ultrasound imaging. One approach is to use image-to-image networks that work on the formed image and another is to directly learn a mapping from data to an image. Both approaches utilize purely data-driven models and require deep, expressive network architectures, combined with large numbers of training samples to obtain good results. Here, we propose a data-to-image architecture that incorporates a wave-physics-based image formation algorithm in-between deep convolutional neural networks. To achieve this, we implement the Fourier (FK) migration method as network layers and train the whole network end-to-end. We compare our proposed data-to-image network with an image-to-image network in simulated data experiments, mimicking a medical ultrasound application. Experiments show that it is possible to obtain high-quality SPW images, almost similar to an image formed using 75 plane waves over an angular range of $\pm$16$^\circ$. This illustrates the great potential of combining deep neural networks with physics-based image formation algorithms for SPW imaging.

Capture One is $120 off this weekend

The latest version of Capture One is now on sale exclusively at B&H Photo until September 7th ($120 off):. You can also get 10% off all Capture One products directly from their website with promo code LEICARUMORS. This year Capture One introduced new features and support for Leica cameras:. 15%...

Performance Optimizations / Fixes

I've implemented some performance optimizations which should reduce the game's overall GPU usage. Plus a new "Lighting" graphics option, when set to "LOW" should reduce GPU usage further without impacting the overall image quality too much. Finally, fixed a bug in the main menu where you could enter a *FORBIDDEN...

Automatic Preprocessing and Ensemble Learning for Low Quality Cell Image Segmentation

We propose an automatic preprocessing and ensemble learning for segmentation of cell images with low quality. It is difficult to capture cells with strong light. Therefore, the microscopic images of cells tend to have low image quality but these images are not good for semantic segmentation. Here we propose a method to translate an input image to the images that are easy to recognize by deep learning. The proposed method consists of two deep neural networks. The first network is the usual training for semantic segmentation, and penultimate feature maps of the first network are used as filters to translate an input image to the images that emphasize each class. This is the automatic preprocessing and translated cell images are easily classified. The input cell image with low quality is translated by the feature maps in the first network, and the translated images are fed into the second network for semantic segmentation. Since the outputs of the second network are multiple segmentation results, we conduct the weighted ensemble of those segmentation images. Two networks are trained by end-to-end manner, and we do not need to prepare images with high quality for the translation. We confirmed that our proposed method can translate cell images with low quality to the images that are easy to segment, and segmentation accuracy has improved using the weighted ensemble learning.