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United Airlines, EasyJet: Final Report on Potential Runway Collision

MIAMI – The Bureau d’Enquêtes et Analyses (BEA) has issued its final report on the near-collision incident between United Airlines (UA) and EasyJet Austria (EC) aircraft. The near-miss incident happened on July 20, 2020, at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG), between UA flight 57, a Boeing 787, registration N16009, and an EC Airbus A320 registered under OE-IJF.
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How Does ILS Work?

An Instrument Landing System (ILS) is a radio navigation system that guides aircraft on approach and landing. It has been in use since the 1930s, and its operation using directional radio signals remains much the same. Improvements in technology, both on the ground and in aircraft, have improved performance, though, to the point of enabling automatic landings in the worst conditions.
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ILS Teacher on the Way to Visiting All 50 State Capitals

One local educator wants to do more than teach history and geography; he wants to experience them. Joe Kirby, who teaches history, science and geography at Immanuel Lutheran School, has made it his quest to take his family to all 50 state capitals. “I wanted to see the United States...

Structural basis of intron selection by U2 snRNP in the presence of covalent inhibitors

Intron selection during the formation of prespliceosomes is a critical event in pre-mRNA splicing. Chemical modulation of intron selection has emerged as a route for cancer therapy. Splicing modulators alter the splicing patterns in cells by binding to the U2 snRNP (small nuclear ribonucleoprotein)—a complex chaperoning the selection of branch and 3′ splice sites. Here we report crystal structures of the SF3B module of the U2 snRNP in complex with spliceostatin and sudemycin FR901464 analogs, and the cryo-electron microscopy structure of a cross-exon prespliceosome-like complex arrested with spliceostatin A. The structures reveal how modulators inactivate the branch site in a sequence-dependent manner and stall an E-to-A prespliceosome intermediate by covalent coupling to a nucleophilic zinc finger belonging to the SF3B subunit PHF5A. These findings support a mechanism of intron recognition by the U2 snRNP as a toehold-mediated strand invasion and advance an unanticipated drug targeting concept.

Tremor signs agreements with eight major reinsurance brokers

Reinsurance marketplace Tremor has announced that it has inked agreements with eight major reinsurance brokers, representing more than 95% of reinsurance placements worldwide. The brokers join the 110 reinsurance companies, ILS funds and Lloyd’s syndicates already active on Tremor. “We have said from the beginning that tremor supercharges risk transfer...

Turns out human DNA isn’t really that human after all

Have you ever wondered what it means to be human? It seems no one can ever agree on that, but at least we know what it means to be Homo sapiens. We are the only remaining species of hominid after millions of years of evolution turned creatures barely recognizable as being our ancestors to what we are now. There’s just one thing. Turns out that most of our DNA is actually shared with ancient hominids and only 1.5 to 7 percent is unique to Homo sapiens, at least if you ask the creators of SARGE (Speedy Ancestral Recombination Graph Estimator), an algorithm that takes our genes way back.
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Delta Variant Of COVID-19 More Severe In 2nd Wave In Odisha: ILS Director

Bhubaneswar: The delta variant of COVID-19 has been found to be more severe and infectious than other variants of the virus in the second wave of the pandemic in the country. Claiming this, Ajay Parida, director, Institute of Life Sciences (ILS), here on Thursday said the institute conducted sequencing of 3,000 samples from Odisha in the first half of July. It revealed that 93% of the cases were of the delta variant compared to 96% in the country.
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Indicative present

Reminder : verbs in French belong to one of three groups. Verbs from the first group end in -ER (manger, révéler, nommer), from the second end in -IR (dormir, finir, bâtir) and the third is a large bin (other -IR (courir), aller, être, boire, vendre…). 1. WHAT :. Présent d’énonciation...

NAVAID Calibration Drone by Cursir helped speed up flight check of landing system of the Ulyanovsk airport

The aerodrome at the Ulyanovsk-Vostochny airport has a difficult terrain. Last year, by order of the Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia, a working group was created to implement UAVs to calibrate, check and configure navigation aids at Russian airports. As part of the activities of this working group, Cursir implemented NAVAID Calibration Drone at the Ulyanovsk-Vostochny airport.

93% Sequenced Samples In Odisha Are Delta Variant: ILS Director

Bhubaneswar: Out of the 3000 genome sequenced COVID-19 positive samples in Odisha, 93 percent persons were found infected with the Delta variant informed Director of Institute of Life Sciences (ILS), Dr Ajay Parida, on Thursday. Parida said that ILS has till date conducted genome sequencing of around 60 to 65...

ADA, SHIB & BNB Airdrop - Up To $75,000 To Be Shared!

Binance is launching an airdrop activity with up to $75,000 in ADA, SHIB & BNB to be won. Promotion period: 2021-07-23 09:00 AM (UTC) to 2021-08-06 11:59 PM (UTC) Users who complete all of the tasks below will be eligible to share the Airdrop prize pool:. Make a fiat deposit...
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SUBJ/ACADEMIC YEAR 2022-2023 ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE LEVEL SCHOOL APPLICATION MESSAGE//. POC/MS. MELISSA CALLOWAY/PROGRAM MANAGER/SAW/MCU/TEL: (703) 784-6800/DSN 278/EMAIL: MELISSA.CALLOWAY@USMCU.EDU//. GENTEXT/REMARKS/1. Situation. Advanced Intermediate Level Schools (A-ILS) produce officers qualified to fill high-impact service and joint planning billets. These programs enhance an officer's abilities to derive critical insights from large quantities of information,...

Why Men Get Lost in the Clouds

Just before we moved from Connecticut to Delaware (where we now live), I was only about a month away from earning my instrument rating on my private pilot’s license. From everything I’ve heard, the instrument rating is the most difficult rating for a private pilot to achieve. If I were to characterize the course content for the instrument rating in two words, I’d have to say “precision navigation” is the key.

Instrument Landing System Commissioned At VSS Airport In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Instrument Landing System (ILS) has become operational at Veer Surendra Sai (VSS) Airport in Jharsuguda of Odisha, officials said on Wednesday. In a tweet, the Airport Authority of India (AAI) said the ILS will help in precise landing of aircraft at the airport. It will also positively impact flight regularity during bad weather and low visibility conditions. The overall cost of the project is approximately Rs 15 crore.
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Enrollment spike prompts changes at ILS

Immanuel Lutheran School in Lakefield is seeing an historic increase in enrollment — and has had to make some changes to grade structure and personnel to accommodate it. “We’ve had to break up our fi...

Just Flight’s Palma Airport for MSFS Entering Final Testing

Just Flight has confirmed that their upcoming Palma Airport (LEPA) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon be entering the final stages of testing. According to the development team, the airport is now built and is going through some final polish before it’s tested. Right now, Just Flight is working on adding VGDE, custom air bridges and some custom coded ILS. Furthermore, the team are looking to adjust the terrain and LOD to get the best optimisation for the large airport.
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What Caused A United 787-10 To Be Cleared For An Occupied Paris Runway?

In July of 2020, a United Airlines 787-10 had a near-miss in Paris when ATC cleared the aircraft to land on an occupied runway. At the time, the runway assigned for landing, 09R, was already occupied by an easyJet A320 on its way to Spain. A year has passed since the incident, and French investigators have released their final 14-page report with their conclusions and probable causes on the potentially disastrous incident.